What if Brady Goes Somewhere & DOESN’T bring a Super Bowl?

In all the “Brady to Dallas” , “Brady to LA”, “Brady to Tennessee” stuff I’ve been hearing for several months now there are a lot of factors that we hear about.

  • Do they have a solid line to protect him?
  • Do they have the offensive weapons?
  • Do they have a 2-3 year QB opening (which is all he’ll play)
  • Will they commit to the contract he wants?

All of these will be factors in the decision making process for teams and Brady but there is one factor that nobody is talking about that I suspect even Tom Brady hasn’t thought of, but should.

What happens if he goes someplace and doesn’t bring a ring or at least a Superbowl appearance?

Tom Brady has been a fixture for the Pats for 20 years. He took a team that had been to 2 Superbowls in 35 years, losing both and took them to NINE superbowls in the next twenty years winning SIX.

That being the case if Tom Brady stays in New England till he is 45 and never makes another Superbowl, while sports writers might grumble and Sports Radio might buzz, fans will still love him and when he does retire give him a send off that will be almost as memorable as his playing days.

If he leaves however everything is different.

Any franchise that signs Brady is one that feels it is near the brass ring right now and figures that it is that one piece away from going all the way, which is why they will be paying $25-$40 Million for a 42 year old QB who happens to be not only the best player of all time, the most prolific when it comes to Superbowl appearances of all time but the best clutch performer of all time in the history of the game.

Once having made that commitment, a playoff appearance won’t do, a 1st round bye with a win won’t do. Anything less than a conference championship will be considered a failure and even that if it comes with a Superbowl loss with not be enough.

And the fans who support said franchise who do not have a history with Tom Brady will not blame their line, or their coach, or their receivers or defense if this happens, they will blame HIM because he was brought in and given the key to the vault to make it happen.

Oddly enough this might actually be an incentive to Tom Brady, the ultimate competitor, who wants to win more than anyone else on the field. He’s the type that actually might want all of that on his shoulders and revel in the chance to take some lesser teams flag and charge up the hill. Perhaps he feels he needs a fanbase that will challenge him rather than one that has reached a point of unconditional love.

But my advice to Brady is this. Make damn sure that this is what you want before you leave a fanbase that loves you an owner that will cater to you and a coach and staff that knows you better than any other and is in the best position to help you continue to be a winner in the twilight of your career.

The Octave of Romano’s Market: Saturday, The Family 117 Years and Done!

If Friday’s at Romano’s was a time of fellowship Saturdays was a time of Family.

That because Mike’s sons Josh Romano and Todd Romano would be in the house working alongside their father.

Both have full time jobs. Josh is a School Principal in Winchester and a former Major in the Army who had deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Gitmo Todd is in sales, but when Saturday came they became the local butchers along with their father as they had since they were very young. During the busy season you would also see son CJ and before she got married his daughter and occasionally his wife would be down too.

Just about every grandchild in the family who was old enough has worked behind that counter or at the cash register. If Mike had lived a few years longer you never know if one of them might have decided to take the work on themselves, or perhaps open a couple of days a week

And there were folks like Katie who had been there for years, and Michelle who has worked there for the last ten and carried the ball all this week working. Occasionally the thought came that they might keep up the business, but the same two problems came up.

You couldn’t have a part time butcher shop because of spoilage. The meat has to be sold and sold within a specific period of time. Even closing Sundays posed a problem along those lines after the funeral and as for another person taking over, once the Business was sold 100 years of updated laws that Romano’s had been grandfathered in would have to be observed by the new owners. Combined with the cost of buying the business it became prohibitave.

So for the last time today I will buy a steak and some hamburg and enjoy the meats that I’ve eaten for the nearly three decades that I’ve lived in this neighborhood, but that loss will pale before the lost of the people that I whose faces I’ve seen for decades, the boys and girls who have grown into men and women with kids of their own and who have watch my own kids grow from being carried into the shop to coming in to do their own shopping.

They are like a family and I will miss them an awful lot and I suspect that as much as we all will miss Mike, the loss of that entire extended family will be the thing that me, mine and I suspect hundreds of others will miss the most.

