Five Fr. Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill Thoughts Under the Fedora

The first thing one should take away from this story, particularly if you are a Non-Catholic who has no interest in what the good monsignor is doing in his spare time is this: The same tracking data that was used here is being used on you and you have almost certainly agreed to its use via the user agreement.

If that doesn’t scare you it ought to

My decision to stay off of Facebook and to do without a smartphone is looking better and better every day.

Forgetting the sinfulness of the actions of Msgr Burrill it really strikes me how stupid it is.

Even without this tracking business did he really think that this was going to be kept under wraps forever. Did he not think that with all the enemies that the church has that this would not have eventually been used against the church?

The idea that people think that stuff like this is never going to come out never ceases to amaze me, and I’ll bet there are plenty of people in the church who are very afraid right now.

They should be, particularly for their souls.

It is not lost on a lot of people that the Msgr. is from the same diocese where Fr. Altman has his priestly facilities to say the mass removed for daring to call out both the Bishops and Catholic pols for their open flaunting of the teaching of the church.

I suspect that unlike Fr. Altman Msgr Burrill will not face such a punishment or anything near it from his Bishop, unless he suddenly does something really beyond the pale like coming out against Traditionis custodes.

To nobody’s surprise the “Catholics for Mortal Sin” left as I call them is up in arms about the revelations citing privacy. Crisis Magazine and religion news both hit the messenger hard insisting that these sins were nobody’s business, but at least they referred to them as sins as opposed to Fr. James Martin to who the only sin in that the public was informed of something that I suspect an awful lot of people knew about, some I suspect with authority.

I have a question for these folks. If a priest was banging the wives of parishioners or was working at an abortion clinic under an assumed name, both acts completely legal in the US and elsewhere, would it not be proper to expose these acts?

I suspect their answers would vary depending on if the priests politics paralleled their own.

Speaking off souls what I find really interesting, as a person who struggles with sin, is the lack on concern about Msgr. Burrill’s soul. If these catholic actually believe in their vows and the doctrines of the Church they should be very interested in stopping mortal sins that can destroy a person’s soul.

Now in fairness there are some who are more interested in spiking the ball against their foes then the idea of worrying about both the Msgr’s soul and the souls of the men he was hooking up with. That’s the sin of pride.

We should be concerned with the souls of sinners as their are our brothers and the soul of the church because it is the instrument by which Christ redeems such sinners, Souls are all that matter, this should always remain the priority. Such things need to be exposed because the scandal they produce endangers souls, yet it is still our duty to be willing to show mercy once they are, Blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy For we must remember as I’ve said many times that heaven will be no less glorious nor hell any more bearable if someone we despise is standing next to us there.

We interrupt this blog to shop for a Used car in the $3500 to $4500 range

My plans for another post were interrupted by my mechanic that it will not be cost effective to bring my 1999 Buick LeSabre up to snuff for the rigorous Massachusetts inspections standards for when the time for my next inspection comes.

Frankly I’d like another LeSabre as I”ve had three and liked them all but as they stopped making them in 2005 that might be a problem so let me put it out there. Who has a car they want to sell me at this price range?

A LeSabre or a 2003-2004 Avalon will get preference as I like both models and years (Don’t like the later Avalons) but if you have a car that will pass Mass Inspection and will not rust away on my I’d be happy to talk (you can reach me in comments. Any car considered will have to pass a check by my mechanic (located in Fitchburg MA)

And yes I know that this is a low budget but thanks to COVID complications my wife has been out of work for six months and with AFLAC coverage about to run out I’m not in a position to put our cash reserves at risk for a better car.

Ok folks let’s hear what you’ve got!

Update: Looks Like I found something if my mechanic gives me the thumbs up we’re all set.

This should be the Easiest Five Million a Leftist Techie Ever Made

A decade ago Andrew Breitbart offered 100,000 for evidence to support democrats claims accusing the Tea Party of public racism toward members of Congress at the time. The media had made a big fuss but Andrew was having none of it:

He said he emphasized with AP writer Jesse Washington that he was not relying on the one video for proof but rather that it was the mainstream media’s responsibility to offer proof of a racist attack before they published their report. That is why Andrew is offering reward money to anyone who will come forth with video that shows a racist attack actually occurred.

