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Michael Forest Reinoehl has now proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that when wanted for crimes of violence or any other the Rittenhouse methodTM of not getting shot by police is the way to go.

Let’s put the awkward issues of logistics aside and talk tactics, though professionals always think logistics while amateurs only think tactics.

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As a general rule you should always read Kurt Schlichter, he’s smart, he’s funny, and he tears apart the left but this is the most informative piece he’s ever written

FINALLY, a reader emailed, “Hi Don. A few weeks ago I realized that BLM stands for Bitter Little Marxists

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Analysis True.

 NFL shouldn’t be propping up a criminal rapist when the organization itself has a domestic violence problem.

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Actually given the criminal and domestic violence history in the NFL it’s actually pretty on brand.

 Voters should not be deprived of their constitutional right to vote nor should their vote be cancelled by an illegally cast vote.

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Since the day after the election of 2016 I’ve been saying Trump needs to go after voter fraud.

Can anyone deny that all the terrible things we’ve seen this year have supernatural sources? Well, I suppose they could, but I adamantly disagree.

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I think the Democrat/Antifa/Media Marxist left aren’t the real enemy, they just work for him.

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But 6 1/2 Hours before the DaTechGuy off DaRadio podcast DaTechGuy will be ON DaRadio Joining the Fault Lines Radio Crew to talk a bit about Kenosha, Riots and Election 2020.

The fun starts at 8:30 AM EST hope you can join us

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CNN MSM, CBS, NBC ABC Are Churches & the Press are their Televangelists

There seems to be some confusion as to why the left media are reaching so far to promote the Biden Ticket as to appear crazy.

and this

and this

One might wonder how these places stay in the news / information business with reporting like this.

The answer is these people are not in the news business, they are in the religion business.

Now I don’t mean the religion business in the way that Christianity or Islam is a religion in the sense that they believe in a God whose message of forgiveness and repentance are delivered by his son (Christ and Christianity) or message of submission and obedience are proclaimed by his prophet (Mohammad).

No I mean religion in the sense that their audiences have a fixed set of beliefs from Orange Man Bad to straight white people are the source of all evil to police are murdering innocent people in the street the source of evil.

And because these things are articles of faith to those remaining viewers who tune in to affirm their beliefs all must be framed in the lens of said beliefs.

So when riots violence and looting were going on for months the reassured the faithful that nothing was happen but when it became impossible to ignore suddenly they were Trump riots.

So when Joe Biden had a lackluster convention and a generic speech it was the greatest speech in the history of history, but when Trump brought in people to provide a message of optomism it became a “dark” message.

So when Donald Trump announced his intention to go to Kenosha they reported that Joe Biden wouldn’t go, that he shouldn’t go there, that people didn’t want him there and it would cause violence and trouble.

Then after his visit was a success Joe Biden decided to go to Kenosha, but wouldn’t take questions there, it makes no difference to the faithful

None of it is about reality, it’s all about affirming the beliefs of the church of the liberals

That why we are seeing the “Trump will win in a landslide on election night but will lose a week later” meme from Axios. Part of it of course is the hope that enough votes can be stolen to win (particularly once they know how many they need to steal) but most of it is a Millerite attempt to postpone the day of reckoning where people say, “how can this be? We’ve been told this wasn’t happening for months?

When you think of it this way, it all makes sense.

Five One Liners Under Other People’s Fedora: According to Hoyt, Mark Steyn, Don Surber, American Thinker, The Other McCain.

In the future these reckless morons aim to build, NO ONE will want to come to NYC for the same reason no one swims from the US TO Cuba.

Via According to Hoyt

It will be interesting to see how the socialist NYC “tax the rich” plans works in NYC when there are no more rich to tax.

(Bonus that a great line, there’s a reason why Sarah is able to make a living strictly by writing and I’m not)

Aside from all the real-world examples we could recite, just consider this: If, God forbid, mobs broke into the White House tomorrow and massacred the duly-elected Donald Trump and his entire family live on television, half the country would begin wildly celebrating, and everyone knows it

Via Mark Steyn

I would not want to be a member of the MSM the day after this happens.

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem ticked the Arabs off so much that they have decided to make deals with Israel just to show that Drumpf!

via Don Surber

If any other President had done this the Nobel would have been automatic.

