Funspot, Waitresses, False History , Indifferent Fans and another dead black kid whose life didn’t matter under the Fedora.

Last week my son and I hit funspot arcade in NH the 1st day it opened. It was a bit of a rainy day and they had an OK crowd but even though we had a lot of pinball to play for some reason it just wasn’t as much fun as it had been. Both of us decided we wanted to leave early. Maybe it was the long drive day before to Manchester VT to Pastime Pinball but something about this Funspot trip wasn’t right.

That was very odd.

On the way back we hit a BBQ place KC’s Ribshack in Manchester that we hadn’t tried before. We were seated outside under a tent and the waitresses had to brave rain etc to get us served. The food was average but the service was outstanding.

I think there has been a real appreciation of the value of waitstaff by people. It’s one of the few positive side effects of the Cornoa/Wuhan/CCP virus.

It’s been rather amazing to hear people suddenly discover that history is not being taught in our classroom. The investment our enemies have made in our schools, particularly in pushing Howard Zinn who is a joke, have really paid off in terms of ignorance. If you want to know how history SHOULD be taught and referenced I suggest the opening chapters of this book by Albert Bushnell Hart about sources and how history should be taught.

I’m rapidly reaching the opinion that the closing of our schools is the 2nd silver lining from Covid 19.

Two months ago I was delighted at the prospect of MLB opening under quarantine and the games coming back.

However between the whining of players of all sports over risks that truckers and grocery clerks take daily and their homage to the BLM/democrat/media left cause I find I really don’t care anymore.

It will interesting to see what happens when these jocks discover that their large paydays are dependent on the public giving a damn.

Speaking of BLM I saw this at PJ media concerning the death of 11 year old Davon McNeal in DC on the 4th of July from his grandfather:

One of his grandfathers lamented black-on-black crime and criticized Black Lives Matter for ignoring it.

“Everybody’s just saying they’re just tired – tired of the shootings in the community,” John Ayala, McNeal’s paternal grandfather, told FOX 5. “Everybody’s running around here thinking they’re Uzi-toting, dope-sucking, psychopathic killing machines and they’re just destroying lives.”

“We’re protesting for months, for weeks, saying, ‘Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter.’ Black lives matter it seems like, only when a  police officer shoots a black person,” Ayala lamented, bitterly. “What about all the black-on-black crime that’s happening in the community?”

Mr. Ayala is almost right there. The shooter doesn’t have to be a Police Officer for a black life to matter to the media or left. If said shooter looked like or voted like me then I would not have heard about the killing of 11 year old Davon McNeal at PJ Media 1st.

As long as the black community gives their votes to the Democrat/BLM/Media left without question they will have no incentive to make this stop.

DaTechGuy’s 3rd Law of Media Outrage and Secoriea Turner,

DaTechGuy’s 3rd law of media outrage states

The MSM’s elevation and continued classification of any story as Nationally Newsworthy rather than only of local interest is in direct correlation to said story’s current ability to affirm any current Democrat/Liberal/Media meme/talking point, particularly on the subject of race or sexuality.

Thus when a local cop in Minneapolis exceeded his authority causing the death of George Floyd it became national news.

However when the riots which broke out pretty much destroyed a chunk of Minneapolis, when a part of Seattle was taken over by Antifa these stories were downplayed and ignored (until POTUS pushed the 2nd forward) as were the 20 deaths attributable to said riots.

Make that 21

Police said Turner was riding in a car with her mother and her mother’s friend when they exited the interstate at University Avenue. The driver tried to turn into the parking lot at 1238 Pryor Road when he was confronted by an “group of armed individuals” who had blocked the entrance.

“At some point, someone in that group opened fire on the vehicle, striking it multiple times and striking the child who was inside. The driver then drove to Atlanta Medical Center for help,” police said in a statement.

Police said the 911 caller told them they were heading to Atlanta Medical Center with the victim. The child died at the hospital.

But the real news here isn’t the shooting of eight year old Secoriea Turner it’s how the BLM riot / protest deaths are being reported or not, as David Bernstein notes concerning another Black lives matter protest related death this weekend…

I had to go to an Australian news source to discover that the driver of the vehicle that sped into BLM protesters in Seattle is an African American. (Apologies if one of my colleagues at Instapundit covered this, I have been away for the holiday weekend.) I have to assume that American media outlets know this, and decided intentionally not to mention it to create the implication that this was a racist murder, rather than a guy driving recklessly on what he thought was an abandoned highway. I increasingly feel like I’m living somewhere akin to the former USSR, in terms of the way the media are dedicated to a particular narrative regardless of the facts. At least unlike in the USSR I can access alternative sources to our equivalent of Pravda.

