Trump Did as much to earn Impeachment as Obama Did to Earn the Nobel

While the Washington Post’s assessment of Barack Obama as a conservative is nonsense there is in fact one thing he and Donald Trump had in common.

Both were, as Byron York reported, judged before they did a thing.

York Oct 2009:

This morning on MSNBC, presidential adviser David Axelrod was at pains to explain how his boss could possibly deserve this prize. “I think it’s an affirmation by the Nobel committee that the things he’s been working on and talking about around the world are important for humanity.”

Incredibly, “just words” appear to have been good enough to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Byron York Nov 2019

It’s worth noting that the deadline for being nominated for the Nobel was twelve days into Obama’s presidency so unless he was nominated before he took office it took 11 days less for Donald Trump to be considered worth of impeachment in office then it took Barack Obama to be considered worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize

or to put it another way:

Barack Obama Won the Nobel for not being George W Bush

Donald Trump was targeted for impeachment for not being Hillary Clinton.

That’s what it comes down to.

Just Imagine how the Press Would React if …

…a secretary of the Navy publicly defied a commander-in-chief named Barack Obama instead of Donald Trump.

…a Republican candidate talked about snatching patents from companies.

…a republican mayor of a city that a Democrat President had critiqued plead guilty to corruption charges.

… a Democrat President had an economy like this.

…the Catholic Church had a conference on Feminism like this?

Update: Can’t believe I missed this one:

Bill Russell and that’s it, Addition by Subtraction, An old Socialist against impeachment, a UK Taxpayer Windfall, Avocado Wars Under the Fedora

I am so sick of hearing people debate on ESPN if LeBron James (3 NBA titles) has surpassed Michael Jordan (6 NBA titles) or not as the NBA’s GOAT.

Jordan & James combined do not have as many titles as Bill Russell (11 titles two won as player/coach).

Now you can argue that the era was different and there were less teams in the league, which in my opinion us what allows Jordan and James into the conversation but until either of them manages to win a title as a player-coach I submit and suggest that the Jordan/James debate is all about determining who is 2nd best.

One other quick NBA note. As of today 1/6 of the way into the season the Brooklyn nets with Kyrie Irving are on a pace to be the seventh seed in the NBA east while the Boston Celtics lead the Atlantic division and are fighting for the #1 seed.

Talk about Addition by subtraction.

Ran into an old friend who has been recovering from surgery. He has a 1st class mind and we have often jousted concerning his love of socialism.

As we haven’t had occasion to speak for a while I asked him about impeachment and much to my surprise he thought it was a bad idea and a waste of time. Much better to make the case for replacing the president in the election rather than trying to overturn the last one, and remember, he’s had time to watch the hearings.

If Pelosi & co have managed to lose an old socialist like him on impeachment, they’re in worse trouble than I thought. No wonder Democrat staffers had a big party for the end of public hearings at least in this committee.

One side effect of Prince Andrew’s fall from grace is a quarter million pound windfall for the English taxpayer:

Prince Andrew will no longer receive his £249,000 Sovereign Grant allowance because that funds expenses for his official duties, such as travel.
But he will receive his income from the Queen’s private funds.

It’s worth noting that none of this is because of what he did with Jeffrey Epstein, it’s all because he could not contain the damage once these revelation were reported on by people other than bloggers.

I’m apparently the last person in the US who isn’t a fan of guacamole but under the “blame america for wanting drugs rules apparently all the rest of you are responsible for this:

 More than a dozen criminal groups are fighting over the avocado trade in and around Uruapan, the capitol of Michoacán, “preying on wealthy orchard owners, the laborers who pick the fruit and the drivers who truck it north to the United States,” writes reporter Kate Linthicum. Organized crime in Mexico, she explains, is diversifying—it isn’t just about drugs anymore:

The worst thing that every happened to the Mexican people was the United States failing to annex the entire country after defeating them in the Mexican war back in 1848. And it’s worth noting that these cartels are all getting footholds in US cities run by Democrats which is going to mean a lot of trouble unless we see some pushback soon.

Tom Brady’s Disappointment Easily Explained

Why don’t we just kick the field goal?…40 yarder and the game’s over. 

