1969 Draft League Players of the Week: AL Luis Tiant Twins, NL Jim Palmer Giants

Here are the winners of the player of the week award in the Dynasty 1969 Draft League as voted on by me.

American League Luis Tiant Twins

El Tiante did not get a win or a save but was key to the Twins 5-2 victory against division rival Seattle. In the Top of the 2nd Tiant came in to replace an injured Gary Peters who had come in to replace starter Gene Brabender who came out with a stiff shoulder in the 1st. In the 3rd inning walks leader Mike Fiore walked as did Dick McAuliffe. Hits leader Pete Rose singled and it looked like the Twins 2-1 lead would be short lived with RBI Leader Ed Kirpatrick, Tommy Harper and Tommie Agee due up. and but a ground ball needed to tie the game. It was not to be Tiant would strike out Kirpatrick looking and Harper and Agee swinging the highlight of 5 2/3 innings of 2 hit 9 K shutout ball

How Tiant doesn’t get the win is beyond me

National League Jim Palmer Giants

There is nothing more painful for a team than to start the season with a long losing streak and the San Francisco Giants had. Having lost their first eight and their previous game on a 2-1 heartbreaker 1st round Jim Palmer took is 0-1 record the mound for the 0-8 Giants vs the 5-3 Cardinals Jim Bunning who had won his 1st start.

With two outs in the top of the seventh Palmer had given up a solo shot to Clete Boyer tying the game. Now in the bottom of the inning he came to bat with one out and Jose Cardinial who had doubled on 2nd. Mgr Guy Desrosiers let Palmer bat and he drove a 2-2 fastball into the gap in left center giving the Giants the lead and after advancing to 3rd on a grounder scored on a single by Sandy Alomar Sr.

He would end the game retiring the next six Cardinals striking out 3 to complete the game and consign San Francisco’s losing streak to history.

Palmer hutting only .200 but he made that hit count!

Note that franchise owners have the right to change their teams names.

Five sports thoughts under the fedora, Brady at 47?, FG or not, Jones vs Newton, Sox playoff yawn and the Waivers list for my 1969 league

Yesterday Tom Brady and the Bucs beat the Patriots 19-17 in what is almost certainly Tom Brady’s final game in Foxborough, unless some other team hires him when the Bucs contract runs out.

How much do you think a team one QB away might offer him when he’s 47?

I really question the Pat’s decision not to go for it on 4th an 3 at the end & going for the FG that just missed. I mean with a full minute on the clock does anyone actually think Brady would have failed to drive his team to FG range?

While no sane person thought that Pat would have this game I’m seeing an awful lot of praise for young Mack Jones who apparently did well (I was working so saw none of it). The various talk radio shows are full of praise for him.

I wonder what Boston talk radio would have been saying about Cam Newton if had led the Pats to a 1-3 start? Actually I don’t wonder at all.

The Boston Redsox scored in the 9th inning to dramatically seal not only the wild card but a home game against the hated New York Yankees to start the playoffs.

Despite a home game winner take all wild card game vs the Yanks apparently tickets aren’t flying off the shelves. Just a few years ago such seats, particularly vs the yanks would have been gone the moment they were available, today not so much.

I suspect wokeball has something to do with it, but in fairness a price tag of over $200 for the worst bleacher seats likely has much more to do with it.

Finally after 9 Days and 500 picks the draft for my new 1969 Draft league is over.

Officially Mr Irrelevant, the last pick in the draft in round 34 was the NYY taking Mets outfielder Rod Gasper, but because the San Francisco giants deferred their last two picks as they were unavailable at draft time the final actual pick was Giants infielder Don Mason. If anyone is interested the full draft list is here.

Players who were not suggested go on the waiver wire which starts after week 5 but earlier for some teams who deferred draft picks for early waivers, which can be handy if an injury or suspension comes up.

This is the list of players available on waivers in the 1969 league as of this moment. Rather curious who is picked first.


  • Aaron Tommie Taken Montreal Early Waivers Round 2 Pick 2
  • Adair Jerry Taken Chicago White Sox Early Waivers Round 2 pick 1
  • Alvis Max
  • Amaro Ruben
  • Baker Frank
  • Barry Rich
  • Barton Bob
  • Bateman John
  • Beauchamp Jim
  • Billings Dick
  • Blefray Curt Taken NY Mets Early waivers round 1
  • Bobb Randy
  • Boehmer Len
  • Bosch Don
  • Bowens Sam
  • Boyer Ken
  • Breeden Danny
  • Brinkman Chuck
  • Brooks Bobby
  • Brown Gates
  • Brown Larry
  • Browne Byron
  • Bryant Don
  • Burda Bob
  • Campanis Jim
  • Campbell Dave
  • Cannizzaro Chris Taken by Washington Early waivers round 1
  • Chaney Darrel
  • Charles Ed
  • Christian Bob
  • Clark Ron
  • Collins Kevin
  • Corrales Pat
  • coulter Chip
  • DaVanon Jerry
  • Davis Bill
  • Davis Ron
  • Dean Thomas Taken Early waivers 2nd round Washington
  • Donaldson John
  • Duncan Dave
  • Ellis John
  • Etheridge Bobby
  • Fairey Jim
  • Floyd Bobby
  • Gabrielson Len Taken Early Waivers 2nd Round Pittsburgh
  • Gamble Oscar
  • Geiger Gary
  • Gil Bus
  • Gosger Jim
  • Gutierrez Cesar
  • Hague Joe
  • Hall Jimmie
  • Haney Larry
  • Harrell John
  • Harrison Chuck
  • Healy Fran
  • Heath Bill
  • Hermoso Remy
  • Hershberger Mike
  • Hicks Jim
  • Hinton Chuck
  • Holman Gary
  • Hriniak Walt
  • Hutton Tom
  • Jackson Sonny
  • Jeter Johnny
  • Johnson Lou
  • Jones Dalton
  • Kelly Van
  • Kendall Fred
  • Keough Joe
  • Kolb Gary
  • Krug Chris
  • Lahoud Joe
  • Lee Leron
  • Llenas Winston
  • Lock Don
  • Lyttle Jim
  • Manuel Charlie
  • Martin JC
  • Matchick Tommy
  • May Dave
  • McGraw Tommy
  • McDonald Dave
  • McFadden Leon
  • McNulty Bill
  • Miller John
  • Morales Jerry
  • Nagelson Russ
  • Nelson Dave
  • Northey Scott
  • Oliver Gene
  • Oliver Nate
  • Oyler Ray
  • Paepke Dennis
  • Pagliaroni
  • Peterson Cap
  • Phillips Adolfo
  • Qualls Jim
  • Quilici Frank
  • Ranew Merritt
  • Reid Scott
  • Renick Rick
  • Repoz Roger
  • Ricketts Dave
  • Rico Fred
  • Rios Juan
  • Robinson Bill
  • Robles Rafael
  • Rogers Buck
  • Rollins Rich
  • Roznovsky Rick
  • Ruberto Sonny
  • Rudolph Ken
  • Satriano Tom
  • Scheinblum Richie
  • Shannon Mike
  • Shopay Tom
  • Simpson Dick
  • Sipin John
  • Slocum Ron
  • Smith Dick
  • Snyder Russ
  • Spangler Al
  • Spence Bob
  • Spriggs George
  • Stahl Larry
  • Stanley Fred
  • Stephenson John
  • Stewart Jimmy
  • Stinson Bob
  • Stone Gene
  • Stone Ron
  • Stuart Dick
  • Tartabull Jose
  • Tatum Javis
  • Tepedino Frank
  • Tischinski Tom
  • Torres Hector
  • Valdespino Sandy
  • Velazquez Freddie
  • Vidal Jose
  • Ward Pete
  • Watkins Dave
  • Webster Ramon
  • White Bill
  • Whitfield Fred
  • Wicker Floyd
  • Williams Jim
  • Woods Ron