He’s talking about the death of 24 year old Summer Taylor a white “non-binary” BLM protester who was run down while blocking a freeway by a black driver who likely didn’t anticipate a bunch of people protesting in the middle of it at 1:36 AM in the morning.

The murder of Secoriea Turner is a huge inconvenience to those who have gone all in on the protests being “mostly peaceful” (which is as accurate as saying my vegan soup recipe is “mostly unpoisoned” but the real question will be what happens next

If Black Lives Matter was true to its name, there would be as much global outrage over the death of eight year old Secoriea Turner, gunned down by anti-police protesters in Atlanta Sunday night, as there was for George Floyd….Or as Secoriea Turner’s tearful father, Secoriya Williamson, told local media in Atlanta, “They say black lives matter … but you killed your own this time. You killed a child. She didn’t do nothing to nobody.”

Of course, there won’t be any BLM protest marches held in honour of Jomo, little Secoriea, or any of the other innocents of any race slain in the ensuing crime wave.

No they won’t because highlighting her death would not cause sports leagues to funnel billions to the BLM front group to elect democrats in fact it might retard such cash. And of course there is the 4th law of media outrage:

The degree of media exposure of the corruption or illegality committed by any individual or organization under investigation is directly proportional to its distance from the media’s ideology.

Now I think the President won’t allow them to downplay this action by BLM but their media/democrat/blm left will do their best.

The truth is they don’t give a damn that Secoriea Turner was murdered, they just regret that it wasn’t done by someone who looks or votes like me.

THEN her life or rather her death would matter.

Update: Dad speaks out:

I predict that none of the money that the NBA, NFL or MLB gave to BLM will be spent remembering her, nor do I expect her name to be painted on any NBA court or her name worn on the jersey of any player as a social justice statement.

Although it would be nice

The #Unexpectedly Chronicles Kaepernick: Not about the Flag My Ass UPDATE Steven Miller Kaepernick before and After Benching

The NFL commissioner made a big fuss recently about Colin Kaepernick stating perhaps they were wrong on his stance against kneeling because perhaps it wasn’t about the flag after all:

Oh Wait:

Colin Kaepernick rips 4th of July as ‘celebration of white supremacy’

But but we were told by everyone this is all about police brutality and not about hating the flag or the country and anyone who things otherwise is just twisting his words.

I’m sure that the NFL is absolutely DELIGHTED with this headline along with every single TV & Radio host who suddenly (or always) decided they were on Kaepernick’s side after all.

I have a funny feeling they will not have a comment on this subject. After all plausible deniability doesn’t work when deniability is not longer plausible

They damn well better hope they play without fans this year due to covid because with the exception of Tampa Bay excited about Brady and KC excited about a repeat I suspect the paying customer will not be anxious to give these clowns their money.

Update: Steven Miller notes that before he was Benched Kaepernick’s opinions on the 4th of July were….different

Unexpectedly of course

Trump at Mt. Rushmore Reality vs Spin

Katherine McClintock: What’s going on here?

George Washington McLintock: Now Katherine, are you going to believe what you see, or what I tell you?

McLintoch! 1963

I watched the President’s speech yesterday via an online live stream. It was an interesting speech because it was a speech that wasn’t so much about himself as it was about America.

He talked about our history, he talked about why Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt were great and contrasted that with those who have torn monuments down and have publicly torn America down. It was less a speech about himself as it was a speech about loving America vs hating America and explaining why America is great.

What was even more interesting than the speech was watching the left in real time spin it into something that it wasn’t. It was sheer audacity given that the ability to see the President speak and hear him in his own words was but a click away.

The President was bluntly stating truths, truths that people have seen and experienced. Moreover his willingness to call out the left for what is had been when schools, business’ and corporations have been cowering in fear is pivotal if people are going to have the courage to stand up to them.

I think this tweet (via Instapundit) says it all

I submit and suggest that no objective person who watched that speech can come to the conclusions that these four headlines state and this is why the left in general and the media in particular are terrified of large events with the President speaking and also hate when he tweets It’s much harder to spin the people when they’ve seen and heard what has been said themselves.

Now I presume that people reading this blog have seen the speech (if they search youtube the 1st results are spin) but if you haven’t watch it and judge for yourself

The gauntlet has been thrown down and the next three months aren’t going to be pretty.

