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Boy George: Voice of Reality

It’s very difficult to predict things, particularly the future

Boy George, the lead singer of the eighties band Culture Club, is being accused of transphobia following tweets blasting those who adopt personal pronouns. “Leave your pronoun’s [sic] at the door!” he tweeted.

George’s tweet was met with outrage by many, and Boy George responded to some of the criticism.

“Do you not know what the **** pronouns are?” asked one user, to which Boy George replied, “A modern form of attention-seeking?”

If you told the me on the 80’s that Boy George would be the voice of reason in the 21st century I would have laughed till I had a rupture

Ricky Gervais Does the Impossible

I went to the Doctor’s on Monday to get an update on the shoulder (I start therapy later this month, looks like Surgery is off the table for the moment) and something amazing took place as I entered the x-ray room.

The x-ray tech was talking about the golden globes.

Now if you are my age you are old enough to remember when the award shows of Hollywood were a big deal, who can forget that moment when John Wayne finally won an Oscar.

But this century, and particularly over the last decade as Hollywood has become more disdainful of the people who actually buy the tickets interest has dropped to the point where absolutely nobody cares and so politically correct that a ten year old tweet can doom a promising comic.

Then came Ricky Gervais who came on the air Sunday to host the golden globes and gave an opening monologue for the ages.

I’m writing this post at 2:24 PM on Monday afternoon and as of this moment this video has over 2.3 MILLION views.

As you might guess this monologue didn’t please Hollywood, the response of Lorraine Ali of the LA times (via the Washington Examiner) was typical:

Well, you say you’re woke, but the companies you work for in China — unbelievable. Apple, Amazon, Disney. If ISIS started a streaming service you’d call your agent, wouldn’t you?”

The commentary would have meant far more if Gervais himself had been brave enough to drop the tired agitator shtick and, for once, read the room.

In that critical moment Lorraine Ali revealed that she did not know who the room was.

Lorraine Ali thought his “room” was the assembled talented but self righteous celebrities who gain their wealth and influence by pretending to be what they’re not for the pleasure of the people who actually build and do the things to keep the world going. But that was not his room, nor is it the room of any TV host as I explained the next morning on twitter

For the first time in decades people are talking about the golden globes both the night of the golden globes and the next day and while I don’t know if the ratings improved as the night went on I suspect more than a few people tuned or streamed in to see if Gervias had more to say, he did:

And in fact in a post show poll over 71% wanted to see him come back next year.

Golden Globes viewers have spoken, and they want Ricky Gervais to host “every year.” A whopping 71% of fans who voted in our recent poll said he did an “amazing” job overseeing the 77th ceremony on NBC. To compare, 9% thought he was “good, but forgettable” while the remaining 20% of haters voted that he was “awful.”

The funniest reaction came from this fellow:

because NOBODY is more marginalized that Hollywood actors.

Now don’t let anyone be fooled, Gervais is a man of the left, he remains such a man but he was hired to do a job and part of that job is to produce buzz for this show.

If I’m NBC I would have make sure people were talking about if the would be signed next year and then with a month or two before the event sign him and watch the buzz begin and the ratings sour.

The New Gender of “Traitor”

Since the Obama years when this stuff really began to blow up we have been told by our cultural and intellectual betters that it is not up to us but to individual to define their own gender and that anyone who does not go along with the whole ” Vive L’Empereur” business is a bigot.

Apparently according to our media, social and intellectual betters there is a caveat to this rule.

This new rule is applied if a person, who at one time defined themselves by a gender other than the one indicated by their birth has second thoughts, something that is apparently becoming more common: as they have discovered that hacking pieces of themselves off by professionals has not despite the approval of the right people brought them happiness.

In this eventually such people, rather than being able to self define their gender back to what it once was are now defined by a totally different gender.


Most concerning for Ms Evans, however, is the fact that there appears to be no support network to speak of for people who wish to “detransition”, with one biological woman who approached her saying she had “felt shunned by the LGBT community for being a traitor” when it became known that she wished to return to her birth sex.

Now some might look at this and conclude that the reason for open and tolerant people who have spent the last decade championing the right of people to define their own gender as a fearful reaction by people who are not actually secure in their own decisions and need affirmation of others, particularly society to keep themselves from collapse into a mire of depression and despair and confusion that led to said decisions in the first place.

