Five Post Ginsberg Thoughts Under My Fedora Bottom Line Trump Wins This Fight

For those who missed last night’s bonus podcast on the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg here are five thoughts about the political effect of Ginsberg’s Departure from the court.

1. The Help this will Provide for Democrats will be Minimal at Best.

While some younger voters and Bernie Bros will turn out over this and a bunch of money will be raised over this none of it will be enough to counteract the effect of riots, murder and looting particularly in swing states.

It’s one thing to care about a SCOTUS opening but that pain is in theory, riots looting and burning out people in your state or city affects YOU.

Furthermore for those conservative who still find Trump icky the prospect of finally securing a John Roberts Proof majority will be enough to secure all but the most bought NeverTrump consultant.

2. Democrat threats of riots and violence (and any actual violence) are going to make things worse for them

Resa Aslin’s offers threats of violence if the President nominates a replacement for the late Justice Ginsberg

The BLM riots and violence are already costing the left nationwide. The same coming over a GOP nomination If there is a stupider move than this I can’t think of it:

Of course I’d just as soon do without riots and violence and not have the political advantage that will come of it just as would have just as soon not had the riots and looting and violence nationwide as I don’t believe in such things no matter what the advantage. However I don’t have a veto over this, the left does and I predict they will not exercise it.

3. Trump will nominate a replacement soon, perhaps as soon as Monday.

The Ruth Bader Ginsberg death watch has been on for a long time and President Trump has been ready with a candidate to replace her for a year. or more, most likely Barrett but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a nominee that the left isn’t prepared for to throw off their plans of character assassination.

Additionally President Trump understands political power better than any president since Lyndon Johnson and he understands that delay helps the Democrats while a quick nomination and a vote before the election will force the GOP to choose sides in an election where the GOP base will definitely hold any member accountable for giving in.

He knows the left was down before this nomination. He is going to stop on them and finish them off by nominating a candidate and winning a vote on it BEFORE the election and he’ll succeed because….

…4. Democrats threats to GOP Candidates over this are empty

Any GOP member up for re-election from Thom Tillis to Susan Collins who thinks they MUST oppose a vote now because of a Democrat backlash is assuming that the left wasn’t already going all out to destroy and defeat them anyways. As I said in a twitter exchange last night:

While it’s not inconceivable that a Mitt Romney or a Lisa Murkowski who has a few years before facing voters again might betray the voters who elected them for gain or spite any GOP candidate who hopes to be elected this time around who falls for these empty threats of retaliation if they vote with POTUS and the even more empty promises of mercy from the left. When it comes down to it Trump will have his fifty votes with Pence for this reason and also because…

5. …The media/left can’t significantly affect this fight because they threw away their credibility over the last four plus years

If the Democrat / Media / Academic / Hollywood left had treated Donald Trump as a normal regular president they might have been in a position to stop a vote on a Trump nomination to SCOTUS before the election or perhaps even the nomination itself.

Instead they spent all their credibility on the Russia business, impeachment, the Steele Dossier, Mueller and a million other phony stories to try and bring him down to the point where their latest pre-October surprise only ended up causing Tara Reade to trend again (oh and btw any other October surprise they had in mind is now toast).

Chuck Todd recently hit the nail on the head when he said

As I’ve said, the only way to understand this is to realize he doesn’t have shame about it. And when we lose our ability to shame a politician we lose a lot of our power. That’s for sure,”

As Glenn Reynolds has put it for years: “All they had to do is not be crazy” If they had followed that advice then we would be waiting till the election to fill that seat, instead Trump will fill that seat before the election and that conservative majority in the court will be in no matter what happens on election day.

That will be the final stake in the heart for Democrat on election day in terms of demoralizing their voters and it will be the end of John Roberts as a useful idiot for the left.

DaTechGuy off DaRadio Livestream Podcast 3 PM EST Words Mean Things and Chat with me Edition

Today at 3 PM EST DaTechGuy off DaRadio graces the podcast Livestream waves once again.