Update: via Don Surber: Nailed it!

DaTechGuy off DaRadio Podcast 3 PM EST: Do all Lives Matter to UMass Lowell Nurses?

Today at 3 PM EST comes the lastest DaTechGuy off DaRadio Podcast livestream (right after rush). On our podcast today we will talk about:

  1. The firing of a tenured Dean at Umass Lowell Nursing department for stating in writing that all lives matter
  2. The Parable of the Woke Pharisee Protesters and the humble historian
  3. What we’ve learned over the last month
  4. What our new civil war will look like

We will discuss these things, and whatever else tickles my fancy at 3 PM EST. You can watch the podcast live here

Incidentally I’ve reached out to UMass Lowell for comment with a 2:30 deadline. They sent me this statement:

“Leslie Neal-Boylan’s employment at UMass Lowell ended on June 19, after she was informed she would no longer serve as dean of the Solomont School of Nursing. She had been in that role for 10 months. Although a tenured full faculty member, she declined to join the nursing faculty. As with all such employment decisions, it was made in the best interests of the university and its students. Although we are not able to discuss specifics of a personnel matter, it would be incorrect to assume any statement by Dr. Neal-Boylan was the cause of that decision.”

I followed up asking two questions:

  1. Is it the position of the Nursing Department of UMASS Lowell that all lives matter
  2. Are the nursing students being taught by the nursing department at UMASS Lowell that all lives in their care matter?

I’ll let you know if they answer before the show

Expect more of this

District Attorney: What did you tell him?

Ness: I told him his name is in the ledger too.

District Attorney: His name wasn’t in the ledger…

the Untouchabes 1987

I suspect there are a lot more photos like this and the reason why it took so long for her to be arrested is that there are a lot of establishment types who are terrified of what she can say.

I would not be surprised if that was the reason why getting rid of that prosecutor in NYC caused so much fuss. I wonder how many asses were being covered?

Let’s see if she lives long enough for us to find out.

Over the Last 30 Days We’ve Learned….

A statue of Abe Lincoln with the emancipation proclamation and a freed slave is a racist symbol of white supremacy and must be removed, however naming an anti trump the “Lincoln Project” is not only fine but deserves to be supported and celebrated by all right thinking people.

A new spike in corona/wuhan/ccp virus cases that took place two week after mass gatherings encouraged by the press and by medical professionals have nothing to do with these mass gatherings…but gatherings at bars and restaurants at even 25 or 50% capacity are hazardous to the public health and must be reversed to contain the spread of the virus.

If you suggest that leaving 30,000 residents of the city of Seattle to be ruled by mob is bad, you are afraid of Democracy, particularly if you’re Donald Trump. If, however said mob protests in front of the house of the Mayor who chided the President for fear of Democracy, then said mob is to be dispersed using all the force that the Seattle police can muster.

The killing of George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis is a national story worth of national yea international protest and outrage. The killings of Byron Crawford and nine other blacks in Baltimore, Michael Osby and 8 other blacks in LA, Joseph Gist and 64 other blacks in Chicago during the month of June are all local stories and not worthy of protest or outrage of any type.

If you are a person who breaks windows, topples statues and sets fires you are expressing your 1st amendment right to protests against violence and injustice, but if you are a homeowner who when threatened by a mob that breaks through your game, arms himself to defend your family and property you are a dangerous proponent of white supremacy.

Under the Fedora: Courage, Courage, Courage

I’m old enough to remember when “conservatives” made it a point to tell people like me that fighting the culture wars didn’t matter.

How’s that working out for ya?

The lack of courage to make the fight is proving very costly in the end.

My lack of surprise that Justice Roberts Old Yellowstain ruled with liberals as the swing vote (reversing his own vote on a similar case when he was in the minority when Justice Kennedy was still on the court) on an abortion case was matched by my lack of surprise at his ruling with conservatives on supporting the right of the executive branch to fire appointees and a Blane Amendment case.

Roberts pattern is pretty simple. If a case is high profile for the left or his vote is the decisive one he will not risk being excluded from the left’s society. But if his vote does not matter or the case is not one that the media gives prominence old yellowstain is free to vote as he thinks.

There is nothing sadder than a judge without courage.

A UPI story (via Instapundit) notes that the latest spike in Corona/Wuhan/CCP virus among the young in Miami coincides with protesters that took place two weeks ago.