Andrew also wondered why the Capitol Hill police did not intervene if this incident actually happened. If the n-word was screamed 15 times… If there was “a chorus” of racist hate… And, if the tea party protesters looked like they were going to throw rocks at the Congressmen, as one of the members suggested, why would the Capitol Hill police stand back and not intervene?

Andrew added that the Democrats now claim that they want dialogue but that is not what they said when they accused the tea party protesters of a hate crime. It was only after representatives were confronted by Big Government and Andrew Breitbart that they suddenly want to hold a civil dialogue.

Needless to say despite a plethora of cameras and recording devices on the scene no such evidence was ever produced and Andrew Breitbart died with that $100,000 unpaid.

Now history is about to repeat itself;

My Pillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell announced on Wednesday he was offering $5 million to any “cyber guys” who can prove the election data he’ll present at his upcoming “cyber symposium” is not valid.

Lindell appeared on the War Room podcast and said that he’s offering $5 million to any “cyber guy” who shows up at his symposium and demonstrates that the data doesn’t actually prove Donald Trump won the election

Now think about this for a moment. For months we’ve been told that all of these claims are BS, we’ve seen big tech, which employs an army of techies insist that this is all disinformation.

The colleges are full of liberals taking tech courses, silicon valley is full of liberals in the tech field, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, tic-toc etc etc etc have thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of tech experts who worship at the altar of the left who would I suspect love an extra 5 mil in their pocket, not to mention hundreds of techies dreaming of financing their startup companies who would love five million dollars seed money.

All they have to do is demonstrate that Lindell is advancing a conspiracy theory, and since all the “smart” and “elite” people are insisting this is the case it should be really easy shouldn’t it?

If they do it will be a triumph for the left, every media outlet will hail them, every cable show will feature them and perhaps Hollywood will even do a movie about them. Their debunking of Lindell would be amplified all over the world.

But as loud as that might be, if they fail, their failure while ignored by the press, censored by the tech companies will speak oh so much louder.

Which is why you will not see them even try.

I suspect that like Andrew Breitbart Mike Lindell will go to his grave with his challenge money still in his pocket.

Unexpectedly of course.

My Advice to those trying to push the Vaccine

Saw this tweet from old friend John Hawkins before I hit the sack:

While good advice it in my opinion didn’t summarize what needs to be done so I rephrased the advice for him:

Here is the text so this post can still work after I’m eventually banned from Twitter:

Or to put it another way:

  • If you want people to trust you act in a trustworthy way.
  • If you want people to believe you, don’t lie to them
  • If you want people to think you have their best interests at heart don’t take actions to harm them.

This is simple and straightforward advice that would be a good idea for any section of government.

Unfortunately while it’s true that with God all things are possible given that we have an administration that is in power precisely because they were willing to violate all of these rules the likely hood that they will change their ways is slim at best.

But if you want to regain trust and confidence this is the way to do it.

As the post says, no charge but as I have to buy a car in the next month or so any tip jar hits will be happily accepted.

Draft Women? What’s a “Woman”, Clarifying Francis, Reputations gone, China’s Bad Japan Move and Now I’ve seen Everything under the Fedora.

Apparently the Democrats are talking about making women register for the draft.

Senate Democrats are proposing a sweeping rewrite of the military draft laws aimed at requiring women to register for the Selective Service System, according to a draft authored by Senate Armed Services Chair Jack Reed and obtained by POLITICO.

I’ve said for a while that the draft is coming since . Even more so now that they are chasing away the actual volunteer base (conservatives, Christians and people who think the country is worth fighting for) they’ll need to increase the pool but the real story here is that Democrats are willing to define “woman”.

For those of you who aren’t Catholic let me put his reversal of Benedict in a way that you might get better. Basically before Benedict the rule on the Latin mass was a Bishop “may allow” the mass, like a state that say it “may allow” concealed carry. Benedict changed it to “shall allow” in other words. Francis has changed it back to “may allow”.