Tom Brady to Bill Belichick Superbowl LIII

Everyone in the sports world seems to want to psychoanalyze Tom Brady’s disappointment in the play of the offense after their 17-10 win over the Eagles last week and are all reading a million things into it when it all boils down to simple offensive math. Plus Nine.

If you hold a lead of 9 points or more, then as an offense you have more room for risk. You can try a running play or a short pass that consumes time simply for the sake of clock management, or risk a pass play to a receiver who is less sure or reliable because you don’t risk losing the lead,

With such a lead the need for opposing defense to recover the ball or generate a score is large and gains urgency as the game continues. Such a lead forces a defense to take risks that might turn one of those short time consuming plays into a big score.

Finally with such a lead even if the ball is turned over due to an interception or a punt the need to score twice forces an offence into situations that favors your defense and if worst comes to worse and they score anyway after the ensuing kickoff your offense in general and the Quarterback in particular still has control their own destiny.

If however your lead is 8 or less then any mistake has the potential of costing you the lead. If you throw into coverage the ball is intercepted the ball can at worst be run back for a lead changing score and at best gives the ball back to the other side with a chance to take the lead or win the game while you have to sit on the bench, completely helpless relying on your defense to make the stop.

Brady isn’t frustrated because of ego, he’s not frustrated because he wants to be the star, he’s frustrated because he knows what it’s like to sit on a bench and watch a game slip away due to a mistake (think Miami miracle) , or an impossible catch. (think Superbowl XLII) or even just an offense on a roll (Superbowl LII). Sure your defense might hold like last week against the Eagles or even make an impossible play to preserve the win (think Superbowl XLIX).

It’s not that he doesn’t have trust in his defense, he’s frustrated because the offense, his offense, is placing a burden on the defense that has the potential to cost them wins in the short run and a championship in the long run and he takes that responsibility seriously.

If you doubt this for one moment compare the reaction of Tom Brady after he put up spectacular MVP class numbers while losing Superbowl 52

And his reaction after being held to 13 points and one touchdown in winning Superbowl 53

This isn’t about ego, it’s not about money, it’s not about a contract. Tom Brady wants to win. That what it’s all about.

Robert Spencer Nails It, Kruiser Nails it, Byron York Nails it, Jazz Shaw Nails it and Devin Nunes Nails it too Under The Fedora

To say “Robert Spencer Nails It” is a rather redundant thing as he has made a career of “Nailing it” when it comes to Islam but if you read only one paragraph this month from him, this is it

What is noteworthy also about The History of Jihad is something that it does not contain. As the jihadis move against non-Muslim states without any letup, pause, period of coexistence, period of tolerance, reformation, or reconsideration, there never appears any force of Muslims to oppose them. While it is undoubtedly true that not all Muslims in any given age have ever waged jihad, there has never been in Islamic history an Islamic entity or organization that was opposed to waging jihad and dedicated to stopping those who were waging it.

In fairness for a Muslim to oppose these things would likely prove hazardous to their health and the health of their immediate family.

On hearing the Chick-Fil-A had decided to cut off the Salvation Army at a time when the left is going after them I tweeted my displeasure along with many other conservatives. Chick-Fil-A insists that they are simply refocusing their giving, but some are suspicious. Steven Kruiser explains why:

Many conservatives remained unmoved because, while Chick-fil-A said donating money to help homelessness, they had cut off funding to the Salvation Army, which is huge, nationwide, and helps the homeless. It seemed to them that the move was made purely due to Salvation Army’s stance on LGBTQ issues.
There are any number of reasons that Chick-fil-A could have for cutting ties with the Salvation Army. We will only know if this was truly a capitulation to the rabid wokesters when we see who the company gives money to going forward.