  • Allen Lloyd
  • Arlin Steve
  • Baldschun Jack
  • Baney Dick
  • Barber Steve (Taken Chicago W Sox early waivers wk 1 1st pick)
  • Belinsky Bo
  • Bell Gary
  • Bertaina Frank
  • Boozer John
  • Boyd Gary
  • Brandon Bucky
  • Buchart Larry
  • Carlos Cisco
  • Champion Bill
  • Clark Rickey
  • Corkins Mike
  • Crider Jerry
  • Culver George
  • Dukes Tom
  • Ellis Sammy
  • Everitt Leon
  • Farrell Turk
  • Fisher Jack
  • Fitzmorris Al
  • Foster Alan
  • Fuentes Miguel
  • Garman Mike
  • Geishert Vern
  • Guinn Skip
  • Hamilton Jack
  • Jackson Al
  • James Jeff
  • Jaster Larry
  • Jones Steve
  • Kealey Steve
  • Kline Ron
  • Koonce Cal
  • Kroll Gary
  • Lamb Ray
  • Law Ron
  • Lazar Danny
  • Lersch Barry
  • McBean Al
  • Miles Jim
  • Morehead Dave
  • Morris John
  • Nottebart Don
  • Nye Rich
  • O’Riley Don
  • Palmer Lowell
  • Pascual Camilo
  • Pina Horacio
  • Priddy Bob
  • Purdin John
  • Raffo Al
  • Ramos Pedro
  • Rath Fred
  • Raymond Claude
  • Ribant Dennis
  • Robertson Rich
  • Roggenburk Garry
  • Ross Gary
  • Sembera Carroll
  • Severinsen Al
  • Shaw Don
  • Shea Steve
  • Short Chris
  • Sisk Tommie
  • Spama Joe
  • Sprague Ed
  • Talbot Fred
  • Taylor Gary
  • Wagner Gary
  • Washburn Greg
  • Wsahbum Greg
  • Watkins Bob
  • Wynne Billy Taken 2nd round Early Waivers Mets
  • Zachary Chris

1969 League Draft 1 PM EST Friday Rules

We have already started the draft (details here and here) but at 1 PM EST on Friday things start officially under the following terms:

  1. If it’s your turn to draft you are expected to make your pick within 15 minutes of the time you are notified.
  2. If you are aware that you will not be available you can submit a list to the commissioner for him to pick from:
    • Example In round 2 the Expos know they have to be somewhere between 5-7 PM They can submit a list to the comish to pick from and if the Expos turn to draft come up at that time the comish will choose the 1st name on the list that has not already been picked.
  3. If for some reason you know you can’t be available at a specific time you can defer your pick later in a round.
    • Example: The Pirates 2nd round pick is coming up and they realize they can’t be there when their time comes up and have not submitted a list. They can voluntarily defer their pick either to after a specific team or just to a later time. they will then make their pick when available that round (if not available see below)
  4. If a player has not submitted a list, or deferred their pick and they fail to make their pick they will drop a draft position so the draft can carry on.
    1. Example: In round 4 Oakland’s pick comes up, they have not submitted a list after 15 min the Met may make their 4th round pick and Oakland will pick after them. If after the Mets pick they do not submit a pick or a list after 15 min they will drop to the end of the round after the Yankees.
  5. If at the bottom of the round we still have neither a pick nor a list then one of two things will happen:
    1. If a proxy drafter is available he will make a pick for you based on who is available and what you’ve already picked
    2. If a proxy is not available you will automatically choose the best undrafted player from the franchise you have chosen at a position that you have not yet filled:
      • Example: In round four Oakland’s pick comes up and he has not submitted a list and 15 minutes passes and no proxy is available. He will pick the best available Oakland A’s still in the draft at a position he has not filled:
        • Example: If the two best A’s available by round four are Sal Bando (3B) and Rick Monday (CF) the A’s in this situation will pick Bando unless they’ve already picked a third baseman (say Brooks Robinson). If that is the case then Monday will be the pick and the draft will continue.
  6. One or more proxies may be available in the draft room. The job of the proxy is to make a pick for an unavailable player. If a player has an assigned proxy that he’s arranged to pick for him then he may make a pick for him at any time said player is not available, if he has not then a general proxy will make a pick as needed.
  7. 50 pick rule IMPORTANT Our goal is a minimum of 50 picks & or 3 complete rounds whichever is higher. Once the 50th pick of any given day or the 3rd complete round is complete then the 15 minute rule is suspended and people can pick at their leisure. This is intended to give people time to re-evaluate their teams needs and the players remaining. Of course I’d encourage anyone ready to pick to go ahead and pick. Every early pick shaves time off the draft.
  8. As soon as the final draft pick is made the rest of the undrafted players will be put back into the “available” list and will be subject to waver picks after week six, (see here)
  9. Finally remember THIS IS A GAME the goal is fun so let’s do our best to move in that direction above all.

1969 Draft League Draft

The political stuff will have to wait till the morning as the draft has begun in my 1969 Dynasty draft league. As picks are made they will appear here: It will make a handy online roster list

I must confess I did not see Petrocelli going in the 1st round let along being the 1st pick

Rounds #1 & 2 Draft order is 1-16 16-1

PlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 1 Round 2
New York Yankees Rico PetrocelliRedsoxSSJuan MarishallGiantsRHSP
Los Angels DodgersWillie McCoveyGiants1bNolan RyanMetsRHRP
Cleveland IndiansHarmon KillebrewTwins1b/3bJimmy WynnAstrosCF
San Francisco GiantsJim Palmer OriolesRHSPBill FreehanTigers C
Montreal ExposCarl YazstremskiRedsoxLFJoe FoyRoyals3B
Baltimore OriolesAndy MessersmithAnglesRHSPFrank RobinsonOriolsOF
Seattle PilotsPete RoseReds OFMike McCormickGiantsLHSP
Chicago White SoxPhil Niekro Braves RHSPBrooks Robinson Orioles 3B
New York MetsSteve Carlton Cardinals LHSP Sal Bando A’s 3B
Oakland A’sJerry Kooseman Mets LHSP Paul Blair Orioles CF
Atlanta Braves Ferguson Jenkins Cubs RHSP Mike Cuellar Orioles LHSP
Washington SenatorsFrank Howard Senators LF
Mike Andrews Red Sox 2B
Pittsburgh Piratesgaylord perry giants RHSP Luis Aparicio White Sox SS
Cincinnati RedsWillie Stargel Pirates LF Ron Santo Cubs3b
St Louis CardinalsCurt Flood Cardinals cfMaury WillsDodgersss
Minnesota Twins Joe Morgan Astros2bTony PerezReds1b

Rounds 3 & 4

Drafting TeamPlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 3 Round 4
New York Yankees Larry DiekerHoustonRHSPHorace ClarkeNYY2b
Los Angels DodgersReggie SmithBoston CFManny SangueienPiratesC
Cleveland IndiansMel Stottlemyre YankeesRHSPRandy Huntley CubsC
San Francisco GiantsDave McNallyOriolesLHSPDon Buford (proxy)OriolesLF
Montreal ExposJoe TorreBraves1b/CJim MaloneyRedsRHSP
Baltimore OriolesMickey LolichTigersLHSPBilly WilliamsCubsOF
Seattle PilotsDave BosmanWashington RHSPTommie AgeeMetsCF
Chicago White SoxThurman MunsonYankeescRick MondayA’sOF
New York MetsBobby TolanredsCFTony OlivaTwinsOF
Oakland A’sBill HandsCubsRHSPBert CampanerisA’s SS
Atlanta BravesLeo Cardenes Twinsss Al OliverPirates1b
Washington SenatorsDuke SimsIndiansCJim NorthrupTigersCF
Pittsburg PiratesBill SingerDodgersSPDave Johnson Orioles2b
Cincinnati RedsDick AllenPhillies1BDenny McLainTigersLHSP
St Louis CardinalsClaude OsteenDodgersRHSPCleon JonesMetsLF
Minnesota TwinsLou Brock CardinalsLFErnie BanksCubs1b

Rounds 5 & 6

Team DraftingPlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 5 Round 6
New York Yankees Roy WhiteYankeesOFWillie DavisLAcf
Los Angels DodgersDon KessingerCubsSSRico CartyAtlOF
Cleveland IndiansJim PerryTwinsRHSP
AL KalineDetOF
San Francisco GiantsLee MayGiants1bSparky LyleBOSLHRP
Montreal ExposBlue Moon OdemA’s RHSPBobby KnoopWSox2b
Baltimore OriolesTom GriffinAstrpsRHSPMark BelandgerBalSS
Seattle PilotsKen HoltzmanCubsLHSPKen TatumCAlRHRP
Chicago White SoxWes ParkerDodgers1B Rick WisePhilLHSP
New York MetsCesar Tovar TwinsOF Jim FregosiOakRHSP
Oakland A’sDenny LeMaster AstrosSP Dick GreenA’s 2b
Atlanta BravesRon PerranoskiTwinsRHRPJim Catfish HunterA’sRHSP
Washington SenatorsJoe ColemanSenatorsRHSPKen McMullenSenators3B
Pittsburg PiratesJerry GroteMetsCPat Kelly RoyalsCF
Cincinnati RedsMatty Alou
PiratesCFGary GentryMetsSP
St Louis CardinalsClete BoyerPadres3BTommy HelmesReds 2b
Minnesota TwinsWillie Mays Giants CFJoe AzcueAngels C