This corresponds to spikes in other cities where (coincidentally) large protests were not only encouraged but endorsed by medical professionals.

Now in my opinion even if the Doctors and other medical processionals had the courage to warn against the dangers of such moves the media/left wold likely have still pushed young heads full of mush to act.

But at least they would not have any guilt.

Things seem to be going slowly in Seattle with some people leaving, some staying and others arriving to try to keep the police from taking aback. John Sexton notes that there are competing goals and narratives in play while Ed Morrissey notes that it’s the opinion of some that it will take more force than the Seattle Police have to clear things out.

If course if there was more courage when facing violence in Seattle we would not have reached this point.

Finally there are traces of courage that are still public

This girl is likely going to face hell for standing for the flag, at least for a while but I also suspect that when all of this is done, she will be remembered while the rest of that team is forgotten

Quaint Mount Rushmore Reactions

Last night after a trip to the reopened Funspot in NH (more on that later this week) got home and finally checked the net after a day of ignoring it (highly recommended) when the story broke of the democrats tweeting and then deleting this about a Donald Trump event scheduled for Mount Rushmore:

As you might expect they deleted it right away but not before it was screen grabbed and displayed for all too see.

I found both things rather quaint.

I particularly found it quaint that anyone would be surprised at this point by this opinion but beyond that…

I found it quaint that the democrats would delete the tweet as if they would actually pretend that this is not the opinion of their base

I found it quaint that the Democrats thought such a tweet could be deleted without notice.

I found it quaint that supporters of the President might thing, at a time when democrats are defending riots and arson nationwide might be embarrassed over hitting Mount Rushmore in a tweet.

But what I really find quaint is that at this point, with Democrat cities burning and preparing to jettison the police and promising more of the same that there are people actually undecided on how they will vote to the point where both sides might think this tweet will make any difference?

We Interrupt our normal Haranguing for the tale of a Sunday Trip to Pastime Pinball in Manchester Vermont

If there has been on thing there has not been a shortage of these days it’s news but thanks to Covid , CCP Wuhan Virus there has been a shortage of places to play Pinball.

If not said virus for the last 5 days I would be at the 6th Pintastic New England this year scheduled to be in Boxborough rather than Sturbridge but alas it was not to be however yesterday morning my youngest informed me of a newly opened pinball arcade in Manchester Vermont which is about a 2 1/4 hour drive from where I live. So as we both had vacation days already taken, after mass we jumped in the car and took the long trek through ski country (God knows how people drive on those mountain roads in the winte) and foliage country to Pastime Pinball in Manchester Vermont. Where we were met by the owner who was kind enough to give us the tour…

…which had to be briefly interupted as a pair of customers came in. Given that you have a choice of a pay one price to play till close or a half hour sampler (buy the day pass because you KNOW you aren’t going to be satisfied with 30 minutes) you don’t want to keep people waiting.

However once the customers had their lanyards and were off playing the tour resumed.

It’s a very nice place with a good selection of 60 games starting from the very 1st flipper game ever made to the Munsters which came out last year. But for me as they have the following six games

  • Black Knight
  • Adams Family
  • Indiana Jones
  • Theater of Magic
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Wizard of Oz

They pretty much have the best there is.

One of the most interesting things they have is an old EM game with the clear cabinet that people can see how the workings work. I filmed my son playing it:

We got in about 4 hours of gameplay and played most of the games there. They regularly disinfected the games and had signs asking people to space themselves with a two game distance and they enforce the mask rule. It was a great time.

Alas due to Covid the hours are limited

In a case of really bad timing they had litterarrly opened just before the virus hit and with Pintastic cancelled they lost a prime chance to promote their new business.

So if you are a pinball fan who didn’t get a chance to hit Pintastic NE this year take in the Get yourself up to Manchester VT on a Friday Saturday and Sunday and indulge your Pinball fix at Pastime Pinball.

Hopefully by the time the foilage and ski seasons come they’ll be open daily keep an eye on their site for developments.

Outside food is not allowed in but the dogs and drinks are good, however if you decide you want something more substantial when your done, might I suggest the Zoey’s Double Hex right down the road.

It’s a local family restaurant and it seemed like the servers and host knew every person who came in. The food was absolutely perfect.

It you need a day, away from news, away from political stuff and the current insanity and would like to support a small local business that has brought great pinball to this neck of the wood, take a leisurely drive up to Manchester VT and scratch that pinball itch you didn’t know you had.