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I was a Computer Tech who used to blog at the HiWired blog before we were all laid off and let go.

I started the blog in Nov 2008 on wordpress (datechguy.wordpress.com) and it grew to the point where I moved it to it’s current location.

In November of 2012 we added our original Magnificent Seven Bloggers, (Marathon Pundit, Linda Szugyi, Baldilocks, Fausta, Lady Liberty 1885, Pastor George Kelly & Steve Eggleston) Since then Linda, Lady Liberty, Pastor George & Steve have moved on. Our lineup now includes Pat Austin, MSM Vet and Temple professor Christopher Harper, JD Rucker, NH/NG36B, Techknight, Ellen Kolb and Jon.

Since then written an op-ed for the New York Post been a guest on Fox in Boston, Lars Larson’s national show, the Angel Clark show (Delaware) Hair on Fire with Barbara Espinosa (Arizona) and of course Michael Graham’s show. I’ve guest hosted Conservatively Speaking and Gary’s show and been credentialed media on the Mitt Romney Campaign, the Scott Brown campaign at CPAC since 2010 and blogcon and have interviewed presidential candidates after national debates on camera.

I started on the Radio in 2010 on WCRN 830 AM. Buying the time from the station, selling ads and live off the difference. I was later syndicated on the Money Matters Radio Network & FTR Radio nationally.  I’m now off the air (except for the 405 media blog radio network) and podcasting weekly as DaTechguy Off DaRadio.  My podcast is emailed directly to subscribers weekly (Usually by Sunday always by monday), played on the 405 media site daily and available Wednesdays here by clicking on my fedora to the left.

Those ads and DaTipJar funded by my readers is how I earn my keep and pay my Magnificent Seven.  Those reader contributions are the reason why you don’t see those annoying popup ads or banner ads or autoplay ads that you can’t get rid of that everyone hates.  If you are one of the readers who kick into DaTipJar Regularly take a bow, if not then thank those who kick in who make your visit distraction free…SQUIRREL!

Occasionally we accept sponsored guest posts (as an alternative to those annoying links at the bottom of a page.) The byline for said posts is “various”. All said posts are approved personally by me before being published. If you are interested in this form of advertising contact us for rates.

As for the blog:

Comments are welcome, spam will be deleted, profanity will be edited. Opinions supporting and contrary are most welcome.

All comments are moderated.

Remember this blog does not exist for people to act out personal feuds if you want to do that do it elsewhere.

I reserve the right to edit posts to correct any spelling or grammar mistakes I find without an Update tag. I may also update a post within 5 min if I detect an error or mistake. I have the bad habit of hitting the post button much too fast.

If you think I’ve neglected a hat tip that is deserved then let me know and I’ll be happy to correct that. You can contact me in comments in the relevant post.

If you spot a spelling or grammar error that’s great too, sometimes when typing I see what I’m thinking rather than what I’ve typed.

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