The irony of course is that the primary reason that Chick-Fil-A’s incredible growth over the last few years to this point was because it was a delicious way to hit back in the culture wars. And they should know that if you pay the danegeld you never get rid of the dane. So until I know for sure which way their wind is blowing, I’ll stick to the better tasting Wendy’s Chicken sandwich, although I’ll miss their 1st rate soup until they do

Like Robert Spencer Byron York regularly nails it and his explanation as to why the Democrats have been very careful to shut down GOP members who has difficult questions at the impeachment hearings is spot on:

Should the whistleblower have connections to prominent Democrats, exposure of his identity could be embarrassing to the party. And perhaps most of all, reading through the impeachment investigation depositions that have been released so far, it’s clear that cutting off questions that could possibly relate to the whistleblower has also allowed Democrats to shut off any look at how the Trump-Ukraine investigation started. Who was involved? What actions did they take? Why did some government employees think President Trump’s July 25 call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky represented a lost opportunity, or poor judgment, while others thought it represented wrongdoing requiring congressional investigation?
Democrats do not want the public to know. And in that, their position is familiar to anyone who has watched Washington for the last two years: The Democrats’ determination to cut off questions about the origins of the Trump-Ukraine investigation is strikingly similar to their determination to cut off questions about the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. In both cases, they fought hard to keep secret the origins of investigations that have shaken the nation, deeply divided the electorate, and affected the future of the presidency.

I think Glenn Reynolds has been right from day one. The entire impeachment farce is not about getting rid of Trump but about forestalling any investigation of their activities to keep him from being elected.

Jazz Shaw did not explicitly quote any of DaTechGuy’s Laws of Media Outrage in this piece on a Mass shooting in California but all those principles are there when he notes how fast it went down the memory hole:

 this mass shooting is uninteresting to much of the media because it fails all the normal tests and doesn’t fit in with the narrative. Had the men at least been using “assault rifles” they might have merited a bit more coverage. But those events are vanishingly rare because most gang members are well aware that it’s tough to hide a long gun when walking down the street to attack someone or while fleeing the scene afterward.
Further, if initial reports prove accurate, this was an incident of adult Asian people shooting other adult Asian people. And most of the press has about as much interest in that story as one where black gang members are shooting other black people. In short… basically none. It’s reminiscent of 
the Bunny Friend Park shooting in New Orleans back in 2015. It was the second-largest mass shooting of the year in the United States.
Seventeen people were shot in the middle of a public festival but if you didn’t live in New Orleans or subscribe to the Times-Picayune, you probably never heard about it. Why? Because it was two rival gangs composed primarily of African-Americans settling a turf war. Unfortunately, they were such poor marksmen that almost all of the victims were bystanders, including a young boy who was shot through the spine and will likely spend his life in a wheelchair.

Unless the right people are shooting or being shot the media has no interest in mass shootings, period!

Finally if you want to know what impeachment is you won’t do better than Rep Devin Nunes

“But if the Democrats in the media are suddenly so deeply concerned about bribery, you would think they would take some interest in Burisma paying Hunter Biden $83,000 a month. And you think they would be interested in Joe Biden threatening to withhold U.S. loan guarantees unless the Ukrainians fired a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma. That would be a textbook example of bribery. The media, of course, are free to act as Democrat puppets and they’re free to lurch from the Russia hoax to the Ukraine hoax at the direction of their puppet masters. But they cannot reasonably expect to do so without alienating half the country who voted for the president they’re trying to expel. Americans have learned to recognize fake news when they see it. And if the mainstream press won’t give it to them straight, they’ll go elsewhere to find it, which is exactly what the American people are doing.”

This is why most people actually seek political power, to get those perks

Kaepernick’s Plan “B” as in Bullshit proceeds

Dr. Raymond Stantz: Personally, I liked the university. They gave us money and facilities, we didn’t have to produce anything! You’ve never been out of college! You don’t know what it’s like out there! I’ve WORKED in the private sector. They expect results.

Ghostbusters 1984

A few days ago I wrote that Colin Kaepernick was the person most affected by the Miles Garrett situation because before he swung that helmet the entire NFL was talking about the Kaepernick workout, but once that helmet was swung Garrett was the only topic in sports but the only NFL story that the national media cared about.

I also noted that it was a great litmus test to measure if Kaepernick actually wanted to play in the NFL to wit:

If Kaepernick’s goal is to be signed by an NFL team then he should send Miles Garrett and gold plated helmet in thanks for getting him under the radar.
If, as I suspect, Kaepernick’s goal is to be the center of attention as the ultimate media martyr he’s just been screwed.

Well we found out which goal he had didn’t we,? Not only did he managed to play the drama queen but did so in a way to garner maximum press while minimizing his prospects of being signed.