I thank the all the Romano’s for letting me & mine be a part of it.

And Josh and the Romano’s would like to thank you too

The Smart Bloomberg Argument: Black Victims Matter

Mike Bloomberg is having a bit of a bother over his statements concerning Stop and Frisk when he was mayor of New York. (He must have anticipated these problems as he asked that there not be video of same).

Ann Coulter had plenty to say on the matter:

To stop crime, he said, you “put a lot of cops where the crime is, which means in minority neighborhoods.”

Bloomberg further explained that frisking young black and brown men for minor crimes is how you keep guns off the streets generally: “And the way you get the guns out of the kids’ hands is to throw them up against the wall and frisk them. And then they start, they say, ‘Oh, I don’t want to get caught.’ So they don’t bring the gun. They still have a gun, but they leave it at home.”

Does anyone with a functioning frontal lobe disagree with this?

This instantly brought to mind something I read Bernie Goldberg’s classic book Bias about covering riots in a predominantly black country where his video had been rejected by the network because the people being arrested were black.

He pointed out that yes the perps were black, and so were the the owners of the shops that were being looted and so were the police who were arresting them.

This brings up a fact that is usually ignored concerning policing in minority neighborhoods when loud complaints are made concerning it.

The vast majority of victims of these perps are black and that when you use aggressive policing in minority neighborhoods where crime is high, the lives you are saving are black lives who would otherwise be the victim of violent crime , robbery, extortion etc etc etc.

Coulter again:

By pursuing the wacky idea of having cops frisk kids in high-crime areas for minor offenses like turnstile jumping, Mayor Rudy Giuliani cut the murder rate from more than 2,000 per year to about 600. No one thought it could possibly go any lower — and then Bloomberg got murders down to an unfathomable 300 or so per year.

Giuliani and Bloomberg did more for young minorities than all living Democrats combined. In New York City alone, at least 20,000 more black men are alive today than would be under the genius crime-fighting ideas of prior administrations 

Or in other words while activists scream “black lives matter” to Rudy and Bloomberg at the time, black lives actually mattered so they acted to preserve the black victims of these crimes.

Now it’s true that you have to look at individuals and you can’t nor should base policing on race it should be based on fact.

So here is the fact, if a particular neighborhood is where the crime is and the victims of said crime are the people of said neighborhood that’s where you deploy your police to stop it and you police that neighborhood aggressively if it’s a high crime neighborhood if you want to protect the potential victims of said crime no matter what the race of the people involved.

That is, you do if you think black victims matter.

Apparently said victims did when Bloomberg was the Mayor of NY, but now that he is running for president black votes in the Democrat primaries matter more than black lives did in NYC

Unexpectedly of course.

The Octave of Romano’s Market Friday: Meat and Meeting Places

One of the things that made a local butcher shop special was not just the fresh meat cut the way you wanted it by people who knew what you wanted almost before you ordered it, but was the all the people in line with you and behind the counter.

Fridays were always busy, people had been paid or were buying for the weekend, lots was going on and when you stopped down you were bound to see people you knew.

Now on weekdays, particularly in the morning this was always true. There were folks who would stop down daily for whatever they were cooking or just to visit. It was much like a barber shop. Mike and the team would be working or orders or pre-made foods or any of the daily grind that went on while folks would gather and talk both to them and each other.

I suspect that Saturday will be too busy for this kind of this and today will likely be hopping too, but it will be nice to stop down and see a few of these folks one more time.

Bloomberg Everywhere, Steyer Nowhere, Trump NH Surge, Yellow Dog Media Ignore Black Pastor walkout in VA and You can’t see the Violence inherent in the System Under the Fedora

Am I the only person sick of seeing Mike Bloomberg ads that I can’t skip every time I want to play a video on YouTube?

I’ll wager that a lot of people a lot younger than me are sick of them too and that will not bode well come primary day.

There is one advantage to the “Bloomberg Everywhere ads”. They have replaced the “Steyer everywhere” ads that were bombarding us for a few months.

By my count to date those ads have earned Steyer nearly 1 delegate at the Democrat convention.