Today we’ll be taking questions from people in chat on the issue of the Day and also talking these two topics

  1. Racism at Princeton
  2. Secrets in Nashville

And I’ll of course throw in a dig at Wendys.

The “preshow” starts at 2:55 when I go live and the show proper begins at 3 PM you can watch the livestream below (last weeks show is a placeholder for the post till 2:50 or so)

Hope you enjoy it.

Five Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora: Media, Nashville, Insurance and Bailing Rioters.

Am I the only one whose intelligence is insulted by the idea that the media thinks anyone who isn’t already in the Biden camp is going to fall for another case of “Sudden Trump accusation” syndrome?

I know that’s what they get paid for but I’d think one’s self respect would preclude something this obvious.

Speaking of the media insulting my intelligence consider this:

The media is a full employment scheme for ex Democrat aides who are not bright enough to be candidates or judges and not connected enough to be lobbyists and has in my opinion been so for a very long time.

Apparently the Covid numbers in Nashville concerning bars and restaurants were so low that the Democrat Mayor withheld this info because he didn’t want this good news to hit the public.

Odds are this is happening elsewhere but people are missing something as noted by these tweets

Power is the only religion the left believes in and if other people suffer so they can get it or hold it, so be it.

Speaking of trouble for people there is a report that the “George Floyd Riots” cost between 1 & 2 Billion dollars. While many note that the costs to the individual cities where they took place is higher what people should note is that every single person who has an insurance policy is going to pay for it in terms of higher costs as these companies try to both recover these costs and prepare for the next round.

Finally after a big fuss by Democrats in Pennsylvania the ANTIFA crowd managed to get the bail lowered on the various folks who where arrested in the Lancaster riots from 1 Million to various amounts from $25k to $100K.

If I was in charge of the GOP I’d run their mug shots with Democrats calling for bail reduction on a continuous loops on ads nationwide

Tweets / threads that should have been blog posts. Rick “I Believe the Polls” Tyler edition

One of the problems with Twitter for a blogger is that you tend to write what would be a good blog post on twitter thus giving a platform that hates you free content. I will now occasionally post on some of these tweets and exchanges. Today it stars Rick “I’m really a Conservative unlike Trump” Tyler.

He retweeted a poll of Wisconsin and NC whose results I found….interesting

Here’s the exchange as an image

and of course there were others who decided it was a joke that anyone would question such polls I made them the same offer

here’s the full exchange as an image

I then went to work. 10 hours later I checked my twitter feed and surprise surprise, neither Mr. Tyler, Mr Crystalballops nor any of the others who saw my offer seemed to think that it was worth $100 of their money to affirm those polls that they insisted I was some kind of loon for doubting:

Bottom line the battle cry of the #nevertrump Biden left on polls is this:

I’ll stand behind the accuracy of these polls against you ignorant Trump supporting poll deniers with my life…but not my money

Personally if I was the big money left I’d risk the $100 to shut me up, i’d think it’s short money compared to the price of online trolls unless they are outsourcing said trolls on the cheap

Five One Liners under other bloggers Fedoras, Robert Stacy McCain, Neo, Barbara Espinosa, Baron Bodissey and Adrinenne

 This tactic of imposing a million-dollar bail was credited with preventing a repeat of the riot Monday night — this ain’t Portland, where they turn the rioters loose as soon as they get arrested.

Sorority Sister Turned BLM Radical? Kappa Delta Arrested in Lancaster Riot via the Other McCain

The bail is actually higher than the $75K plus grand tuition at the college said sorority girl attends.

It all fits together like the pieces of a puzzle: blue lives don’t matter, cops cannot be allowed to defend themselves, cops need to die.

BLM and cops: Words aren’t violence, but they can lead to violence via the New Neo

I’m the Joe Biden Campaign and I approve this message

They had to get rid of him, and what better way to do it than to destroy our economy with a virus in the hope of making sure Trump is not elected again.