Like the dog that didn’t bark in the night, the pollsters who are remaining quiet are giving us a clue: their numbers are probably showing that, no matter how they ask their questions or weight their polls, Trump is surging and Biden submerging.

Via American Thinker

How bad must the polling be if even the fixed ones spell disaster for the left?

In other words, the policy of the prosecutor is pro-criminal, and this shooting in Portland was a direct consequence of the impunity with which Antifa mobs have been permitted to operate there.

Via The Other McCain

Free criminals and dead conservatives aren’t a bug to the Portland DA and the left, it’s a feature

Trump’s Army of Davids vs Biden’s Army of Robespierres

That is election 2020 summed up neatly and if you want a simple comparison to illustrate it allow me to do so .

In Kenosha Kyle Rittenhouse, ironically after provideing first aid to some injured protesters was attacked by rioters who gave him a choice.

Allow himself to be killed or shoot.

If he did not shoot he would have been killed by the three people criminals who assaulted him. As Stacy McCain pointed out:

 What are the odds that a guy opens fire at a mass gathering and all three of the people he shoots turn out to have criminal records? Doesn’t this tell you something about who is engaging in these “mostly peaceful” protests?

If the left’s Robespierres didn’t attack him they would be alive today.

Now contrast that with what happened in Portland.

Michael Reinoehl, the shooter in Portland ( who btw was arrested earlier in the year but the portland DA who has been protecting Antifa dropped charges against him) had a choice.

He could have ignored Aaron Danielson who had been providing security to the caravan that had passed. There is no evidence to suggest that he was in any danger from Danielson. If he had simply ignored him, or walked away from him or allowed him to leave. He would be alive today.

He did not.

In both cases the Biden’s Army of Robespierres choose attempted murder. In Portland they succeeded. In Kenoshia they failed, fatally in two cases.

This is pretty bad, I suspect the more evident it becomes that Trump will win re-election, the more violent Biden’s Army of Robespierres will get.

100 Word Catholic Fan Fiction: Eyes But Do Not See

“You mean he walked though the wall?” asked Beth.

“Not the wall, the Door!” answered Yolanda.

“The door nobody else can see?” quipped Rick dryly.

“Guys”, said Courtney, ” I know it sounds weird but we’ve seen lots of weird, right Pat.”

Pat grinned, as did the others, “That’s true Court, but what matters is…”,

Before another word was spoken Sir Justin strode into the room a wide smile on his face, “Ah friends!”

Rick stared dumbfounded. “He walked though the wall.”

“The door, You still don’t see it? asked Yolanda, ” Any of you?”

“Ah lass” answered Justin “BELIEVING is seeing!”

Five of My Thoughts Under the Fedora: Blood in Portland, Silence from Biden, Still no GOP Riots, or MLB NHL NBA of NFL Boycotts plus Pat back in School

Saturday a supporter of Donald Trump in Portland was murdered for the dastardly crime of showing said support in public. The antifa/blm crowds that have been rioting for 95 days have been publicly rejoicing..

Of course if this had been cracked down on from day 1 rather than let it go to day 96 this wouldn’t have happened but the Democrat / Media / Academic left wanted to get votes energized and thus let things reach this point likely because they didn’t believe the polls that gave Biden a huge lead.

Well it’s 96 days later and even with Trump voters being shy (I can’t imagine why) the polls are even with Potus ahead in states like Michigan.

Congratulations guys, you’ve succeeded in energizing voters beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m writing this at 12:07 PM EST on Sunday and as of this time there is nothing on the Joe Biden Twitter feed on the murder of a Trump / Blue Lives Matter supporter in Portland for daring to be part of a caravan of Trump supporters that rolled though the city.

If I had been the guy running the Biden campaign I’d have had such a tweet condemning the murder out six hours ago, but then again the guy who likely does the tweets for the campaign likely doesn’t have the authority to do that without sanction from above, even if he or she had the inclination.

I predict there will be no riots because of the murder or should I say execution of this man. You will not see Trump supporters setting up checkpoints demanding people condemn said murder/execution nor will you see any shops burn in cities around the country.

And you Certainly won’t see any boycotts of games or practices by MLB, NFL, NHL or NBA player over this murder.

Speaking of this the sports leagues and the Democrats will only have themselves to blame at the blacklashes at the ballotbox and the ticket window that will come.