Rounds 7 & 8

Team DraftingPlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 7 Round 8
New York Yankees Dick DietzSFCRichie HebnerNYY3b
Los Angels DodgersFelix MilanAtl2bGeorge Scottbos1b
Cleveland IndiansBill Melton Wsox3bGene MichaelNYYSS
San Francisco GiantsBobby MurcerNYYIF/OFSandy Alomar SrCal2b
Montreal ExposHal LaneerSFSSKen BerryWSoxcf
Baltimore OriolesRay CulpBosRHSP
Dennis MenkeHou2b
Seattle PilotsDick McAulfee Det2bMike HeganSea1b
Chicago White SoxJoe HoernerStLLHRP Ted SizemoreLAD2b
New York MetsTim McCarverStLc Orlando CepedaAtl1b
Oakland A’sWally Bunker KC RHSP Jerry KenneyNYY 3b
Atlanta BravesKen Haralson CleOF/1b Larry HislePhilOF
Washington SenatorsJohnny CallesonPhilOF Norm CashDet1b
Pittsburgh PiratesDoug RadarHou3bMike EpsteinWash1b
Cincinnati RedsOllie BrownSDOFWayne CromerSeaOF
St Louis CardinalsRich ReeseMin1bNelson BrilesStLRHSP
Minnesota TwinsTug McGraw MetsLHRPCecil upshawatlrhrp

Rounds 9 & 10

Team DraftingPlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 9 Round 10
New York Yankees Jim FrenchwashcRon FairlyExposof
Los Angels DodgersMerv RettenmoundbalofTom HallMinLHSP
Cleveland IndiansGlenn Beckettcubs2bArt Shamskymetsof
San Francisco GiantsTito FuentiessfInfDock EllasPitRHSP
Montreal ExposWillie HortondetofWayne Granger
Baltimore OriolesEddie WattBaltRSRPLou PinellaKC3b
Seattle PilotsCasey CoxWashRHSPMike FioreKC1b
Chicago White SoxWilbur Wood WsoxLHRPBud HarrilsonMetsss
New York MetsRon Reed AtlRSHP Julian JavierStL2b
Oakland A’sJOe Horlen CWSRHSP Vida BlueA’s SP
Atlanta BravesWayne Garrett Mets2bTony Hortoncle1b
Washington SenatorsDAve BoswellMinnRHSP Joe NiekroSDSS
Pittsburgh PiratesBob Veale PiratesRHSP Del UnserWashCF
Cincinnati Reds
Gene Alley
PitssGary SutherlandMont2b
St Louis CardinalsJIm Bunning LARHSPHoyt WillhelmAtl RHRP
Minnesota TwinsLuis Tiant CleRHSPJim KattMinLHSP

Rounds 11 & 12

Team draftingPlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 11 Round 12
New York Yankees jack DiLauroMetsLHRPNate Colbertsd1b
Los Angels DodgersRudy MayCALHSPJoe RudiOak OF
Cleveland IndiansBob Moose PitRHSPSonny Siebertbossp
San Francisco GiantsRollie FingersOakRHRPJose CArdinalcleInf
Montreal ExposJim RookerKCLHSPPete RichartBAlLHRP
Baltimore OriolesDick KellySDSPAndy Etchebarrenbalc
Seattle PilotsEd Kirpatrick KCOF IF CJohnny EdwardsAstrosc
Chicago White SoxGary Nolanredsrhsp Craig NettlesMin 3b
New York MetsDarrell Knowles WashRSRP Ted SimmonsStLc
Oakland A’sDarrell Evans atl3b Chuck TaylorStlRHSR
Atlanta BravesTom HallerLAc Tony TaylorPhilInf
Washington SenatorsRoger Nelson KCSP Bob DidlerAtlc
Pittsburg PiratesTom Phobus BaltRHSP Jim McLaughlinAngelsRHSP
Cincinnati RedsTom Hall BaltRHRP Don McMannonSFRHRP
St Louis CardinalsTommie Reynolds OakOFHank AllenWashOF
Minnesota TwinsChico Ruiz Cin InfAlex Johnsonredsof

Rounds 13 & 14

PlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 13 Round 14
New York Yankees Jim RolandOakLHRPDon MIncherSEa1b
Los Angels DodgersPete MilkensonLARPJim McAndrewMetsSP
Cleveland IndiansDave LeonardClerhrpJay JohnstoneCAlOF
San Francisco GiantsClay KirbySDRHSPElrod HenrickesBaltc
Montreal ExposJoe PepetoneNYY1bLew Krause OakSP
Baltimore OriolesGrant Jackson PhilSPJim HardenBaltSP
Seattle PilotsStan Williams cleRHSRMack JonesMontOF
Chicago White SoxCarlos May White Sox of Jack BillinghamHouSP
New York MetsEarl WilsondetRSHPCarl TaylorPitc
Oakland A’sBob Locker searoFElipe AlouA’s OF
Atlanta BravesRon Huntsf2bDanny CaterOakUtil
Washington SenatorsMoe DrabowskyKCrpVern FullerCleInf
Pittsburgh PiratesJim LefebvreLAInfClay CarollCinSPSR
Cincinnati Reds
Don Wilson
St Louis CardinalsRon BrandMontCMike NagyBosRHSP
Minnesota TwinsFRank Fernandez NYYcRon HansenWSox2b

Rounds 15 & 16

Team DraftingPlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 15 Round 16
New York Yankees Dick DragokcSPDave RobertsSDPitcher
Los Angels DodgersPat JarvisatlSPDick SelmacubsRSP
Cleveland IndiansTony GonzalezKCOFDean ChanceMinRHSP
San Francisco GiantsFrank LinzySFRPBill LeeBosLHSR
Montreal ExposKen SuarezclecRay JarvisBosRHSR
Baltimore OriolesBill MazeroskiPit2bRick JosephPhil3b
Seattle PilotsJoe GibbonPitLHRPDick SchofieldBosinf/of
Chicago White SoxAl Downing NYY LHSP Dave Cash Pit 2b
New York MetsChuck Dobson OakRSHP Ray WashburnStlRHSP
Oakland A’sJake Gibbs A’sc Jim BrewerLARP
Atlanta BravesTed Uhlaender MinOF Tommy DavisHouOF
Washington SenatorsJohn Gelnar SeaRP Jim Bouton HouRP
Pittsburgh PiratesJack Aker NYYRP Bob MillerTwinsSR/SP
Cincinnati Reds
Don Pavletich
Wsoxc Tom TimmermandetSP
St Louis CardinalsRuss Gibson BosCMike KilkennyDetSP
Minnesota TwinsGEne Brabender SeaSPAl SantoriniSDSP

Rounds #17 & 18

PlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 17 Round 18
New York Yankees Amos OtisKCOFKen HendersonSFOF
Los Angels DodgersJim HickmancubsOFPaul LindbadOakLHRP
Cleveland IndiansGeorge StoneatlSPDeron JohnsonPhilof
San Francisco GiantsDon MoneyPitSSCookie RojasPhilINF
Montreal ExposZollo VersalesWash3bSteve HamiltonNYYLHRP
Baltimore OriolesBuddy BradfordWhitesoxofTony Conigliarobosof
Seattle PilotsAl WeissMets ssMickey StanleyDetOF/SS
Chicago White SoxBill Russell LAOF Vada Pinsonstlof
New York MetsDiego Segui SeaRSHP Bob Humphreyswashrp
Oakland A’sHank AGuire A’sRP Andy KoscolaOF
Atlanta BravesJerry McNertney cincJim Merritt cinsp
Washington SenatorsVincente Rome BosSRP Ed StroudSenatorsof
Pittsburg PiratesMike Ryan Philc Mike PaulcleRP
Cincinnati Reds Luke WalkerPitrpPaul EdmonsonWsoxsp
St Louis CardinalsAurelio Rodriguez cal3bBob HumphresywashRP
Minnesota TwinsCito Gaston SDofClyde WrightcalRP

Rounds 19 & 20

drafting teamPlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 19 Round 20
New York Yankees Milt PappasAtlSPdave GustistlP
Los Angels DodgersJohn HillerDetLRPRay Fosseindc
Cleveland IndiansPaul PopovichCubsUtilPat DobsondetRP
San Francisco GiantsGene TennaceOakcBobby Brolinsfsp
Montreal ExposJerry RobertsonMonLHSPDon ClenendonMetsof
Baltimore OriolesTed AbernathycubsRPEd HermanWsoxc
Seattle PilotsMike TorrezStLRHSPTom Egancalc
Chicago White SoxEllie Rodriguez KCc Tom MurphyCalP
New York MetsRon Taylor MetsRSHP Jim Davenportsfinf
Oakland A’sGreg Goossen Sea OF/1b Jack Hiattsfc
Atlanta BravesPaul Doyle BravesRPDanny MurphyWsoxP
Washington SenatorsBill Butler KCRSSP Tim CullenSenatorsInf
Pittsburg PiratesBill Voss CalOF John D’OonoghueSeaP
Cincinnati Reds
Lou Marone
PitRP Chuck HartenstienPittSP
St Louis Cardinals Dooley Womack SeaRPDon CArdwellNYMSP
Minnesota Twinsmudcat Grant StLRHSPLindey McDanielNYYP