“The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots” Video via American Freedom by Barbara

Donald Trump has forced China and the left’s hand before they were ready to come out as what they are.

 In no way is Malta allowed to protect itself from people with predominantly unclear identities and predominantly young men who want to enter illegally for economic reasons and few can show a reason for asylum?

Amnesty International Targets Malta via Gates of Vienna

Never forget that this refugee crisis is the child of the unholy union between Barak Obama & Hillary Clinton.

My question remains, “Why are people so willing to be harassed and bullied into compliance?”

Michael Matt: Why are we not screaming from the rooftops?? (video) via Adrienne’s corner

I was willing to give these guys some slack at the start when we knew less, no more.

A Massachusetts Senate Game Changer?

A few days ago I wrote this concerning the Kevin O’Connor campaign:

 I can’t imagine what the left was thinking when they decided to hand this issue and police unions endorsements to the president, unless they are just afraid of their own base.

It would be bold to predict this will elect O’Conner to the US senate, particularly since MA has been spared BLM violence (Well done Gov Baker) but given Ed Markey link to the Democrats AOC wing it certainly can’t hurt his chances.

And then Ed Markey said this:

The Day after this.

And two days after this:

I don’t know whose running the Kevin O’Connor for Senate Campaign but if it was me I’d be in front of the cameras today, pointing to the timing of his hit on police:

Markey’s picking a very good moment to make this pitch, although some of his fellow Democrats might disagree. They’re choosing the rioters just before Americans choose their next set of elected representatives.  Forbes’ Seth Cohen warns Black Lives Matter organizers today that rioting in Lancaster over a completely justified shooting might cost Joe Biden Pennsylvania and the election:

and I’d be pushing two themes

  1. If this happened in Lancaster PA it can happen anywhere.
  2. You are either with the police or the Rioters and Markey has chosen his side

If I was Kevin O’Connor I would talk about nothing else till election day.

No charge (but tip jar hits always welcome)

Closing thought: While Ed Markey is particularly vulnerable to this because of his public statements, if I’m a Massachusetts Republican running for any office, I’m doing the exact same thing.

Biden Ball Games

Congratulations NFL you’ve positioned yourself in such a way that your league is on the side of people ambushing Deputies and cheering for them to die.

Congratulations NFL you have reached a point where on the opening weekend of what was the most popular sport in the nation nobody is talking about the games themselves.

Congratulations NBA In a year when you have a captive audience at home you’ve managed to see your rating drop and provided a visual of your players kneeling during the national anthem on the Anniversary of Sept 11th.

Congratulation MLB in a sport with an aging but loyal demographic you managed to push fans away directly against the advice of your own surveys.

Congratulations NHL You managed to insert yourself into a situation that you could have pretty much avoided and allowed yourself a share in the backlash.

The bottom line: As of last week Major sports have gone from a net +20 positive rating among the public to a -10 rating in just one year. As Ed Morrissey noted:

the decline is as broad as it gets. The sports industry’s positive rating fell in every demo, and by double digits in all except Democrats (-5). The rating among non-white Americans might be higher than among white Americans, but it also fell farther among non-white Americans (-35, as opposed to -26 among whites). The collapse is almost total, in other words, and even in the few demos that remain positive, enthusiasm has almost entirely evaporated.

Congratulations major sports you played Biden Ball and managed to cancel yourselves.

Quick Under the Fedora Thoughts. If Trump is for it I’m agan it Edition…

Judson: I’m agan it!

Mack: Agan What? You didn’t hear what Daniel said?

Judson: If Daniel said it I’m agan it!

Daniel Boone Ken-Tuck-E 1964

The Atlantic magazine has come out against the Nobel Peace Prize itself

If Donald Trump is for the Peace Prize they’re agan it!

Can we now assume that the Nobel Peace prize for Barack Obama was an affirmative action award?

I think it’s been really something to see the left go on a full defense of what objectively is child porn in their defense of Netflix “Cuties”

If I was Donald Trump I’d direct the AG to investigate if the movies violates US child porn laws as written.