I guess now we will see the difference between a multibillionaire and a billionaire in action.

President Trump’s showing in NH is all the more impressive when you consider these factors.

  1. There was no question as to the result
  2. There was every incentive to GOP voters to cross over to vote Dem while almost no incentive for Dem voters to do the opposite
  3. His GOP opponent was not only the governor of a neighboring state but was supported by a former recent NH GOP chair.
  4. Has had three years of unrelenting media opposition on all the media in the area
  5. He lost the state last time around

This doesn’t bode will for the left when you consider that he won without NH last time. President Trump doesn’t believe in the prevent defense.

Speaking of states President Trump lost last time I thought this story might be of some interest:

Virginia state Democrats on Tuesday stormed out of the House chamber after a local black minister led the body in an opening prayer that openly and strongly condemned abortion and gay marriage.

Rev. Robert M. Grant Jr., who pastors The Father’s Way Church in Warrenton, used his few moments at the microphone addressing the newly Democrat-controlled House of Delegates to decry abortion, advocate for traditional marriage, and warn against God’s wrath if the state legislature goes against Biblical principles.

I’m old enough to remember when there would be universal outrage if a bunch of Democrats in the former capital of the Confederacy walked out on a prayer by a Black Pastor, particularly during “Black History Month”.

But we are in the age of the yellow dog media where even Governor Blackface/Klanhood is forgiven by the national media as long as you proudly wear the D after your name.

Finally if you haven’t heard about the anti-Trump fanatic who drove into a GOP registration tent trying to run folks down earlier this week , it’s likely for the same reason you haven’t heard about the guy with a cane sword swinging it at Trump supporters or a former Cop who was assaulted at his birthday party because his hat looked like a Trump hat.

As long as the assaliant is a Trump oppoenent and the target a Trump supporter as far as the national media is concerned it’s not news.

Now if one of the people threatened pulled out a gun and shot the assailant in any of these cases. I have a feeling it would be promoted everywhere as the next Kent State.

Unexpectedly of course

The Octave of Romano’s Market: Thursday: Final Meat Bundle Orders

One of the things that was popular at Romano’s, were meat bundles.

While this was something I never needed myself living seven doors away, bundles were always worthwhile for those who didn’t come in frequently and would freeze it or for organizations that were having an event etc. etc etc.

People ordered combinations of all kinds of steak, hamburg, pork poultry and they’d be sitting and ready.

With only a couple of days left before Romano’s closes for good Today, Thursday is the last day or order bundles and still have them ready for Saturday.

Of course with fresh meat available seven days a week I never saw the need myself. At least not until today.

Still I doubt If I’ll get a bundle, I’ll likely wait to see what’s left on Saturday, if there IS anything left on Saturday.

The Octave of Romano’s Market: Wednesday Sausage Making.

Wednesday at Romano’s Market was always a busy day at the place, not so much in terms of volume but in terms of labor insensitivity for the place.

Because Wednesday is the day the sausage was made.

That meant cutting up many many pounds of pork butts seasoning them based on the type of sausage being made and then grinding it up and making the sausage.

This was a lot of work particularly when you consider how much sausage was being made and what types. And if it sold very well then on Thursday they would start the process all over again.

With only one week to go the there will not be so many choices, this week, sweet sausage, hot sausage , Kielbasa hopefully and some breakfast sausage, but either way this is going to be the last chance to get this homemade sausage that Glenn Reynolds game an exemption to when talking about journalism and sausages.

Since I don’t eat meat on Wednesdays I usually didn’t go down except to buy stuff for the next day, sausage included.

After this week I think I’ll stick with Bacon and Ham for breakfast.

Five Quick NH Primary Thoughts Under The Fedora

Bernie Sanders becomes the first Democrat to win a primary and/or caucus tonight because the Democrats still haven’t figured out definitely who has won in Iowa.

People say that Sanders can’t win the General because he’s a socialist, that’s actually not true, Sanders can’t win because Donald Trump has already delivered on the few parts of his message that had broad appeal, namely jobs and workers pay.

Apparently being a Gay guy who pretends to be moderate really sells as Mayor Pete came in second.

I’m very curious to see how he does once he goes south.