Even Stephen A Smith isn’t buying this routine anymore:

Now in one respect Kaepernick is being smart. After all as long as he is not signed he can play the Martyr game and continue to collect good money as a poster boy for the left and Nike and other woke companies or companies desiring to be woke. That is a source of income that can go on for decades.

But the moment he is signed by an NFL team suddenly, not only is his status as a martyr lessened considerably but he instantly is put in an environment where instead of being judged by the content of his character he will be judged by the objective standard of:

Can you as a quarterback take an NFL offence down the field to score against an NFL defense that is determined to stop you?

If the answer to that question is “No” than Kaepernick return to the NFL would be rather short lived and even if the answer is “yes” it’s likely for a very short time and he risks injury every moment he’s trying to prove it.

Much easier to be a symbol and a martyr, the pay is better, the job has less physical risk and you don’t have to prove yourself against anyone else.

Kaepernick isn’t training to be an NFL quarterback he’s in training to be the next Al Sharpton.

Pro-Life Democrat wins in Louisiana

Yesterday Jon Bell Edwards managed to do something a lot of people didn’t expect, he won re-election to the Governorship of Louisiana even after president Trump came down to support his opponent.

A lot of people on the left and in the media are publicly spinning this as a rejection of the president but there is one simple reason why Edwards was able to win, and it had nothing to do with Donald Trump, impeachment or anything else. Edwards won re-election because he is a creature even more rare than an honest journalist…a pro-life democrat who doesn’t equivocate when it comes to supporting life:

Edwards signed into law one of the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the country, earning praise from groups like the Susan B. Anthony List, which applauded him for “leading the way in the bipartisan effort to bring our nation’s laws into line with basic human decency.”Edwards said, “The pro-life ethos has to mean more than just the abortion issue. It’s got to go beyond that. The job isn’t over when the baby’s born if you’ve got poor people who need access to health care.”
Source: America Magazine on 2019 Louisiana gubernatorial race , Dec 14, 2018

Unblemished anti-abortion voting record
John Bel Edwards says, “We need the exact opposite of what we’ve gotten from Bobby Jindal; he has sacrificed the state’s well-being to further his own self-ambition.” But in some ways, Edwards is more like Jindal than many might think. Like the governor, he is an anti-abortion, pro-gun rights Catholic; his voting record is unblemished on both issues.

It’s worth noting that the left hasn’t been shy about attacking him for it either:

A rarity in his party, Edwards’ anti-abortion stance provokes angry outcries on social media from Democratic voters and disappointment within the party’s broader ranks across the country.
“When Republicans are taking away women’s rights at every step, it’s on the Democrats to show that we are the party that will protect women. When we fail to do that, we make it absolutely hopeless for women around the country,” said Rebecca Katz, a progressive Democratic consultant.

Many Democrat candidates for president and national leaders hit him for the heartbeat bill, NARAL hit him particularly hard:

“Women are the base of the Democratic Party, leading the charge for equality by fighting for reproductive freedom,” NARAL Pro-Choice America Political Director Nicole Brener-Schmitz said in a statement. “Governor Edwards, and any other elected official attempting to use political overreach to roll back our rights, is mistaken to think our fundamental freedoms are up for debate….He won’t get a pass just because he is a Democrat.”

But in the end Edwards didn’t flinch from his position and as a result Democrats kept the governor’s mansion in a race where they lost the secretary of state candidate lost by almost 20 points.

Now the reality is that both candidates in the race were very pro-life and there are plenty of other reasons why a Republican victory in Louisiana would have been a better thing for the state, but I also think that if Edwards’ victory gives Democrats both in the south and elsewhere the courage to stand up for life when the national party and the left demand they abandon it if they want statewide or national office it is a fine thing.

the Democrats / left / media can spin this anyway they want, but today was a victory for life and I suspect the knowledge that they owe that victory to Edwards’ stance against them galls them almost as much as a GOP victory would have.

Closing thought: Abortion is a sine non qua for me. If I have the choice between a pro-life democrat like Edwards and a pro-abortion republican like Brown or Baker or even one who was with me on any other issue, the pro-life Democrat would get my vote every single time.

Nothing trumps life at the ballot box for me, NOTHING.

Anthony Jay & Jonathan Lynn Prophets of Yesterday’s Impeachment Hearings

I was actually wasn’t all that surprised with what I saw when I saw the article above or watched the sample of yesterday’s impeachment hearings that I was willing to waste with.