Rounds 21 & 22

Team DraftingPlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 21 Round 22
New York Yankees Jose ArciaUtlsdDon DrysdaleLARHSP
Los Angels DodgersJim NashA’sSPBob BaileyMontOF
Cleveland IndiansJohn RoseboroMincRay SadackiSFRP
San Francisco GiantsJim LomborgBosRHSPWoodie FrymanPhilSP
Montreal ExposGary NeibaueratlRPBob Tillmanatlc
Baltimore OriolesMarcelino LopezbalPMike Lumatlof
Seattle PilotsBilly CowancalofJoe GrzendaMinLHRP
Chicago White SoxWalt Williams White Sox of Duffy Dyer Mets c
New York MetsWillie Crawford MetsofPhil RoofOakc
Oakland A’sSyd O’BrianbosutlBilly ConigliarobosOF
Atlanta BravesPhil ReganChcPJim RayHouP
Washington SenatorsBob Oliver Royalsp Don WertDet 3b
Pittsburg PiratesJose PeganPiratesUTTito Franconaoakof
Cincinnati Redsmike Hedlund
KCrpmarty Martinez hou c
St Louis CardinalsPaul CasanovawashcBruce Dal CantonPitRP
Minnesota TwinsJim Ray Hart ofsfJohn KennedySeaInf

Rounds 23 & 24

PlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 23 Round 24
New York Yankees Stan BahnsenNYYPGail HopkinsChi1b
Los Angels DodgersSteve HargancleSPJesus AlouHouof
Cleveland IndiansTerry HarmonPhilutSteve RenkoMonP
San Francisco GiantsBobby WineMonInfFrank Rebergersdrp
Montreal ExposFred LasherdetRPSal CampisiStLRP
Baltimore OriolesDan McGinnMontPEd speziosdUtil
Seattle PilotsRich MoralasWhite SoxInfGary WaslewskiMontRP
Chicago White Sox Bart JohnsonWhite Sox SPBob MeyerseaP
New York MetsDick Ellsworth CleRSHP coco laboymont3b
Oakland A’sMarcel Lachmann A’sP Bill WilsonPhilrp
Atlanta BravesSteve Blass PittP Roy FacePitrp
Washington SenatorsJim Shellenback SenatorsP Bernie AllenSenators2b
Pittsburgh PiratesWoody Woodard Redsss Bill BurbachNYYSP
Cincinnati Reds
Juan Pizzaro
oakLHSP Chico SalmonBalInf
St Louis CardinalsDick Woodson MinRHSPVic DavaliostlOF
Minnesota TwinsRick Richart calofJim HannanwashP

Rounds 25 & 26

PlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 25 Round 26
New York Yankees Clay DalrympleNYYccarl Morton MontP
Los Angels DodgersJim PriceDetcRon WillishouSP
Cleveland IndiansJeff TorborglacDennis HigginsWashP
San Francisco GiantsTom TreshNYYinf/ofRon BryantSFP
Montreal ExposCurt MortonbalOfRon Klimkowski.NYYP
Baltimore OriolesPaul SchallKCutilDan OsinskichiP
Seattle PilotsGeorge MitterwaldcMinnDick Tracewskidetinf
Chicago White SoxJoe DeckerWhite Sox PPhil HennigancleP
New York MetsBill StonemanMonPBarry MoorewashLHSP
Oakland A’sTerry Crowley balt OF/1b Bob AllisonminOF/1b
Atlanta BravesJim Britton BravesPFred GladdingHourp
Washington SenatorsLee MayeSenatorsofFreddie PatekPitSS
Pittsburgh PiratesLee StangebosrpJohn BiggsPhilof
Cincinnati RedsJerry Nymar
wsoxspJohn Haristoncubsc
St Louis CardinalsPhil GaglianoStLphRalph Garratlof
Minnesota TwinsGary Peters wsoxPTony Cloningercinsp

Rounds 27 & 28

PlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 27 Round 28
New York Yankees Dick RadatzMontRPGeorge BurnettseaP
Los Angels DodgersGeorge ThomasBostonPHDon SecrestwsoxP
Cleveland IndiansJim ColborncubsPRon Swobotametsof
San Francisco GiantsBob RobertsonPit1bBobby CoxNYYinf
Montreal ExposJackie HernandezMontInfRick DempseyOakc
Baltimore OriolesJerry MosesboscIvan Murreloaksd
Seattle PilotsAl FererraSD ofDave Wickershamkcrp
Chicago White SoxDanny Walton seaof Gordy Lund sea Inf
New York Mets Ken BoswellMets2b Norm Miller Houof
Oakland A’s randy BrownCalc Bob Reed det RP
Atlanta BravesMike KekichNYYPMel Queen cin SP
Washington SenatorsBrant AlyeaSenatorsofEddie Fisher ca P
Pittsburgh PiratesJoe Moeller LA rpJerry May pit c
Cincinnati RedsJohnny Podres sd rpBubba Morton cal 1b
St Louis CardinalsDal Maxvill stl ssRon HerbelSFRP
Minnesota TwinsSteve Hovely seaofMarty PattenSeaSP

Rounds 29 & 30

PlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 29 Round 30
Early waivers
option begins
New York Yankees Bill SudakisLA3bKen JohnsonatlP
Los Angels DodgersGalen CiscokcPAngel Bravo wsoxof
Cleveland IndiansPedro BorboncalPTom Burgermeierkc P
San Francisco GiantsSkip Lockwood seaPBob Aspomanteatlc
Montreal ExposJan DukeswashPearly waivers
Baltimore OriolesLou Kimchookcle3bearly waivers
Seattle PilotsLuis AlcarazkcinfRoberto Penasdutil
Chicago White SoxTed Savage cinof early waivers
New York Mets Bill McCoolSDRPearly waivers MetsRHSP
Oakland A’sGil Garrido Atlss Ike BrownDetUtl
Atlanta BravesJohn Boccabella Bravesc Al WorthingtonMinnP
Washington SenatorsJerry Johnson PhilPearly waivers
Pittsburgh Pirates Jose MartinezPiratesUtil Jose Herreramontinf
Cincinnati RedsMarv StaehleMont2b Jerry CramKCRP
St Louis CardinalsMike Wagener montPHowie ReedMonRP
Minnesota Twins Steve Huntz StlInfTy ClineMon inf

Rounds 31 & 32

PlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 31 Round 32
New York Yankees Billy GrabarkewitzlautilWade Blasingamehoup
Los Angels DodgersWillie SmithcubsofWoodie Heldwsoxutil
Cleveland IndiansEddie LeonclessDave BaldwinwashP
San Francisco GiantsDave MarshallSFOFDon MasonsfInf
Montreal Expos early waivers early waivers
Baltimore Orioles early waivers early waivers
Seattle PilotsMike MarshallSeaPSteve Whitakerseaof
Chicago White Sox early waivers early waivers
New York Mets early waivers early waivers
Oakland A’sdon young cubs OFJulio GotayHou2b
Atlanta BravesJim Spencer cal1b Bob Watsonhou1b
Washington Senators early waivers early waivers
Pittsburgh Pirates early waivers early waivers
Cincinnati Reds early waivers early waivers
St Louis Cardinals early waivers early waivers
Minnesota Twins early waivers early waivers

Rounds 33 & 34

PlayerTeam on cardPositionPlayerTeamPosition
Round 33 Round 34
New York Yankees Wade BlasingameoakpRod Gasparmets OF
Los Angels DodgersDarryl PattersondetPHawk TaylorKC c
Cleveland IndiansBuck Martinezkc cEd KranepoolMets1b
San Francisco Giants early waivers early waivers
Montreal Expos early waivers early waivers
Baltimore Orioles early waivers early waivers
Seattle PilotsGerry ArrigocinP early waivers
Chicago White Sox early waivers early waivers
New York Mets early waivers early waivers
Oakland A’s Dwayne Josephson Wsoxc Bill LandisBosLHSR
Atlanta BravesBobby Pfiel mets 3b Ken Brett BosSP
Washington Senators early waivers early waivers
Pittsburg Pirates early waivers early waivers
Cincinnati Reds
early waivers
early waivers
St Louis Cardinals early waivers early waivers
Minnesota Twins early waivers early waivers

We Interrupt this blog to post Rules for my new 1969 Dynasty Draft League UPDATE Early Waivers

I’m near the point of starting the 1969 season draft league, 16 teams are raring to go. Finished the schedule a few minutes ago and for the sake of the players here are some rules that you will want to know before we start.

