Moms for America tells Biden’s Department of Justice where to stick their intimidation

Two weeks ago, the Biden regime issued a directive siccing the Department of Justice on concerned parents, who dare to speak out against progressive indoctrination, at school board meetings.  For more information on this despicable abuse of power and abuse of the Constitution, please check out this article, which I wrote. 

My article was outclassed by this letter from Moms for America.  I really believe the Biden regime completely underestimated the level of outrage their unconscionable dictate would generate from concerned parents, who were already outraged by the obscene level of progressive indoctrination that has infected schools all across the United States.

Here is the heart of the letter from Moms for America.

The recent letter from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) to the Biden Administration and subsequent statement from the Department of Justice likening concerned parents to domestic terrorists is a direct threat to mothers and our constitutionally protected rights.

The United States Constitution is the law of the land, and the federal government, by law, must operate within the confines of the Constitution.  The Department of Justice has no authority to limit the speech or assembly of concerned mothers addressing their state and local school boards or dictate to local law enforcement to inhibit a mother’s right to do so. If the NSBA truly has the interests of our children’s safety and education in mind, they would welcome the input of parents addressing concerns instead of seeking the federal government’s aid in silencing them.

Moms are justifiably angry. Our children are being exposed to inappropriate sexual content, gender indoctrination, anti-family, and anti-American propaganda, and the tenets of critical race theory – all under the NSBA indoctrination umbrella of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Our nation’s children are being taught to hate their country, hate their neighbor, and hate themselves.

Moms are showing up in schoolboard meetings across the country to protest these radical ideas being thrust on their children, calling for a return to a classical liberal arts education where children can learn to think for themselves.  We want real science, true history, and classical education that teaches kids to read, write, calculate, and be good citizens. That doesn’t make us domestic terrorists; it makes us responsible parents.

These are our children.  Parents’ rights are fundamental and supreme. Elected officials and school administrators must recognize and respect this fundamental right.  Schools, as well as other community and government organizations, are designed to support the family unit, not replace or regulate it. As stated in the Declaration of Mothers, which was introduced into the Congressional Record in 2018,  “No association or government organization can replace the family no matter how well-intentioned or well-designed it may be.”

While NSBA accuses moms of shutting down school board meetings with disorderly conduct, it is, in most cases, school board members that shut down public comment and even restrict it altogether when they do not like what moms have to say.

It is not parents, but rather the National School Boards Association and their state affiliates that are the real threat to our children through their stranglehold on public education.

The National School Boards Association and their state affiliates have become an immediate threat to our constitutionally protected rights as mothers as well as the physical, mental, and emotional health of our children. NSBA and their state affiliates work directly with the Teachers Unions, Superintendents Association, and the National Association of State Boards of Education to lobby union agendas that endanger the health and well-being of our children, usurp parental authority, and ensure superintendents and school board members toe the union line. And they do so with public funds.

Moms for America are absolutely correct about the fact the Department of Justice has no constitutional authority to intervene in what are purely local instances of parents expressing their outrage over what is taking place in their children’s schools.  The parents speaking at these meetings are most definitely exercising their God-given natural rights of freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom to petition; all of which are protected by the First Amendment.

All totalitarian regimes, such as the Nazis and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, focus their indoctrination efforts on children.  Their goal is inculcate children whith beliefs that are radically different from those of their parents.  Progressives here in the United States are doing the same to public school children all across this nation.  Parents are rightfully upset about this.

All leftist philosophies believe that children belong to the state rather than to their parents.  Stemming from this is the belief that parents have no right to determine what their children are taught.  Progressives here in the United States, also being totalitarians, share this deeply mistaken belief.  If you question this, check out these statements by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.  In the United States parents have always been the supreme authorities when it comes to making decisions for their children, not the almighty state.  Parental rights is the nearest thing to an absolute in the country.  It has always been that way.  Progressives are seeking to topple this.  Moms for America are perfectly right to rage against this in their letter, If more parents spoke out in this manner and organized into groups such as Moms for America, this indoctrination would soon end.

Just Deserts, Only one pol matters, Fauci shock, Sparing the rod, and the fingers in the pie Under the Fedora

Right now inflation is through the roof, people are being fired from their jobs at a time of a worker shortage.

Hey America you didn’t think it was worth stopping the steal, now live with it.