The real question to me here is this. Will Bishops that have the Latin Mass in place in some parishes forbid it from continuing? I suspect that Bishops who allow the Latin mass to congregate will find themselves off Francis’ list of potential future Cardinals.

Unexpectedly of course.

The sheer terror that the MSM, Social media and the left have concerning auditing the ballots in swing states is having an effect on public perception of the left that isn’t very good. Furthermore the willingness of school boards, the FBI and the Military to do the same is having a similar affect on the reputations of all these groups in the eyes of the public.

A lot of these people in charge of these agencies are going to learn that like a spouse who has cheated once trust doesn’t return once normalcy does. But I suspect they are counting on it never returning and the full power of the federal government will be used to make sure those who stole the last election will never have to worry about losing power.

China recently released a video threatening Japan if they aid Taiwan during any Chinese attack.

This is about as stupid as it gets.

China should remember that Japan is one of the most technologically advanced societies in the world and the only reason they do not have nukes, or chemical weapons or miniature killer drones is because they choose not to.

Furthermore while post WW2 realities has kept them from re-arming if Japan decides to return to it’s previous traditions to any degree and chooses to rearm, they can likely have nukes or chemical weapons or killer miniature drones to target CCP leaders pretty fast, not in less time then it takes me to type this but not a whole lot longer.

Talk about waking a sleeping giant.

I can’t think of a story that more perfectly meets the stereotype of a woke stupid liberal than this one:

Brits looking to ease their conscience over their involvement in bloody drug wars overseas are now being targeted by cynical dealers selling what they claim is “ethically sourced” cocaine.

Users have revealed a high demand for the so-called “woke coke” at posh dinner parties across the UK.

Drug policy expert Neil Woods told the Daily Mirror: “I have been shown ads for ‘environmentally friendly sniff’ but it’s nothing but a very clever marketing ploy.

Via Instapundit. The degree of stupidity necessary to fall for something like this is so incredible that it boggles the mind, however given the idiocy of the left, particularly the wealthy left advancing luxury ideals I’ve reached the point where nothing they do surprises me anymore.

My Advice to Conservative Companies/Candidates Who are Approached by the NYT & MSM For Interviews…


There is absolutely no upside.

The best case scenario is that the reporter(s) on the story do not misquote you or overly spin you as evil or fringe and their customer base, which has no intention either buying your product or voting for you, becomes aware you exist.

The worst case scenario is that the reporter(s) on the story spin, trick and our and misquote you to such a degree that your own customer or voter base believes you have abandoned them and dump you. Thus they manage to destroy you which is likely their goal in the first place if you are effectively supporting or advancing conservative goals or co-opt you.

If you’re lucky they will settle for the middle scenario where they misquote and spin you to make you a villain in the popular culture which will shun you and force you to remain a fringe product.

They hate you and want to destroy you, don’t help them do it. Avoid them, shun them and if they stick a camera in your face stick on in theirs at the same time so you can document any falsehood they attempt to advance.

You have been warned, no charge.

I’m not a coffee guy myself

But it would seem to me that trashing your customer base in the NYT is a bad idea:

Absent the tape, we don’t know if the “repugnant people” were people who yelled at Hafer on Twitter over his decision, or if they are people who supported Rittenhouse, or if it refers to the “racist, Proud Boy-ish people.” But it does seem as though the Rittenhouse video was much more a function of being scared of the left’s disapproval hurting business (all those Antifa guys love Black Rifle Coffee, ya know) than any other motivation.

Of course while it’s a bad idea it’s not a stupid as trashing St. Michael:

Like any business Black Rifle Coffee have the right to market however they wish, but my thought has always been if a company insists they don’t want your business I’m all for obliging them.

Of course as I’m not a coffee guy they don’t have to worry about losing what they never had.

A Test of Trust in Christ Basil Fawlty in the Vatican

One of the two things that (the other being acknowledging the reality of the Devil as a real being) I have complemented Pope Francis on has been his stress on mercy. He has shown mercy in his dealings with Islam, he has shown mercy in his dealings with the Eastern Orthodox and has shown mercy in his dealings with others outside of the church.