The Draft:

The draft will consist of each team picking in turn a single player from the players in the draft pool. When each team has picked that will be considered a “round”

In our initial season the draft will consist of 34 rounds or until at the start of a round there are less players to be drafted then teams in the draft.

In subsequent seasons the draft will consist of as many rounds as needed to fill a 35 man roster on all teams or until there are no more players to draft.

In the initial season draft order will be determined by a dice roll 000-999 999 being high. Teams will draft in descending order. Highest roll drafting first.

In subsequent seasons draft order will depend on a team’s finish. The world series winner will draft last followed by the runner up, followed by the playoff teams based on deep they get in the playoffs & their record. followed by the rest of the league based on record. if there is a tie in a record a die roll will break it.

A team may trade any of their first five picks to another team up until the trade deadline., A team that holds another teams draft pick will make that pick based on said team’s finish.

Only picks for the next upcoming season are tradable. IE :Washington can’t trade their 1970 & 1973 draft picks for Rod Carew, but if they acquired Cincy’s 1st round pick for 1970 they could trade both of those for Rod.

I will post draft choices at my blog and update the post as players are picked thus the rosters will be out there. Once a team has picked I will notify the next team to prepare to pick.

I strongly suggest everyone start examine the 1969 cards, maybe play a series or two to become familiar with them.


If there are any players still available after the draft said players will be the wavers pool.

Teams will be able to make Wavers picks starting in week 6. Wavers will end at the time of the September Callups

To make a pick a team must have room on its 35 man roster. If such room doesn’t exist a team must wave a player to make room for a potential pick.

Players on the DL do not count toward that 35 man roster.

If a team is already at 35 players when a player on the DL become eligible to be activated from the DL players the team must release a player to make room, said player will be eligible to be picked from wavers the following week.

Only one wavers pick allowed per week.


EARLY WAIVERS:  Regular waivers begins week 6 of the season under the written rules but teams may qualify for “early waivers”.  A team qualifies for early waivers by forgoing the rest of their remaining draft picks under the following schedule:

  • A team that forgoes all draft picks from round 30 on qualifies for early waivers after their first series
  • A team that forgoes all draft picks from round 31 on (4 picks) qualifies for early waivers after week 1 (2 series) 
  • A team that forgoes all draft picks from round 32 on (3 picks) qualifies for early waiver after week 2 (4 series)
  • A team that forgoes all draft picks from round 33 on (2 picks) qualifies for early waivers after week 3 (6 series)
  • A team that forgoes it’s final draft pick (round 34) qualifies for early waivers after week 4 (8 series)

Any team that picks through round 34 does not qualify for early waiver ad must wait till after week 5 to qualify for waivers picks

The order for early waivers shall be based on the record of the teams that qualify, ties will be broken based on draft order

Example Stl & Bal both qualify for early waivers after their 1st series and both have records of 1-2  because in round 30 StL was scheduled to pick  before balt StL would pick first in early waivers that week.  However if both have 3-3 records after week one Baltimore would pick ahead of them in early waivers that week because in week 31 Baltimore would have picked first

Because teams in early waivers will have rosters below 35 men they will not have to release any players from their roster when making waivers picks


After week 5 Trading will be allowed until the Trade deadline which will be the time of the September callups.

A player may trade either a player on his current 35 man roster or any of his first 5 draft picks for the following season, or any draft picks he has previously acquired to any other team.

A team that acquires a number of player that would put his roster over 35 must release sufficient players to make the 35 man roster.

Because of the nature of the game a “trade rationale” must be submitted along with the trade to the office of the commissioner and said trade must be approved. For example a team that is out of it might trade a star for draft picks for the following season or for a player who has a poor card this year but will have a good one next year, or contrarywise a player might give up someone who will have a strong card in 70 if they need a bat or pitcher to put them over the top.

Remember a trade is not completed until the Comish moves the player in the system from one team to the other.

If you are planning to leave this league please don’t do the whole fire sale thing as it will make it difficult for the person who takes your team over.

The DL

Players on the DL may not be traded or released until they come off the DL

If a team has players on the DL on the last day of the season that team said players will, after the final game of the season immediately count toward the 35 man roster and said team must immediately release sufficient players to get down to 35.


Real life always takes precedence over games and on occasion players will miss games or might be in a situation where they have to leave the league either temporarily or permanently

If a player is unable to play a series at the allotted date and time he is encouraged to contact his opponent & reschedule. If it is not possible to reschedule said player should put his team on auto for that series so his opponent can get the games in so as not to force an autoplay with the system taking both teams.

If gametime comes and your opponent is not there you are encouraged to give him 5 or 10 minutes to show up. If he does not show up or contact you by the 2nd 5 min wait period it is acceptable for you to being play

If due to illness or some other cause a player has to leave the league for a few weeks he is encouraged to find a replacement player to take over on a temp basis, if that is not possible he should put the team on autoplay until such time as he recovers.

If a player has to permanently leave the league and does not provide a replacement his team will go on autoplay and I will attempt to find a replacement manager.

Expansion Draft (4 team minimum)

Players who inquire about the league during the season will be put on a wait list and be considered 1st in line to take any team if someone quits. If at the end of any season or up to two weeks before a draft we have 4 players waiting to join then we will allow an expansion draft to let then in before draft day.

Any expansion draft will be based on the 35 man rosters before teams name their protected players. New rookies for the upcoming season are not included in any expansion draft. Each expansion team may draft 8 players as a base.

Teams are able to protect 5 players from their 35 man roster. Once a team picks a player from their team an additional five players may be protected. If a 2nd player is taken an additional 10 players may be protected. Once a 3rd player is taken no further players may be drafted from said team.

In addition to the expansion draft. Once the protected rosters are released the expansion teams may each take an additional player from the draft pool whose card is from their franchise. IE if the Boston Redsox are an expansion draft team and Bill Lee is available in the draft the Sox may pick him as their protected player before the regular draft begins. If no player from their roster is in the draft then they are out of luck.

If I think of anything I forgot I’ll put it here.

1969 Draft League updated Team list

We now have 15 teams (not counting myself) taken for the 1969 Draft league. Here are the teams taken listed with the player they have decided to protect in the draft:

Team SelectedDraft Dice RollPlayer withheld from DraftComments
Oakland A’s465OF Reggie JacksonLots of good choices but Reggieball it is
Chicago White Sox662
LHSP Tommy JohnA good long term choice which
means Melton & Aparicio are available
Baltimore Orioles6911B Boog PowellBoog is good but I really expected one
Of the Robinson boys or Palmer
Atlanta Braves432OF Hank AaronAaron is an obvious pick but that means
Phil Niekro will go in the 1st round
Cincinnati Reds238
C Johnny BenchAnother team with too many good choices
Rose and Perez come immediately to mind
Los Angeles Dodgers840RHSP Don SuttonThe Dodgers didn’t have a lot of Wow
to pick from but Sutton is good
Montreal Expos742
OF Rusty StaubLe Grande Orange was the obvious choice
New York Mets611RHSP Tom SeaverHard to pass up Koosman, McGraw & Ryan
but not if the alternative is Tom Terrific
Pittsburgh Pirates396OF Roberto Clemente1st to 3rd on a single to right vs Pittsburgh
will be an adventure.
St Louis Cardinals139RHSP Bob GibsonAgain a lot of good choices but how does
one pass on Gibson?
San Francisco Giants820OF Bobby BondsMcCovey had a big year & Mays is
still Mays but Bonds was really something
New York Yankees891SP Fritz PetersonWould have never guessed this pick in
a million years
Cleveland Indians823LHSP Sam McDowellSudden Sam is still at his peak and will
make others miserable every 5th day
Washington Senators406SS Ed BrinkmanBrinkman is no Frank Howard but he’s a
solid defensive SS & hit a little in 69
Minnesota Twins0362B Rod CarewIt would take a Rod Carew to make anyone
Pass on Harmon Killebrew
Seattle Pilots6813B Tommy HarperHarper is likely the only player on the Pilots
that might go anywhere in the 1st 5 rounds

I took the Seattle Pilots on a temp basis to allow me to access the system but I’d really like the RedSox but I’ll hold off to allow any new player to get them. If I keep the Pilots my guy will be Tommy Harper who is the best of the lot but that means that Brooks is off my draft table

16 is a perfect number for scheduling but if you want in feel free to jump in and we’ll shoot for 20

Dynasty league updates 9-10 and Looking for players for A New 1969 Draft League and face to face league UPDATE Several 69 teams taken since posting…

Here is the current state of the online and table top baseball leagues I run and ore are in. All current leagues are 162 game seasons with one 3 game series scheduled per week If you click on a team link you can see their stats, injuries, leaders etc.