While the pol numbers out of Virginia are encouraging there are two things to consider:

  1. Apparently there are millions of Virginians who like the idea parents not having a say over their own children or covering up boys in skirts assaulting girls in bathrooms at school.
  2. The only pol that counts is the pol of the people counting the ballots

It’s been amply stated for years that if it’s close enough the left will steal elections. The real question is will they think this race is worth stealing?

Speaking of crimes that will not be punished:

As little as one hundred years ago a man who did this to his country and his own people for profit would have developed an intense fear of lampposts. Today he will retire with a large pension and both films and votive candles with his image will be celebrated.

I suspect that a lot of the real insanity of the left would have been prevented if they had just been spanked as children.

Finally if you want to understand how the media/left/deep state works and has been working for years you can’t do much better than this old clip from the Movie Quiz Show.

This has always been about getting a piece of the grift, the difference is today people are starting to understand it.

Of course we Sicilians understood this long before

A Statement That Will Not Make Me Any Friends on Any Side:

If you disregard the question of the use of aborted babies in their development I submit and suggest that both the decision to take the Covid 19 vaccine and the decision not to take the Covid 19 vaccine are both totally rational decisions that can be reached based on the data the odds and the math.

One can rationally decide that based on the VARES data the odds of complications from the COVID vaccines and the number of breakthrough cases are small enough that the gain from protection from the COVID 19 virus and the mitigation of the inconveniences being imposed by the government are worth receiving it.

One can also rationally decide that given the small chances of death or serious illness from COVID, the advantages of antibodies if you’ve already had COVID vs the vaccines and that while the odds of complications from the vaccines are small they are far greater than all other recent vaccines that the benefits of said vaccines do not outweigh the risks, particularly since you can still get, pass on and even die from the virus if you get it

It is possible that the case for both arguments will improve over time due to either the improvement on the existing vaccines by companies as their data and research knowledge improve or the discovery of long term effect of said vaccines not yet known.

However as of this moment both of these are completely rational and legitimate conclusions based on the data and the facts as we have them now and we do a disservice to society and science if we attempt to delegitimize or censor either opinion or data and voices that support them.

That’s my view based on the data and I’m sticking with it.

Of course if you consider the question of the use of aborted, that is murdered children in their development or formula then the question of taking any of the vaccines becomes a no brainer for any faithful catholic, but that’s an entirely different argument.

Jimmy Carter redux

By Christopher Harper

As a young reporter for Newsweek, I headed to Washington, D.C., during the administration of Jimmy Carter, the most ineffective president during my lifetime.

Almost every week, I was assigned to what became known as the Jimmy “f***-up” story. These missives included his administration’s failure to curb inflation rates and mortgage costs to problems with energy supplies and labor unions. At the end of the Carter administration, I reported on the biggest blunder of all: the Iran hostage crisis. 

It’s taken a few months, but the comparison of Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden is finally creeping into the media. 

In a column in The Hill, political operative Bill Schneider explained some of the similarities.

If Congress fails to pass the mega-buck omnibus bill to grant money to virtually every Democrat, Biden will look bad, Schneider argued. “Biden will look weak. Which is exactly the problem Carter had. Carter was called weak, ineffectual, and “’wishy-washy,’” Schneider wrote.

As notes: “Despite Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, Congress blocked Carter’s proposal for welfare reform, as well as his proposal for a long-range energy program, a central focus of his administration. This difficult relationship with Congress meant that Carter was unable to convert his plans into legislation, despite his initial popularity.”

Sound familiar? But the comparisons of the ineffectiveness of Carter and Biden go much further than passing legislation.

Carter sent special forces to Iran to rescue the American hostages in the U.S. embassy in Iran. Two helicopters crashed in the desert, leaving soldiers dead and a public relations disaster for the country. The withdrawal from Afghanistan under Biden provided the same type of victory to our enemies and an embarrassment for the United States.

Carter managed to send inflation and mortgage rates skyrocketing in an economy that fell flat during his tenure. Although mortgage rates are staying relatively low so far under Biden, inflation is rampaging to its highest rate in years. For example, the Social Security Administration recently announced that the cost-of-living increase will reach nearly 6 percent, a rate that will only exacerbate the already-weakened retirement system.

Inflation at the supermarket and the gas pumps is worsening under Biden as it did under Carter.

Labor unions picketed coal mines, steel mills, postal offices, and many other businesses under Carter. Replace that unrest with strikes at hospitals, cereal makers, and equipment manufacturers under Biden.

Even the families of Carter and Biden have created embarrassment for the country. Carter’s brother Billy got drunk with the Georgia locals and hobnobbed with dictators like Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. Biden’s son Hunter disgraced himself with cocaine orgies and China hijinks.