Alas he’s not all that keen on showing mercy to the faithful within it:

In defense of the unity of the Body of Christ, I am constrained to revoke the faculty granted by my Predecessors. The distorted use that has been made of this faculty is contrary to the intentions that led to granting the freedom to celebrate the Mass with the Missale Romanum of 1962. Because “liturgical celebrations are not private actions, but celebrations of the Church, which is the sacrament of unity”, they must be carried out in communion with the Church. Vatican Council II, while it reaffirmed the external bonds of incorporation in the Church — the profession of faith, the sacraments, of communion — affirmed with St. Augustine that to remain in the Church not only “with the body” but also “with the heart” is a condition for salvation.

Not only does he reverse Benedict on the Latin Mass but he does it with immediate effect and as noted by Msgr Charles Pope is almost set up as a “loyalty test” for Bishops to see who will allow the Latin Mass and who will not.

The key quote:

this is the growing segment of the church you now most areas of the church our numbers dropping everywhere. This is the young vibrant and growing part of the church.

In other words Francis is being Basil Fawlty who thinks his hotel would be exactly the way it should be if it wasn’t for the guests who he considers riff raff.

My own initial reaction was this:

Father Z has a few things to say on the matter:

So, a diocesan bishop can dispense from disciplinary laws, both universal laws and those particular laws made by the supreme ecclesiastical authority (read: Supreme Pontiff) for his territory and his subjects.  Since the provision that the Traditional Roman Rite ought not be celebrated in parish churches (cf. Traditionis Art. 3) is a disciplinary law, and has not been reserved to the Apostolic See, the diocesan bishop is free to dispense from that norm!

Do you want the TLM to continue in your parish church and not in the garage attached to the rectory, a hotel room or the nearby Lutheran church that the local pastorette will let you use for a contribution? Then calm down and think.

I urge everyone to think carefully about how to approach your local bishops and priests.

What sort of attitude and language are going to obtain what you desire?


Joy and commitment to parish life?

Bitterness and being unengaged except for that hour or so on Sunday?

What have I been saying for YEARS?!?

You can lose what you have, people.  Now more than ever.

So, if you are inclined to lash out and make a big scene to your local bishop or priest, then consider how selfish you look in the eyes of those whose opportunities you are casting into the hazard.

This is good advice but there is one other thing to consider and that’s our faith in God.

Either you trust God to do things right or you don’t. Either you trust the Holy Spirit or you don’t. Either you trust Christ our you don’t. Either you trust Our Lady our you don’t.

Pray on this Trust God on this, Remember the Christ was dead and buried, right up until the moment he wasn’t, Paul was the implacable enemy of the Church, right up until the moment he wasn’t, The Roman Empire was the implacable enemy of the church, right up until the moment it wasn’t, the feast of Divine Mercy and St. Faustina was suppressed by the church, right up until the moment it wasn’t, the Latin Mass was completely surprised, right up until the moment it wasn’t.

All these things and many others seemed lost until they were not. The desire to schism or to lash out is the trap of the devil. DON’T FALL FOR IT! HAVE FAITH!

Cuba Envy

If you want to understand the difference between the left and the right in America you can explain it as Cuba Envy is the perfect way to describe it. However Cuba Envy means different things to different people.

The people of Cuba are envious of the freedoms that the American People have to live the way they want.

The Left in America are envious of the freedom of the Cuban regime to exploit the people of Cuba and crush or kill those among the people who stand in their way.

That’s all.

Disasters and Inaction on Cuba for the Biden Administration

Cuba is a disaster for the left and the Biden Administration.

Thousands of people waving the American Flag and demanding freedom being attacked by a communist state puts them in a horrible spot as people here can’t help but notice the parallels to what is now happening here..

China wants this quashed but they are in the same position as the US is with Hong Kong, too far away if America decides to take action.

That’s why the real story is the inaction. This Administration wants the communist government to survive because the people who finance its members want it to survive so we will see a few occasional words that sound good but what we will be seeing in when it comes to actual help for the Cuban people will be a superb display of inertia.

They will work hard to make sure the heel of communism remains on the neck of the Cuban people because if it lifts from there they will have a harder time applying it here and that is a threat to their perks.