Since our last update more teams have been taken in online leagues the face to face league is deep into the playoffs and a new online draft league is forming

Postseason Key

  • Z Clinched home field throughout playoffs
  • Y Clinched Division Title
  • X Clinched Wild Card home
  • W Clinched Wild Card away
  • V Clinched Playoff spot

League one All Futility League (all teams lost 96 + games) 2nd Season. Scheduled series time Thursday Mornings. This league is nearly finished.

Teams AL Division AWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Milwaukee Brewers y9168.572—–NoN/A
1970 Chicago White Sox w8574.5356Noaway
2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays7584.47216YesE
2003 Detroit Tigers59100.37132NoE
Teams AL Division BWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Kansas City Royals v9663.604_____Yesn/a
2012 Minnesota Twins v9366.5853No+8
2008 Seattle Mariners8079.50314YesE
1973 Texas Rangers6990.43427YesE
Teams AL Division CWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2009 Cleveland Indians7980.497—–NoN/A
1967 Kansas City A’s7782.4842NoE
1957 Washington Senators7386.4596NoE
2019 Baltimore Orioles7188.4478NoE

AL Leaders: Hitting:

Avg Mauer Min .353, OBP, Mauer Min .463, Slug Huff TB .600 Runs Harper .Mil 139, Hits: Harper Mil 218, 2B Ibanez Sea, 50, 3B Crowe Cle 15, SB Suzuki 54 , BB Mauer Min 118 HR Sievers Wash 46, RBI Sievers Wash 137

Pitching: Wins Hernandez Sea, 22, ERA Diamond Min 2.91, IP John Chi 274 2/3, K’s Hernandez Sea 239, Avg against Krausse KCA .208 WHIP Krause KCA 1.07 HR/9 Hyde Wash 0.27 Saves Yan TB 31

Division Winner automatically makes playoffs

Teams NL Division AWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1998 Montreal Expos Z9262.610—–YesN/A
2009 Washington Nationals v9069.5667Yes+ 3
2001 Pittsburgh Pirates 8574.53512Yes2
1998 Florida Marlins7089.44027YesE
Teams NL Division BWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2000 Philadelphia Phillies Y8076.513—–YesN/A
2012 Houston Astros7086.44910YesE
2017 San Francisco Giants7086.44910NoE
2015 Atlanta Braves6690.42314NoE
Teams NL Division CWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1982 Cincinnati Reds8967.571_____Non/a
1993 New York Mets8772.5473 1/2No_____
1974 Chicago Cubs7782.48413 1/2NoE
1993 San Diego Padres7086.44919NoE

NL Leaders Hitting:

AVG Gwynn SD .361, OBP Giles Pit .450 Slug Giles Pit .623, Runs Giles Pitt 114, Hits Gwynn SD 189 2B Gwynn SD 56, 3B Guerrero Mon 15, SB Morgan Wash 45, BB Giles Pit 101, HR Murray Mets 34, RBI Ramirez Pit 114

Pitching Wins Hermanson Mon 29, ERA Hermanson Mon 1.82, IP Soto Cin 278 1/3, K’s Soto Cin 338, Avg against Soto Cin .197 WHIP Hermanson Mon 1.00 HR/9 Berenyi Cin 0.30, Saves Urbina Mon Zamora ChC 33.

The SD Jones memorial .500 teams league is a league (all teams were no better than 2 games over .500 or no worse than 2 games under) Initial season . Games are scheduled for Tuesdays. AM

Teams AL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1993 Boston8250.621—–Non/a
1957 Baltimore6864.51514Yes+2
1973 New York (A)6468.48518Yes2
1967 Washington5973.44723Yes7
Teams AL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Detroit v8646.652—–Yesn/a
1975 Cleveland5676.42430No10
1973 Minnesota5676.42430No10
1998 Chicago (A)4686.34840No20
Teams AL WestWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Oakland7953.598—-Yesn/a
2018 Los Angeles (A)6666.50013Yes_______
2017 Kansas City6567.49214No1
2005 Toronto6369.47716Yes3

AL Leaders Batting

Avg Carew Min .344, OBP Trout LAA .436, SLUG Trout LAA .637, Runs Cabrera Det 116, Hits Carew Min 188, 2B Cabrera Det 45, 3B Durham ChW, 16, SB Carew Min 49 BB Trout LAA 100 HR Howard Wash(A) 41, RBI Cabrera Det 125


Wins Verlander Det 20, ERA Clemens Bos 2.39, IP Vernalder Det 256 2/3, K’s Blyleven Min 240, Avg against Cahill Oak .205, WHIP Darwin Bos 0.99, HR/9 Bibby Cle 0.35, Saves Valverde Det Russell Bos 27

Teams NL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1967 Pittsburgh8256.594______Non/a
2018 Washington8055.5931/2No+12
1957 Philadelphia6072.45519Yes8
1975 New York (N)5580.40725 1/2Yes14

Division winner skips wild card

Teams NL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1996 Cincinnati7263.533_____Non/a
1975 St. Louis6864.5152 1/2Yes_____
2000 Colorado7068.5073 1/2Yes2
1973 Houston5973.44711 1/2Yes9
Teams NL WestWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1975 San Francisco8250.621—–Yesn/a
2012 Arizona6765.50815Yes1
2007 Los Angeles (N)5775.43225Yes11
1982 San Diego5481.40029 1/2Yes15 1/2

NL Leaders Batting

AVG Clemente Pit .372, OBP Mitchell Cin .453, Slug Clemente Pit .604, Runs Larkin Cin 111, Hits Clemente Pit 207, 2B Cirillo Col 60, 3B Clemente Pit 21, SB Pierre LAD 69 BB Larkin Cin 100, HR Helton Col 29, RBI Helton Col 118

Pitching Wins Scherzer Wash 19, ERA Scherzer Wash 2.33, IP Scherzer Wash 262 2/3, K’s Scherzer Wash 309, Avg Against Scherzer Wash .207, WHIP Scherzer Wash 0.96, HR/9 Reed StL 0.34, Saves Face Pitt 32

3rd League All time any time Great Teams League (3rd season) Games scheduled Friday evenings. Two teams have been picked up since the last posting (oddly not the Orioles)

Teams AL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Baltimore6534.657—–Yesn/a
1993 Toronto5643.5669No+6
1961 Yankees4947.51014 1/2No1/2
1999 Boston4158.41424No9
Teams AL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Texas5643.566—–Yesn/a
1954 Cleveland5049.5056No—–
2006 Detroit4755.46110 1/2Yes4 1/2
1974 Oakland4059.40416Yes10
Teams AL OtherWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2009 New York (A)5346.535____Non/a
1977 Kansas City4848.5003 1/2No1/2
1924 Washington4260.41212 1/2No9 1/2
1967 Minnesota3960.39414Yes11

AL Leaders Batting

Avg Carew Min ,369 , OBP Olerud Tor .466, Slug Mantle NYY61 .659, Runs Jeter NYY09 87, Hits Jeter NYY09 150, 2B Olerud Tor 38, Triples Taylor Wash 16, SB Henderson Tor 54, BB Killebrew Min 79, HR Mantle NYY61 31, RBI Hamilton Tex 81

Pitching Wins Martinez Bos 15, ERA Martinez Bos 2.25, IP Johnson Wash 196 2/3, K’s Martinez Bos 285, Avg against Martinez Bos .201 WHIP Martinez Bos 0.90 HR/9 Martinez Bos .034 Saves Ward Tor 29

Teams NL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1975 Cincinnati5544.556—–NoN/A
2019 Washington Nats5148.5154Yes_____
1998 Atlanta4749.4906 1/2No2 1/2
1955 Brooklyn4554.45510Yes6
Teams NL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1957 Milwaukee5346.535_____No+2*
1985 St. Louis5346.535_____No+ 2*
1971 Pittsburgh4653.4657Yes5
2003 Cubs4455.4449Yes7
Teams NL OtherWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2016 Chicago (N)7929.707—-Non/a
1977 Philadelphia4851.48522Yes3
2001 Arizona4554.45525Yes6
2007 Colorado4254.43826 1/2Yes7 1/2

NL Leaders Batting

Avg Kendrick Wash .369, OBP Morgan Cin .464, Slug Galarraga Atl .627, Runs Morgan Cin 91, Hits Kendrick Wash 146, 2B Kendrick Wash 34, 3B McGee StL 14, SB Morgan Cin 54, BB Morgan Cin 82, HR Campanella Bkyn, Aaron Mil 27, RBI Aaron Mil 89

Pitching Wins Nolan Cin 15, ERA Tudor StL 1.80, IP Tudor StL 174 2/3, K’s Johnson Arizona 226, Avg against Tudor StL .181, WHIP Tudor StL 0.82 HR/9 Buhl Mil 0.28, Saves Chapman Cubs16 27

There will be a new Draft league starting in October beginning in the 1969 season. Each player will select a franchise and one player to protect and the rest of the players will go in the draft.