Apparently Senator Amy Klobuchar’s “Sister Socialist” moment has paid and vaulted her into 3rd place.

Four years ago when Donald Trump didn’t have his spectacular she as a women who wasn’t Hillary Clinton might have had a shot, now I doubt it, but it’s the unknowns that always scare you.

Watching Elizabeth Warren only manage 4th is gun considering that the CW just a few months ago had her unstoppable, almost as much fun as Deval Patrick fall apart, but not quite.

It will be interesting to see if she lasts long enough to salvage anything but under 10% in NH is almost as pathetic as Patrick with under 1/2 of 1%

The best news of the Evening was Andrew Yang dropping out as I actually worried about him as an opponent, Bloomberg will guarantee that gun owners will turn out for Trump in greater droves than before and none of the other candidates are different enough to beat Trump.

Yang was wrong but sane, and sane is sorely missed with Dems these days.

Oscars, Medals, Carville whining, Biden Flailing & Back to Work Under the Fedora

I think this image (via Ace of Spades’ Morning Rant) sums up the Oscars in a nutshell.

If these people really cared about climate change, veganism & saving the planet they’d ditch the broadcast and private planes and just have some guy read a list of who won.

Nancy Pelosi is still angry about Rush at the STOU getting the medal of freedom.

Pelosi saw the medal moment as overstepping the boundaries of the White House and Congress.

“Do it in your own office,” she told reporters at a press conference. “We don’t come into your office and do congressional business. Why are you doing that here?”

Admit it, your favorite part of Rush Limbaugh getting the medal of freedom is making sure that the majority of the Democrats in Congress had to be there to watch it.

It was mine.

James Carville remains worried:

“If we lose that, we’re going to be the British labor party and be out some theoretical left-wing la la land,” Carville said. “I’m afraid that Donald Trump is going to get re-elected and I have to do this four more years and I don’t think we can make it. I really don’t…The country can’t continue like this.”

The conversation continued with Carville outlining his view that politics should be about “coalitions” and tackling issues, not being an “ideologue” or talking about “reparations or any kind of goofy left-wing thing out there.”

“There’s a certain part of the Democratic Party that wants us to be a cult,” Carville said, ostensibly referencing Sanders’ impassioned base of support.

“I’m not interested in being in a cult…I’m not a very culty person.”

The Democrats have been a cult for a long time, Carville wouldn’t care if it remained so as long as they won and he could keep his snout in the pie

By the time you read this Joe Biden will be on his way to finishing 4th or maybe 5th in NH.

If he can hang on to South Carolina I still think he has a chance as the Black Democrat vote in the south will not go for the Socialist, the Gay Mayor or the (formally) law and order Mayor.

Biden was always a candidate surrounded by a media bodyguard (remember the no dissing Joe zone on Morning Joe) but he’s looked terrible on the campaign trail and impeachment has simply unhinged him.

Must admit I didn’t see this coming.

Finally I went back to work yesterday after busting my shoulder at work on the 24th of Nov.

I’m still healing and have a bunch of exercises I have to do to rebuild the strength in my shoulder but be aware that I might be posting a tad less (and tweeting a LOT less) now that I’m working full time again.

Thanks for all the good wishes during my injury with luck and work my recovery will continue on schedule.

The Octave of Romano’s Market: Tuesday Orders

Tuesday at Romano’s was always the day you came in to buy the fresh stuff you couldn’t get the day before or two days before if you couldn’t make it in before noon on Sunday.

It was also the day they started making their prepared foods.

When you walked in you could smell the meatballs cooking or the Roast for the Roast beef (unlike all the other cold cuts Roast Beef at Romano was a freshly seasoned Roast just out of the oven.) or the stuffing of the peppers.

The onions and peppers that had not managed to sell would be diced and sliced into all the various prepared foods and all the various salads that were ready to eat would be ready to go. Meanwhile the various suppliers would come in and Mike would make his order.

It was a very labor intensive day and today will be no different, because customers have been informed that if they want meat bundles they can order them for the last time this week so as much as previous Tuesdays have been busy, this Tuesday will likely put most others to shame.