There may be one significant difference between the two presidents. Carter was a pretty decent guy. I’m not so sure the same can be said about Biden.

I was just thinking…

…if global warming climate change is an actual crisis why is the government flying people to Scotland for a conference instead of attending by teleconference? Or it is like BLM protest/riots don’t spread COVID flights of bureaucrats don’t have carbon emissions?

…if the Joe Biden administration actually wants to impose vaccine mandates why hasn’t the government actually come out and attempted to impose them? Could it be that the plan to get as many private business to cave as possible so that come election time the press can “fact check” any claim of a Biden Administration vaccine mandate as false?

…if the California law that make shoplifting under $1000 a misdemeanor is statewide what makes Walgreens, CVS et/all think that the folks who are stripping their stores bare in San Francisco won’t just start raiding Walgreens CVS et/al in other cities nearby?

…the only way anyone is going to out geek Jeff Bezos space program sending William Shatner into space will be if someone invents a time machine and takes Tom Baker for a spin. None of those people whining about Shatner going into space will be remembered 100 years from now but I suspect once we are regularly going into space more than one Capitan will have a picture of Shatner on his wall.

…if at the height of the Trump boom an enemy of the United States managed to replace him in order to bring us down as a nation can you think of anything that he would have done differently than the Biden Administration? Elections aren’t stolen for the purpose of serving the general public.

I admit it, I was wrong

Three weeks ago I was hopeful that I was seeing the first signs that people around the world were finally ready to fight back against the freedom crushing Coronavirus restrictions.  I was so hopeful that I wrote this article People around the world are beginning to rise up against Coronavirus restrictions and vaccine mandates.  My hopes that I was seeing the beginnings of a wave of mass protests that would ultimately result in the end to all of the lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccine mandates that have plagued the world for the past eighteen months, have since been extinguished. 

In the two weeks leading up to that previous article, I encountered numerous articles chronicling mass protests where tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of individuals were taking to the streets to demand an end to all liberty destroying Coronavirus restrictions and mandates.  These mass protests were happening all around the globe and seemed to be gaining in both the numbers of protests each day and the number of individuals at each protest.  It really seemed to me that a momentum was beginning that would feed on itself, and over time, escalate to a point where governments around the world would have no choice but to end all mandates and restrictions.

Unfortunately, these protests petered out soon after I published my article.  The momentum stopped and the protests quickly diminished in both size and frequency, without any meaningful easing of restrictions and mandates.  None of the conservative and libertarian websites I get my news from are posting stories about new or continuing  mass protests now, even those in Australia, which appeared to be on the verge of exploding into mass riots.  These mass protests might be continuing, and all sites, even Breitbart is ignoring them, which I doubt. 

Right now I am so disheartened by the fact that these mass protests have diminished rather that escalated.  I am sickened by the fact so few around the world seem to value their freedom enough to stand up and say, in a firm voice, enough is enough. I am most saddened that so few here in the United States seem to value their freedom and liberty at all.  This is most shocking to me considering that the United States used to be the freest and most prosperous nation that ever existed.

I am not going to give up the fight, even though it now seems to be a hopeless cause.  I’m actually going to redouble my efforts to bring about a mass nonviolent uprising against all of these mandates and restrictions, and I encourage everyone to do the same.  I’ve always been a rabble rouser who enjoys a good fight, even if it is a hopeless cause.

Five Sports Thoughts Under the Fedora: Sox Surprise, Brady Bounce, Eovaldi Update, Kyrie vs Kap & 1969 Updated Waivers List

Admit it you didn’t pick the Boston Red Sox to beat Tampa Bay. I sure didn’t, particularly when they were down 5-2 after 1 in game 2. It’s an important reminder that like in boxing when you have power you always have a sluggers chance.

By failing to make it to the next round of the playoffs the 2021 Tampa Bay Devil Rays become the least successful team in the city since Tom Brady came to the city. Think about, the least successful team in town only managed to win their division.

After the Red Sox 2018 World Series victory and his heroic performance in game 4 Nathan Eovaldi was given a four year 68 million dollar contract ($17 mil a year). The GM at the time Dave Dombrowski took a lot of heat over it on talk radio, particularly when injury reared its head.

Nobody is complaining now

I’ve never cared for Kyrie Irving, he’s always been too self centered for me but the media has fawned over him for years. Now that he has refused the vax and stands to lose millions the media that has loved him is turning on him.

