Business as usual

A teacher in New Jersey is reinstated after being tardy 110 times. Yawn. Tell me something new. As library director,I once fired a young man for being insolent. He had dropped in at various Board members' homes on Easter Sunday to discuss his grievances. One of the Board members insisted he be fired. In any … Continue reading Business as usual

The curse of great possessions

  Great possessions were never a worry to me, because I never had any. I drove an old beater, and you could give it a going over with a baseball bat and I wouldn't mind, or even notice maybe. Now I have a new car and live in fear that someone will put a dent … Continue reading The curse of great possessions

Too proud for welfare

It's hard to believe, but there was once a time when people refused to take charity, public or private. Despite Mitt Romney's belief that 47 percent of Americans are on the public tit, there once were people like that, too proud to go on welfare. My mother-in-law was one of them. She was a proofreader, … Continue reading Too proud for welfare

Beggars on the streets of Philadelphia

When I was a small child I saw grown men begging on the streets of Columbus, OH, during the Depression. It was a sad sight, even to a little girl like me. I felt sorry for them and sorry that our country had let them down. No-one should have to beg to stay alive. Not … Continue reading Beggars on the streets of Philadelphia

In defense of Materalism

The Pope has come out against materialism.  I so agree!  All these rich people have big houses, private planes, world travel.  And they don't have to make their beds in the morning or wash dishes.  Someone else does their laundry! I truly resent them.  The only thing that could mollify me is for me to … Continue reading In defense of Materalism

Everybody hates everybody else and always has

by Miriam Sawyer I've been reading "The Mask of Command," by John Keegan.  Keegan discusses four commanders, Alexander, Wellington, Grant, and Hitler.  I was particularly keen to learn something about Alexander, about whom I knew nothing, except that he was the son of Philip of Macedon. Now I have a smattering of information about Alexander, … Continue reading Everybody hates everybody else and always has

A few words in favor of violence

We've seen lots of quotes on Facebook about the effectiveness of non-violence, most popularly those of Martin Luther King, Jr. These sentiments look very fine, especially on a poster decorated tastefully with flowers or adorable small animals. There are, however, those who dissent from the beloved civil rights leader: We sleep safely at night because … Continue reading A few words in favor of violence

The “Stay out of Jail” Club

Bloggers too numerous to mention have claimed that Hillary Clinton should be imprisoned for her tortious e-mail activities during her tenure as Secretary of State. Not gonna happen. She is merely joining the large and illustrious group of innocent until proven guilty non-felons who enjoy immunity from the laws that afflict the rest of us. … Continue reading The “Stay out of Jail” Club

Twentieth century memories: Our first car

We were living in Brooklyn near the subway and were poor as church mice. In fact, church mice could have taken our seminar in how to be poor. We were so poor that my mother sent us a Kosher salami from Columbus, Ohio. And we ate it. So it seemed like a great idea to … Continue reading Twentieth century memories: Our first car

I won’t be supporting Jeb bush

He seems like a nice enough guy, as was his father, as was his brother. A lot of what he says makes sense, but when he gets on the topic of "11 million immigrants" for whom there are "no plans," I get up and leave the room. A politician is someone, who when he sees … Continue reading I won’t be supporting Jeb bush

Kissing up to Delaware’s Muslims

Evoking memories of racist Southern sheriffs hunting black people with vicious, snarling dogs and fire hoses,  Delaware Governor Markell has met with local Muslims to deliver this message:  "We love and respect you, and please forgive any future incidents in which we might be mean to you, act violent, or hurt your feelings.  We apologize … Continue reading Kissing up to Delaware’s Muslims

How to behead somebody

The late novelist Peter deVries said in an interview that he was taught to believe in two things as a child growing up in the Dutch Reformed Church: the omnipotence of God and the total depravity of man. As an adult, he still believed in one of these. Me too. Whatever your beliefs about a … Continue reading How to behead somebody

The ugly situation between the cops and the rest of us

Relations between the public and police forces are at an all-time low. They could hardly get worse. Some of the officers seem to believe they are playing soldier. The governing bodies encourage this attitude by providing high-tech playthings of limited value to sworn civilian peace officers. What a sorry state of affairs! Police prefer the … Continue reading The ugly situation between the cops and the rest of us