Saint Dymphna

Saint Dymphna was an Irish princess born in the seventh century to a pagan king and a Christian mother. She is the Patron Saint of people who are suffering from mental illness and/or emotional stress, nervous disorders, epileptics, victims of incest, runaways, and mental health professionals. I first learned of her from my grandmother, who … Continue reading Saint Dymphna

Weird, Wild, and Wonderful

Happy Friday! Here are some oddball things I came across, submitted for your enjoyment... It is "spring" here in New York's Scenic Hudson Valley, but The Winter That Will Not Die rained ice chips on me while I walked the dogs yesterday and there are still mounds of unmelted snow along side driveways and parking … Continue reading Weird, Wild, and Wonderful

Who Wants to be the Next House Speaker?

With the news that Eddie Munster Paul RINO Ryan will be vacating his role as Speaker of the House, the job is going to be open to anyone who wants to run for it - literally anyone, as Marco Rubio confirmed to TMZ this week. Click HERE for the cute video. TMZ asked Senator Rubio if … Continue reading Who Wants to be the Next House Speaker?

Platypus, Save Us!

The weird egg laying mammal with a duck's bill on its face may hold the key to the problem of our antibiotics not working well against resistant bacteria and germs. Via Sky News: A breakthrough by Australian scientists has found that the platypus - which is already a unique creature - is also in possession … Continue reading Platypus, Save Us!

The Death of Toys ‘R’ Us – Not a Murder but a Suicide

News of the financial problems at Toys 'R' Us had been in my local news long before it became big national news, because we have a store in my area that people were concerned about closing, back when the chain was simply going to shut some stores in an effort to stay in business, before … Continue reading The Death of Toys ‘R’ Us – Not a Murder but a Suicide

Colds and Hot Toddies

Here in New York's Scenic Hudson Valley, we are still digging out from two big Nor'easter storms that we've gotten in the past week. There are huge piles of snow and big broken tree branches all around my property, but my family was thankfully spared from the power outages that hit this area hard and … Continue reading Colds and Hot Toddies

The Silence of the Bloggers

The Boss is at CPAC, along with Stacy McCain, so be sure to scroll around the homepage here for exciting posts and videos, and of course you will also find some great posts from the other fabulous writers here too! It is good to be back here at Da Tech Guy Blog and it is … Continue reading The Silence of the Bloggers

An Act of Love from a Traffic Jam

A lady was sitting in a traffic jam with her dog, Sherman, in the car with her. Sherman, a beautiful 230 pound English Mastiff, is not just a beloved family pet, he is also a therapy dog who visits people in senior communities, home-bound people, and people with other special needs to help to lift … Continue reading An Act of Love from a Traffic Jam

Out of a Job for Crossing the PC Mob

Aren't leftists the ones always howling about how people to the right of them are "anti-science"? Then how is it that a simple statement about human DNA which is scientifically true caused a man to lose his livelihood? If you guessed that he must have said something about how humans are created as male or … Continue reading Out of a Job for Crossing the PC Mob

First Friday of 2018 MAGA Links

Happy first weekend of the New Year! In my part of the country we are experiencing the big bombo deep freeze after the big bombo snowstorm we got yesterday. Lucky for me, five of my six dogs are either Siberian Husky (the momma dog) or Siberian Husky Half Breeds (my 15 month old puppies, whose … Continue reading First Friday of 2018 MAGA Links

Women’s Issues

Ladies first! Let's kick things off with The First Lady, in a FLOTUS Toy's for Tots compare and contrast courtesy of MOTUS, HERE. Below is just one shot from the MOTUS montage, please visit the link for the rest! White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets no love from the left, but plenty of … Continue reading Women’s Issues

New York Steakhouse Makes a Bold Stand

While driving down Route 55 in Lagrangeville, New York (about 60 miles north of New York City) on the way to a medical appointment yesterday, I spotted a sign outside of Kelly's Steaks and Spirits that sure lifted mine! The sign announced that they DO NOT air NFL games in that establishment and the sign … Continue reading New York Steakhouse Makes a Bold Stand