Out of a max of 24 teams available here are the teams selected with the player they choose to protect all others go into the draft. All unlisted franchises are still available franchise with a * are teams that have been picked but the confirmation email has not yet been received

Players may join up until Sept 30th or until we reach 24 teams The draft is scheduled for the 1st week of October and will last one week. Teams will draft until they have 35 players or until we run out of players to draft.

At the end of the season each team will be able to protect 4-12 players based on their finish plus new rookies (IE Bowa Phi Blyleven Minn) who don’t count toward that total, all others go into the draft, draft order for the 1970 season will be based on the finish.

This league will play twice a week 5-6 games

UPDATE: This list has been updated for several teams now taken since the post went up

Team SelectedPlayer withheld from Draft
Oakland A’sNot announced
Chicago White SoxLHSP Tommy John
Baltimore Orioles1B Boog Powell
Atlanta BravesOF Hank Aaron
Cincinnati RedsC Johnny Bench
Los Angeles DodgersRHSP Don Sutton
Montreal ExposNot Announced
New York MetsRHSP Tom Seaver
Pittsburgh PiratesOF Roberto Clemente
St Louis Cardinals RHSP Bob Gibson
San Francisco GiantsOF Bobby Bonds
New York YankeesSP Fritz Peterson
Cleveland IndiansLHSP Sam McDowell
Washington SenatorsSS Ed Brinkman
Minnesota Twins2B Rod Carew

If you are interested in this or any other league contact me in comments.

The face to face league in Fitchburg MA has finished its regular season here are the final standings

Tampa Bay Rays 4119.683—-n/a
San Francisco Giants3525.5833 1/2Bye
St. Louis Cardinals3228.5337Home
Colorado Rockies2436.40014 1/2ELIM
New York Yankees 3921.650—-n/a
Washington Nationals2833.45911 1/2Away
Seattle Mariners2734.44212ELIM
San Diego Padres1743.28321ELIM
Nationals and Mariners played a 61th game to break a tie for the final wild card spot

Here are the playoff results to date:

Wild Card Playin at St Louis

St. Louis Cardinals 8 Washington Nationals 5

Playoffs round one: best of five

Tampa Bay Rays defeat St. Louis Cardinals 3 games to 1

New York Yankees defeat defending WP champ San Francisco Giants games to one

World Series Best of seven

9/11 NYY at TB

On 9/25 at 1:30 PM at Zeda’s Pizza in Fitchburg MA our face to face draft league which first began playing in 1987 in Fitchburg Massachusetts will have it’s meeting to finalize the plans for our next season (2020) We currently have 8 teams in two divisions and would like to expand to at least nine or possibly 10. Anyone interested in joining is welcome to show up. Issues to be decided

  • Dues (currently $35 a season)
  • Number of games (currently 60 but may shrink to let us catch back up with MLB)
  • Number of weeks per month. (currently playing every other week, considering adding one extra week or more)
  • Date for draft (and / or expansion draft) and date to begin season.

New players are always welcome

The Agony of Choice Dynasty Protected Player Edition

My Dynasty face to face 2019 face to face league season is over as my Washington Nationals fell to St. Louis in the wild card game 8-5.

So now comes the decision making time. As the Wild Card team that lost the play-in game I am allowed to retain 10 players on my roster who are not subject to next years draft.

That number does not include any new rookies for the Washington Nationals ( my franchise) who have their 1st card this year. All of those players are protected automatically although I do have the right to release them to make room on my 35 man roster or if they are fringe players (% players or limited AB vs LH or RH) can be put on my five man AAA roster)

Any man who was on my roster last year who is a fringe player (as described above) can be retained even if they can’t be used in play. Any player who did not have a card last year due to injury or the COVID opt out who is currently on my roster CAN be retained but again I would have to commit a roster spot to them.

This season is a tad odd in one respoect. Because of the COVID the league was put on hold for a while so we will be starting our 2020 season at a point were we are deep into the actual 2021 season so we know if a player is having a good (or bad) year which will of course affect our decision to keep players.

As of this moment here are the players that will absolutely make my protected list:

Abreu 1b: Clutch Rating Incredible power both sides improved range over the previous season and having a strong year for a team heading to the playoffs

Othani: DH While he had a bad card last year his stats this year plus the potential of filling both a pitching and a batting slot next season demands I keep him here.

Lindor SS While he is having a disappointing season this year his numbers last year combined with excellent defense ratings at a key position guarantee his roster spot

Scherzer RHSP Jam Rating While his 2020 season was below avg he’s still better than a lot out there combine this with a jam rating and a strong 2021 and Scherzer makes the team

Molina C (H & R rating) A -3 arm behind the plate forgives a lot of sins among pitchers combine that with a H & R rating and you’ve got a key position covered.

Hand LHRP Hand led the league in saves last year with a 7-1 K-BB ratio and no HR’s given up he’s a keeper without a jam+ rating which he had the year before.

Rendon 3B Clutch rating: Rendon has a big dropoff over his Washington numbers and led the AL in double plays last year but his defense is still strong and that clutch rating still makes him worth a spot.

Devers 3B: Clutch rating With Rendon at 3B & Devers defense not existent one might think he was worth risking in the draft but his powerful bat at DH will complement Abreu & Rendon in a lineup and if Rendon’s decline continues he might even get the starting job next year.

That leaves me two spots left and here are the players who are fighting for them:

Whit Merrifield 2B. While is 2019 states particularly on defense are down his 2020 starts are still pretty good. the real question is: Do I want to spend a draft pick on a second baseman or would I rather keep Merrifield and save the pick for someone else.

Eddie Rosario OF Rosario was one of the heroes of the team last season after the Mookie Betts trade and it was his bat that put the team into the playoffs. His bat is not as impressive this year and the clutch rating is gone but he still has plenty of pop to play with.

Edwin Diaz RHRP Diaz is a pretty solid reliver but not at Hand’s level. Again his stats were down from 2018 but this year they are back up and running.

Eric Hosmer 1b: Clutch rating. Hosmer as always has solid numbers and if it wasn’t for Abreu he would likely have a spot sewn up. He certainly could make a RH DH to platoon with Devers

Javier Baez SS Baez was my #1 pick last season but while is defense shines his power numbers are down for 2020 even if they have recovered in 2021. He is unlikely to take the SS spot from Lindor in 2020 but if kept might be the man in 2021, but is that worth a roster spot.

Anthony Rizzo 1B A mainstay of my team, Abreu’s improved range means he has no chance to start and the degree of depth at 1st makes keeping him a luxury.

Deshields OF: Speed, defense and the ability to bunt (a rare gift these days) are all in his favor but I’m almost certainly going to find a better outfield in the draft even as last as the 7th or 8th round.

Longshots include Josh Reddick, Sergio Romo Adam Plutko and Wade Miley

I’ve got several weeks to make up my mind as to who to keep and who to toss. If you have any suggestions I’ll be happy to entertain them.= in comments.

Dynasty League Updates 8-14 Leaders and two leagues near their finish.

Here is the current state of the table top baseball leagues I run. All leagues are 162 game seasons with one 3 game series scheduled per week If you click on a team link you can see their stats, injuries, leaders etc.

Since our last update more teams have been taken in online leagues.

League one All Futility League (all teams lost 96 + games) 2nd Season. Scheduled series time Thursday Mornings. This league is nearly finished.