That’s because the whole argument of the left against Trump was made on TV 33 years ago by two of the funniest men who ever wrote about politics in my favorite episode of the best sitcom ever about the political world:

Sir Humphrey: So what’s the foreign office worried about then Dick? Haven’t you got the Foreign secretary eating out of your hand?

Sir Richard: Oh yes completely house trained.
Sir Humphrey: Heh, so what’s the problem?

Sir Richard: The Prime Minister’s the problem. He’s starting to mistrust our advice when the foreign secretary gives it to him.

Sir Humphrey: Ah.

Sir Richard: He’s every beginning to question foreign office policy.

Sir Humphrey: Surely not?

Sir Richard: We even see a danger of the cabinet pursuing it’s own foreign policy.

Sir Humphrey: But that’s absurd the country can’t have two foreign policies!

Yes Prime Minister A Victory for Democracy 1986

As far as the deep state is concerning the government is theirs to pursue the policies that enrich them and theirs and pols in general and particularly one like Donald Trump in particular have no business interfering. How such people are viewed are summed up breifly at the end of that scene.

Sir Humphrey: You know what happens when politicians get into Number 10; they want to take their place on the world stage.
Sir Richard: People on stages are called actors. All they are required to do is look plausible, stay sober, and say the lines they’re given in the right order.

Donald Trump has this silly idea that he is not there to enrich him and his family, after all he was already damn rich to begin with. He has the idea that he is the president elected to do a job and intends to do it, with or without the help of the deep state.

Trump’s no fool, he has had to deal with these types all his life. That’s why they were always willing to praise him and he was always willing to grease them when they asked for decades. He knows who and what they are.

I suspect if the deep state kept their head down and even if they didn’t work with him simply allowed him to do his job then they would still be anonymously intact and nobody would know a thing about Hunter Biden & Co. or any of the other stuff that is going to come out when all of this is done. Their reputations would still be intact.

They choose to fight, it was a very bad call.

Myles Garrett knocks out…Colin Kaepernick?

What a difference seven seconds makes in the media.

The NFL in the media before the final seven seconds of the Browns / Steelers game was only about one subject.


The NFL in the media after the game.

Colin who?

Myles Garrett ripped off Mason Rudolph’s helmet and swung it at Mason Rudolph’s head…and knocked Colen Kapernick right out of the media spotlight. The woke media all over the nation was likely going to be talking about Kaepernick’s Saturday workout in Atlanta as a Friday lede. Instead Myles Garrett swinging Mason Rudolph’s helmet was the lead story on Good Morning America.

I submit and suggest that the NFL behind closed doors the NFL execs who arranged the Kaepernick workout are high fiveing each other. Nobody will be talking about the Kaepernick workout today or this weekend. Cripes the Patriots could sign Kaepernick Saturday and name him the starter for the game against the Eagles this weekend and Garrett would still be the only story in the lague.

If Kaepernick’s goal is to be signed by an NFL team then he should send Miles Garrett and gold plated helmet in thanks for getting him under the radar.

If, as I suspect, Kaepernick’s goal is to be the center of attention as the ultimate media martyr he’s just been screwed.

Closing thought: Democrats in congress should thank their lucky starts that it bumped impeachment as well.

Today’s Reality Check Amnesty’s Tweet and fear

Richelieu: I am the state, Your Majesty. And I say it now privately. So that we have no need to discuss it in public. In France I am the state. These men have set|themselves above me. And it is I, not you|who render judgement.

The Three Musketeers 1948

Twitchy had a piece about a tweet by Amnesty International condemning an Israeli rocket attack that was almost certainly Palestinian rockets falling short is outrageous but not surprising for one important reason.

Amnesty knows that for all its rhetoric concerning Israel they do not risk anything by condemning the Jewish state, but if they are too emotive when condemning the Palestinians, they put their lives in danger.

While I am sure, given the direction Amnesty is going hitting Israel is a bug not a feature it is that fear that is driving their response.

I think fear is a behind a lot of what we’re seeing lately from Impeachment (fear that the illegal attempts to stop Trump from being elected will be exposed) to the cancel culture (fear of being rejected). Nothing motivates like fear.