To side with riots, violence and looting might get a lot of folks on twitter excited but I’ve never known it to be a winning hand for the anyone politically in our republic.

When the big red wave washes away the Democrats this year and the great conservative exodus from the ticket office and pay channels come for the sports league it will be doubly painful because they will have done this to themselves.

Oh and it will be interesting to see how sports figures react when they suddenly find that advertisers don’t want to touch them with a ten foot pole

While I was writing this piece I noticed this tweet from Joe Scarborough from MSNBC

This follows a tweet from the Senate Deputy Whip for the Democrats

At the rate the NeverTrump Democrat left is going in full reverse by the end of the week I expect to see Joe Biden in full riot gear leading a police charge against Antifa/BLM Rioters in Portland.

A week ago today Pat Austin wrote a first hand account of the 1st week back in school for a teacher.

I teach high school, and we had four days of inservice and training of the new programs that will support virtual learning, and then we had students for two days so far on an A/B hybrid schedule. We get half of our students on an A day and the other half on the B day, then they alternate Fridays.  This is my twenty-fifth year to teach high school, and it was the first year that I felt sad at the end of the day. There were no hugs, no high-fives, and no smiles that I could see because everyone was wearing a mask.

Many people were so anxious for schools to open so we could “get back to normal,” but let me tell you, this is in no way normal. When the bus drops kids off they go straight to a homeroom, or to the cafeteria to pick up a grab and go breakfast in a big Ziploc bag, then they go to homeroom. Everyone sits in homeroom until the first bell at 7:25. We are six feet apart, and there are no more than ten kids in any classroom at one time.

I think this is one of the most significant pieces ever on the site and Pat should get an awful lot of credit.

The Most Important Riots that Didn’t Happen: Update: The Shooting in Portland Won’t Cause on Either

Detective Gregory: Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?

Sherlock Holmes: To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.

Detective Gregory: The dog did nothing in the night-time.

Sherlock Holmes: That was the curious incident.

Arthur Conan Doyle: The Adventure of Silverblaze 1896

David Webster : [at a passing column of German prisoners]  Hey, you! That’s right, you stupid Kraut bastards! That’s right! Say hello to Ford, and General fuckin’ Motors! You stupid fascist pigs! Look at you! You have horses! What were you thinking? Dragging our asses half way around the world, interrupting our lives… For what, you ignorant, servile scum! What the fuck are we doing here?

Band of Brothers 2001

Saturday morning I came across this story concerning a double murder in North Carolina:

As Laura’s stepdad pulled into her driveway, he was rear-ended by the guy on the right in the picture above, identified as Ty Sheem Walters, 23. It was reportedly a “minor fender bender.”

What happened next?

Walters pulled a gun and proceeded to shoot Nick Wall in the head and torso, killing him. He then decided to shoot Laura Anderson in the head, killing her. Both slain in the front yard of the young lady’s new, first home.

The killer also shot a third person, who survived and was stumbling around in shock when police arrived.

Ty Sheem Walters was caught and charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

This all happened on Monday in South Carolina, four days ago, in a race-obsessed country. Isn’t it odd that nobody heard about it?

Now this is not only an example of DaTechGuy’s 3rd Law of media outrage in action but I got to thinking about it and what this symbolizes is even deeper.

For the last several months we have been told that America in general and American Whites in particular are a bunch of racist and that this racism is “systemic” the media/ democrat / academic left have insisted this is the case, left has insisted this is the case, heck even the Tennesee Titans players insist this is the case to the point they made a public video to tell white America how just awful and oppressive they are.

The irony of this being done by people making six to eight figures annually not withstanding this leads to an obvious point.

If America in general and American Whites in particular are so racist, why aren’t we collectively blaming America’s blacks for the horrific murders of the 45 year old Mr. Wall and his 21 year old stepdaugher?

Why are white Americans not marching in the streets and burning down neighborhoods and as we are all apparently gun nuts as well as the media narrative suggests why aren’t we out spilling blood in revenge, not to mention putting pressure on business’ to fund efforts to punish the black community for this outrage?

For those who don’t know the answer it’s because that the base narrative of systematic racism is a bunch of bull and that any sane person holds a race responsible for a murder that is clearly the unplanned act of an individual. Only the farthest fringe of the fringe would think this and such voices are roundly condemned by all sides.