But I’m sure all of the right people, in society, in media and particularly in the massively tolerant LGBT community will tell you that’s nonsense and that this new gender of “traitor” is simply the proper application of gender to those who are no longer enlightened enough to make such decisions on their own.

“Shout #ViveLEmpereur or else ” Explained

As I’ve been hitting a lot of tweets on twitter with the hashtag
#ViveLEmpereur and the phrase “#ViveLEmpereur or else” or “Shout
#ViveLEmpereur or else” I thought I would once more explain exactly what I mean by this. It’s very simple.

Let’s say a person decides that irregardless of actual reality they are in fact Napoleon Bonaparte.

If that person decides to dress like Napoleon, speak like Napoleon, decorates their house in a Napoleonic fashion, adopts the mannerisms and habits of Napoleon and even surgically alters themselves so they resemble Napoleon then and lives their life as if they are in fact Napoleon then that’s their business and not mine. I don’t care if my waiter, or mechanic or co-works thinks they are Napoleon but still takes my order properly, or fixes my brakes right or does their job without interfering with mine. I don’t care.

The moment said person decides to try to not only force me to pay for his delusion with my tax. Dollars or attempts to use the law to force me to cry Vive L’Empereur whenever he passes by, then it becomes my problem.

The Transgender movement is all enabling people who are lying to themselves and people have discovered that this enabling can be used as a means for to obtain power and wealth and as a weapon against their political enemies.

It is those folks who are declaring to the world “Shout #ViveLEmpereur or else “.

I refuse.

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Oh NOW there are “physical differences between us” Men & Women?

Over the last week we have seen the Federal Government by decree order that public school allow little boys who think they are (or claim they are) girls access to the toilet facilities of girls.

We have seen the justice department declare war on the state of North Carolina’s for its stubborn refusal to recognize in law any man’s claim to be a woman despite physical and biological evidence to the contrary to the point where the government is using the Civil rights acts designed to stop the murder and lynching of blacks in the Jim Crow south in effect equating a transgender person trauma in not using the bathroom of their choice to the repression of an entire race and an injustice equal to the murder of Emmett Till or the imprisonment of Martin Luther King.

Finally we have seen our media and cultural elites signaling loud and clear that any person who claims that the biological and or physical differences between men and woman are a reality and not just a concept are racists at the level of Bull Connor and Alexander Stephens and doing their best to generate fear in anyone who might dare claim otherwise.

However now that it’s becoming apparent that the law concerning the draft is now going to be applied equal to women and girls, suddenly we see women echoing Ted Cruz who attacked the idea as crazy during the primary campaign, arguing that there are differences between men and woman.

In the event of a draft, sending women off to war does not present an equal opportunity to women by nature of the fact that women are physically different from men. As much as we may work to try to level the playing field between men and women, the physical differences between us as created by nature make us inherently unequal and cannot be universally overcome.

And while quoting objective biological facts might get you called a bigot or a racist, now that war is much more likely (thanks incidentally to a foreign policy not based on facts)  suddenly the idea that woman might have to involuntarily share the risks of combat than have been the province of men have for centuries suddenly our author finds that there is such a thing as an objective fact.

Combat is not an equal opportunity situation for men and women, because the average woman does not have an equal opportunity to survive a combat situation. The Army’s own studies have shown that women have more than double the rate of injury of their male counterparts in combat training. I can only imagine that those numbers would be even more dramatic in actual combat. I can’t fathom sending my daughters off to fight in an already dangerous situation, where they are known to be at a physical disadvantage.

Funny when people were making those very same arguments on physical strength concerning transgender women in sports our feminist/liberal friends were having a fit.  Or as Glenn Reynolds put it:

Wait, when people used that as a reason to keep women out of combat, it was sexist, antediluvian stereotyping. But now that we’re talking about drafting women it’s a big deal?

I think one of the few pleasures of living in the delusion based cultural hell that the left would force upon us will be seeing people like this come to the realization that they will have to live in it too.

Of course the alternative is ordering one’s society based on truth and reality, but not only does such a society require positive self-sacrificing acts rather than “signaling” to prove virtue, such societies do not allow for the easy manipulation of the people thus decreasing the opportunities for graft and corruption.

And we can’t have that can we?