The whole: ” If Donald Trump is against Child Porn then I’m for it” reaction from will be something to see, of course in fairness they’re already all defending it. I wonder how fast they would condemn the movie Fatima about the miracles there if Trump came out for it?

Well at least the new peace deal between Barain and Israel is something that Democrats can celebrate. Right?

If Donald Trump is for a peace deal I’m agan it!

There has been another ambush of law enforcement and the Joe Biden Voters are acting like…Joe Biden voters

I’m sure they’re just getting ahead of the President’s condemnation of this act of terror to be agan what he’s for.

Apparently at least one NFL player has figured it out:

After watching Thursday’s game and also watching the Dolphins players’ video, it shows that it is not about who is standing or who is kneeling for the anthem,” Mayfield said. “But instead, coming together and taking action to create real change. Also after reading many letters and messages over the past few weeks, I have been showed (sic) that a gesture such as kneeling will only create more division or discussion about the gesture, rather than be a solution towards our country’s problems at hand. With that being said, I am choosing to stand for both anthems to show respect, love, and unity to everybody involved.”

Trump will obviously be for this so as you might guess the left is agan it but I suspect those who have invested in him as an advertising spokesman are for it. The real question is this: Given that the Ravens are expected to be blitzing a lot will his offensive line be for it or agan it?

Good News Found the part for my 1999 LeSabre! Bad News $423 with Tax!

Jon Sable Freelance by Mike Grell, Issue 8 page 12 1984

Well my quest to find a pulse board for a 1999 Buick LeSabre ended today.

I had done a lot of searching online to no avail and then put out feelers on twitter and here on the blog, even asked other bloggers to put out the word for me as neither my mechanic nor NAPA nor anyone else seemed to be able to find a Pulse board for a 1999 Buick LeSabre.

One reader apparently had found the part on Doorman site. They make all sort of replacement parts but alas their Part # 906-121 which runs about $60 while listed as comparable with the 1999 LeSabre on some sites that resell Doorman parts is specifically listed as not fitting my LeSabre on their own site.

I also checked with Cardone which does the same, they had the motor (Everyone seems to have the motor) but when I check in their chat system alas said motor did not come with a pulse board.

I thought I might have a winner at the site but again their AC delco re manufactured motor didn’t say if it came with a pulse board and nobody was available at the AC Delco site to answer that question concerning this part.

Finally I did one more ebay search and lo and behold:


That’s literally 6 to 7 times the price of the motor offered everywhere else, however unlike everywhere else it EXPLICITLY stated it was compatible with my 1999 Buick LeSabre.

You can’t imagine how nice that result looked given the number of times I had filled out a similar form over the last week or two and gotten a different result.

As you might guess once I had the part number from said piece I started looking for it elsewhere to see if I could find it cheaper, no luck. I tried the part number at the AC Delco site, not listed.

So it came down to this. My car’s inspection sticker runs out on Halloween I could hold out in the hopes that I could save a couple of hundred or do and hope some other person didn’t need a pulse board before then or do I bite the bullet and buy this final part figuring that ending the search with a month to spare was worth it?

That’s when I remember the Jon Sable quote above and decided to buy the part now.

In the end $400 or $500 is a lot less than $4000 or $5000 for another car and when it comes down to it if I can keep the body intact that Glorious Buick motor will keep going for years to come. And the time I would have spend over the last month worrying and scrounging has to be worth something

If I hadn’t just dropped $200 on tires for the car I might have decided that the time had come to enter the 21st century but if the Buick goes that dough was out the window. And and perhaps if DaWife hadn’t just depleted her projects fund on a new Reed’s ferry shed and a new fence that’s going in next month it wouldn’t have been so bad to lose the LeSabre rather than drop $400 on an $80 part.

Even better I don’t have to do a new used car bleg. It’s one thing to shake the tip jar for the work I do, that’s a return for services rendered it’s another to have to ask to defray the cost of an unexpected bill.

And hey at least I got a blog post out of it.