Yet this has exactly been the response to the death of George Floyd by the media / Democrat / academic left and for reasons unknown a lot of Black Americans have bought into this and because of this cities across the country have seen mayhem, looting, arson and even murder. All of this in response to what was in reality a local police story. In fact the more facts come out the less the narrative of the left on it holds up. Moreover black Americans who do not go along with this narrative are attacked for this by the woke legions .

So why are we at this point where so much damage to property, lives and livelihoods have taken place?

I submit and suggest that it’s because the media / Democrat academic / Left decided that the George Floyd case would be a useful election tool in election 2020 and that they further decided that the unrest it produced might energize the black community enough to return them and their allies in the deep state to control to once again give them access to the power, wealth and influence that the allocation of trillions of tax dollars annually affords them.

A lot of people and corporations have been manipulated for the sake of the power of these bastards and it’s cost people lives, business, their communities destroyed and shattered. They have spread fear and violence all in the name of beating Donald J Trump.

Of course the irony is that this is turning on them to the point where not only will Donald Trump be re-elected but the conditions are set for a 2nd Big Red Wave a la 2010 to take place at the state level, ironically right before redistricting.

That is what I find so disgusting about all it this. All this destruction, all of those lives ruined it was all a waste. It’s telling that you didn’t see the democrat / media / academic left start to come out against all of this horrible violence until they realized that it was backfiring.

Americans understand that while their neighborhoods escaped this violence, they could have easily not been so lucky. They like me understand that all they worked for decades could have been gone in a flash.

How do I feel about it, I feel like this:

I’ll forgive them, I’ll even pray for them. These are non optional doctrines that Christ and the Catholic Church requires of me.

But I can guarantee you this. While I will forgive it will be a very long time before I & a lot of other Americans forget and I promise you I’ll remember every single election day till I die/

Update: Before this was posted but after it was written a Trump Suppoter in Portland was murdered by an Antifa guy during a caravan of Trump supporters driving through. I predict there will not be a riot over it, furthermore I predict that no NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB team will feel the need to cancel games over this political murder.

the real question is, will the DA who has been refusing to prosecute the rioters right along let this one go too?

Five One Liners Under Other Bloggers Fedoras: The Other McCain, Granite Grok, Daily Pundit, Right Wing Granny & Jihad Watch

Anyone watching that video could see Rosenbaum was looking for an opportunity to get in a fight with someone, and of course, a bully would naturally seek the weakest possible opponent.

Via Robert Stacy McCain

Of course as Mr. Rosenbaum learned the hard way street smarts don’t matter if the weakest link exercises his 2nd amendment right by being armed with an AR-15 and the knowledge of how to use it.

 Indeed, I have heard that Sununu … after a very perfunctory greeting of the President at tonight’s rally … got out of there as fast as he could.

Via Ed Mosca at Granite Grok

Until I read this piece I was wondering why the President called for the Governor at his rally and he had apparently gone missing.

But if you do your part, the Trumpslide will be historic, and you can start watching the Enemy Media weeping and wailing starting at seven or eight pm eastern, rather than having to wait till later in the evening.

Via Daily Pundit

From Bill Quick’s lips/blog to God’s ears.

I wonder if Las Vegas is taking bets on whether or not Joe Biden will debate President Trump.

Via Right Wing Granny

I’m more interested if they’re taking bets on if he’ll still be the Democrat candidate for President by the time election day rolls around.

Cue the chorus of non-Muslim authorities and “experts” to tell Dzenan Camovic “No, your religion did not make you do it.”

Via Jihad Watch

Isn’t it funny how, according to authorities and experts, Muslims don’t know their own religion?

100 Word Catholic Fan Fiction: Reunited twice

“Justin, the cot’s yours” said Pat, “Stay as long as you want.”

“Many thanks friend Stripsey” For I’ve been sorely troubled.”

Pat & the others left. Yolanda trailing the rest caught the The Shining Knight eye as he sat sword in hand. “Tis good to be among friends…” he began then abruptly stopped “The door!” he cried pointing at the wall.

Wildcat gasped. “You see the door?” she exclaimed!

“See it, I’d know it anywhere” said Justin. He rose & boldly strode though.

As it closed behind him she heard a familiar voice “Welcome Sir Knight, you’ve come to confess?”