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Ok This is getting weird

finally had enough with my provider Purchased a couple of small plans on wordpress set up a new primary blog at started sending out blast emails to dapeople to say that’s where I’d be, and then cancelled my plan here.

I then got a form email that it would be stopped in about 48 hours.

That was a week ago.

I have absolutely no idea what’s going on but here is what I suspect.

I suspect that the successor to my old provider who bought the company from him set things up to run automatically and basically planed to tweak if necessary.

I think something happened to him, maybe COVID maybe something else but I think he’s out of the picture, either due to illness, death or something else and I don’t know when or if he or anyone else will be back.

And now the automated system will keep running. The customers whose stuff is still in play and working properly will keep paying and be deposited into his account and his own expenses will keep being autodetected from said account.

In theory that means that I can still post here, I’ve had no luck doing so for a full week but I decided to give it a shot when one of my Mag seven writers posted here and so here I am. However as I’ve cancelled I don’t want to be using the site as it might be considered doing so under false pretenses.

I don’t know how long this host will be up but if you’re coming here might I suggest you bookmark our new primary site That’s where all our new posts will be going.

That is actually the same site as our old backup blog which was which redirects now to

With that as our primary site I’ve had to set up a new backup, that is located at

That will be our primary backup site although I’m thinking of using it as the primary site for Dynasty Baseball league stuff.

But anyways if you’re here and seeing this head over to . We already imported all the old post from here over there so it’s should be fine.

Eventually will redirect there once I figure out what’s going on.

The military never cared about religion

While I don’t have a print subscription to the Military Times newspapers, I still get their morning email, and today’s headline featured the US Navy not accepting any religious exemptions for the COVID vaccine:

As the deadline for active-duty sailors to get the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine passed Monday, the sea service has yet to grant any vaccine exemptions on the basis of religious accommodation, according to figures released Tuesday.

As of Tuesday, 2,531 requests for exemption from the vaccine mandate had been filed by sailors on religious grounds, though officials could not say how many of those requests had been ruled upon.

Navy Times

I’m not surprised, because in my experience, the Navy (and most services) don’t really care about your religious beliefs. Never have, never will, because in today’s service, the service is the religion.

I noticed this trend when I first joined the Navy. I remember having to beg the Commanding Officer on my submarine to get a mere 45 minutes off on Sunday to hold Catholic services. Mind you, we weren’t on mission, at war, or even strapped for time, but he couldn’t be bothered, and it wasn’t until I talked with the squadron chaplain that I was grudgingly granted the time. This was despite the fact that there are plenty of instructions stating that time and space will be provided unless a submarine is on mission or executing critical duties. My Commanding Officer viewed my request as a nuisance, and he told me as much to my face.

It wasn’t just one CO though. At multiple duty stations, there would be this unwillingness to grant military members the time off to celebrate their faith, be it Christian, Jewish or anything else. In Bahrain, where Sunday is considered a workday, I essentially caused a small office revolt by going to noon Mass on Sunday and telling my boss I simply wasn’t going to work yet another 12 hour work day when we weren’t in crisis mode. I distinctly remember the Admiral there telling us at an all-hands call that he was expecting 6 day work weeks, and even most Saturday mornings, despite no apparent need to do so. It was like the Navy was his “god,” and he couldn’t pray enough while slogging through the mass of self-induced paperwork at his desk.

If the Navy can’t provide a simple hour for Mass once a week, its no surprise they won’t approve vaccine exemptions. Now, to be fair, I encourage people to vaccinate because I think its far better than catching COVID, but I also don’t really think its a hill worth dying on or kicking people out over, similar to why I don’t think we should be stopping everything to chase the extremely tiny number of extremists that might exist in the ranks.

Kicking people out over a COVID vaccine is just one more reason the Navy is going to be hurting for recruitment come 2024-2025. The lip service paid to everything from ship maintenance and strategy to human resources and bonuses is becoming more obvious every day. People are catching on that the Navy views itself as its own religion, and if you’re not willing to worship, then you’ll be shown the door.

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