Teams AL Division AWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Milwaukee Brewers8661.585—–NoN/A
1970 Chicago White Sox7869.5318No—-
2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays6978.45217Yes9
2003 Detroit Tigers5394.36133NoE
Teams AL Division BWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Kansas City Royals9156.619_____Yesn/a
2012 Minnesota Twins8661.5855No+8
2008 Seattle Mariners7473.50317Yes4
1973 Texas Rangers6384.42928Yes15
Teams AL Division CWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2009 Cleveland Indians7275.490—–No6*
1967 Kansas City A’s7275.490____No6*
1957 Washington Senators6879.4634No10
2019 Baltimore Orioles6681.4496No12

AL Leaders: Hitting:

Avg Mauer Min .353, OBP, Mauer Min .459, Slug Huff TB .603 Runs Harper .Mil 135, Hits: Harper Mil 203, 2B Ibanez Sea, A Cabrera Cle Harper Mil 45, 3B Cabrera Cle Crowe Cle 14, SB Revere Min 77, BB Mauer Min 105 HR Sievers Wash 39, RBI Harper Mil 125

Pitching: Wins Hernandez Sea, Johnson KCR 21, ERA Hyde Wash 2.88, IP Hernandez Sea 250 1/3, K’s Hernandez Sea 223, Avg against Sosa TB .202 WHIP Krause KCA 1.05 HR/9 Hyde Wash 0.30 Saves Yan TB Perkins Min 29,

*Division Winner automatically makes playoffs

Teams NL Division AWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1998 Montreal Expos9156.619—–YesN/A
2009 Washington Nationals8463.5717Yes+ 3
2001 Pittsburgh Pirates 8166.55110Yes4
1998 Florida Marlins6483.43527YesE
Teams NL Division BWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2000 Philadelphia Phillies7275.490—–YesN/A
2012 Houston Astros6582.4427YesE
2015 Atlanta Braves6582.4427NoE
2017 San Francisco Giants6282.4318 1/2NoE
Teams NL Division CWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1982 Cincinnati Reds8265.558_____Non/a
1993 New York Mets7965.5491 1/2No1/2
1974 Chicago Cubs7176.48311No11
1993 San Diego Padres6780.45615No15

NL Leaders Hitting:

AVG Gwynn SD .361, OBP Giles Pit .450 Slug Giles Pit .623, Runs Giles Pitt 114, Hits Gwynn SD 189 2B Gwynn SD 56, 3B Guerrero Mon 15, SB Morgan Wash 45, BB Giles Pit 101, HR Murray Mets 34, RBI Ramirez Pit 114

Pitching Wins Hermanson Mon 25, ERA Hermanson Mon 2.00, IP Soto Cin 262 1/3, K’s Soto Cin 321, Avg against Soto Cin .201 WHIP Hermanson Mon 1.03 HR/9 Gooden Mets, 0.34, Saves Urbina Mon 33.

The SD Jones memorial .500 teams league is a league (all teams were no better than 2 games over .500 or no worse than 2 games under) Initial season . Games are scheduled for Tuesdays. AM

Teams AL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1993 Boston7446.617—–Non/a
1973 New York (A)6060.50014Yes+1
1957 Baltimore5763.47517Yes2
1967 Washington5169.42523Yes8
Teams AL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Detroit8040.667—–Yesn/a
1975 Cleveland5367.44227No6
1973 Minnesota5268.43328No7
1998 Chicago (A)4476.36736No15
Teams AL WestWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Oakland7149.592—-Yesn/a
2017 Kansas City5961.49212No_______
2018 Los Angeles (A)5961.49212Yes_______
2005 Toronto5862.48313Yes1

AL Leaders Batting

Avg Carew Min .358, OBP Trout LAA .440, SLUG Trout LAA .637, Runs Cabrera Det 106, Hits Carew Min 176, 2B Cabrera Det 43, 3B Durham ChW, 13, SB Carew Min 46 BB Trout LAA 91 HR Trout LAA 34, RBI Cabrera Det 112


Wins Verlander Det 18, ERA Halladay Tor 2.26, IP Vernalder Det 238 2/3, K’s Verlander Det 219, Avg against Eckersley Cle .200, WHIP Darwin Bos 0.97, HR/9 Lehman Bal 0.30, Saves Valverde Det 26

Teams NL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2018 Washington7350.593________Non/a
1967 Pittsburgh7452.5871/2No+8
1957 Philadelphia5367.44218Yes10
1975 New York (N)5370.43118 1/2Yes10 1/2

Division winner skips wild card

Teams NL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1996 Cincinnati6558.528_____Non/a
2000 Colorado6357.525 1/2Yes____
1975 St. Louis6459.5201Yes1/2
1973 Houston5571.43711 1/2Yes10 1/2
Teams NL WestWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1975 San Francisco7347.608—–Yesn/a
2012 Arizona6258.51711Yes1
2007 Los Angeles (N)5367.44220Yes10
1982 San Diego4674.38327Yes17

NL Leaders Batting

AVG Clemente Pit .375, OBP Mitchell Cin .443, Slug Clemente Pit .608, Runs Larkin Cin 104, Hits Clemente Pit 190, 2B Cirillo Col 54, 3B Clemente Pit 19, SB Pierre LAD 66 BB Larkin Cin 96, HR Helton Col 27, RBI Helton Col 109

Pitching Wins Scherzer Wash 18, ERA Scherzer Wash 2.38, IP Scherzer Wash 245 2/3, K’s Scherzer Wash 292, Avg Against Scherzer Wash .205, WHIP Scherzer Wash 0.95, HR/9 Cahill Ari 0.33, Saves Brantley Cin , Face Pitt 27

3rd League All time any time Great Teams League (3rd season) Games scheduled Friday evenings. Two teams have been picked up since the last posting (oddly not the Orioles)

Teams AL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Baltimore6030.667—–Yesn/a
1993 Toronto5238.5788No+5
1961 Yankees4845.51613 1/2No1/2
1999 Boston3852.42222No9
Teams AL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Texas4839.552—–Yesn/a
1954 Cleveland4743.5222 1/2No—–
1974 Oakland3951.43310 1/2Yes8
2006 Detroit4053.43011Yes9 1/2
Teams AL OtherWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2009 New York (A)4842.533____Non/a
1977 Kansas City4344.4943 1/2No2 1/2
1924 Washington3654.40012No11
1967 Minnesota3357.36715Yes14

AL Leaders Batting

Avg Carew Min ,360 , OBP Olerud Tor .475, Slug Mantle NYY61 .653, Runs Jeter NYY09 78, Hits Jeter NYY09 136, 2B Olerud Tor 36, Triples Taylor Wash 14, SB Henderson Tor 47, BB Killebrew Min 71, HR Mantle NYY61 30, RBI Blanchard NYY61 80

Pitching Wins Leonard KC, Martinez Bos, Cuellar Bal 13, ERA Martinez Bos 1.83, IP Johnson Wash 147 2/3, K’s Martinez Bos 217, Avg against Martinez Bos .205 WHIP Martinez Bos 0.86 HR/9 Martinez Bos .033 Saves Ward Tor 26

Teams NL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1975 Cincinnati4941.544—–NoN/A
2019 Washington Nats4443.5063 1/2Yes_____
1998 Atlanta4344.4944 1/2No1
1955 Brooklyn4248.4677Yes3 1/2
Teams NL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1957 Milwaukee4941.544_____NoN/A
1985 St. Louis4842.5331No+ 2 1/2
1971 Pittsburgh4446.4895Yes1 1/2
2003 Cubs3951.43310Yes11
Teams NL OtherWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2016 Chicago (N)6228.689—-Non/a
1977 Philadelphia4545.50017Yes1/2
2001 Arizona4149.45621Yes4 1/2
2007 Colorado3951.43323Yes6 1/2

NL Leaders Batting

Avg Lofton Cubs03 .361, OBP Morgan Cin .469, Slug Galarraga Atl .644, Runs Morgan Cin 81, Hits Kendrick Wash McGee StL 124, 2B Clemente 31, 3B McGee StL 14, SB Morgan Cin 47, BB Schmidt Phil, Morgan Cin 77, HR Ga;arraga Atl, Aaron Mil 26, RBI Aaron Mil 85

Pitching Wins Nolan Cin 14, ERA Tudor StL 1.76, IP Tudor StL 158 2/3, K’s Johnson Arizona 207, Avg against Tudor StL .182, WHIP Tudor StL 0.83 HR/9 Buhl Mil 0.23, Saves Chapman Cubs16 25

If you are interested in taking over the management of any of the online leagues teams contact me in comments.

As a bonus here are the standings of our face to face draft league which first began playing in 1987 in Fitchburg Massachusetts. We have two divisions with 4 teams each playing a 60 game season every other Saturday at Zeda’s Pizza in Fitchburg MA. The individual leagues are named for deceased members of the league. Five teams make the playoffs, the best record gets home field throughout and 2nd best record of the division leaders gets a home series against the best non-division winner while the final two teams play a one game playin for the right to face the best division winner in the playoffs.

New players are always welcome

Tampa Bay Rays (x)3618.667—-n/a
San Francisco Giants(w)3423.5963 1/2+ 9
St. Louis Cardinals(w)2925.5377+ 5 1/2
Colorado Rockies2334.40414 1/22
w clinched at least wildcard game x clinched playoff spot
New York Yankees (XY)3819.667—-n/a
Washington Nationals2532.43913_____
Seattle Mariners2433.421126
San Diego Padres1740.29821ELIM
Y clinched division

the new season and draft will start shortly after this season ends additional teams for expansion are most welcome

DaTechGuy Quick Commentary Actual Goals

I haven’t done a livestream for a while, time hasn’t permitted it so I’ve decided to do a few quick commentaries on various issues.

Today let’s talk about goals, both perceived and actual.

Since I mentioned the Pizza at Zeda’s let me give you a peek at their wares