Unlike Kaepernick Irving in unlikely to get Nike deals or be lionized as a man standing on principle as his move goes against the media template, also unlike Kaepernick whose prospects as an NFL quarterback were limited at best Irving is doing this at a time when he is at his peak in other words he’s actually sacrificing and risking something.

They’ll never forgive him for that. I still think he’s an ass but he’s a principled ass.

Finally some 1969 league housekeeping This is the updated list of players currently available on waivers in the 1969 league as of this moment. Steve Barber Pitcher of Seattle was the 1st player taken in Round 1. In Round two That honor went to Jerry Adair infielder of the Kansas City Royals.


  • Aaron Tommie Taken Montreal Early Waivers Round 2 Pick 2
  • Adair Jerry Taken Chicago White Sox Early Waivers Round 2 pick 1
  • Alvis Max
  • Amaro Ruben
  • Baker Frank
  • Barry Rich
  • Barton Bob
  • Bateman John
  • Beauchamp Jim
  • Billings Dick
  • Blefray Curt Taken NY Mets Early waivers round 1
  • Bobb Randy
  • Boehmer Len
  • Bosch Don
  • Bowens Sam
  • Boyer Ken
  • Breeden Danny
  • Brinkman Chuck
  • Brooks Bobby
  • Brown Gates
  • Brown Larry
  • Browne Byron
  • Bryant Don
  • Burda Bob
  • Campanis Jim
  • Campbell Dave
  • Cannizzaro Chris Taken by Washington Early waivers round 1
  • Chaney Darrel
  • Charles Ed
  • Christian Bob
  • Clark Ron
  • Collins Kevin
  • Corrales Pat
  • coulter Chip
  • DaVanon Jerry
  • Davis Bill
  • Davis Ron
  • Dean Thomas
  • Donaldson John
  • Duncan Dave
  • Ellis John
  • Etheridge Bobby
  • Fairey Jim
  • Floyd Bobby
  • Gabrielson Len (Taken Pittsburgh early waivers round 2)
  • Gamble Oscar
  • Geiger Gary
  • Gil Bus
  • Gosger Jim
  • Gutierrez Cesar
  • Hague Joe
  • Hall Jimmie
  • Haney Larry
  • Harrell John
  • Harrison Chuck
  • Healy Fran
  • Heath Bill
  • Hermoso Remy
  • Hershberger Mike
  • Hicks Jim
  • Hinton Chuck
  • Holman Gary
  • Hriniak Walt
  • Hutton Tom
  • Jackson Sonny
  • Jeter Johnny
  • Johnson Lou
  • Jones Dalton
  • Kelly Van
  • Kendall Fred
  • Keough Joe
  • Kolb Gary
  • Krug Chris
  • Lahoud Joe
  • Lee Leron
  • Llenas Winston
  • Lock Don
  • Lyttle Jim
  • Manuel Charlie
  • Martin JC
  • Matchick Tommy
  • May Dave
  • McGraw Tommy
  • McDonald Dave
  • McFadden Leon
  • McNulty Bill
  • Miller John
  • Morales Jerry
  • Nagelson Russ
  • Nelson Dave
  • Northey Scott
  • Oliver Gene
  • Oliver Nate
  • Oyler Ray
  • Paepke Dennis
  • Pagliaroni
  • Peterson Cap
  • Phillips Adolfo
  • Qualls Jim
  • Quilici Frank
  • Ranew Merritt
  • Reid Scott
  • Renick Rick
  • Repoz Roger
  • Ricketts Dave
  • Rico Fred
  • Rios Juan
  • Robinson Bill
  • Robles Rafael
  • Rogers Buck
  • Rollins Rich
  • Roznovsky Rick
  • Ruberto Sonny
  • Rudolph Ken
  • Satriano Tom
  • Scheinblum Richie
  • Shannon Mike
  • Shopay Tom
  • Simpson Dick
  • Sipin John
  • Slocum Ron
  • Smith Dick
  • Snyder Russ
  • Spangler Al
  • Spence Bob
  • Spriggs George
  • Stahl Larry
  • Stanley Fred
  • Stephenson John
  • Stewart Jimmy
  • Stinson Bob
  • Stone Gene
  • Stone Ron
  • Stuart Dick
  • Tartabull Jose
  • Tatum Javis
  • Tepedino Frank
  • Tischinski Tom
  • Torres Hector
  • Valdespino Sandy
  • Velazquez Freddie
  • Vidal Jose
  • Ward Pete
  • Watkins Dave
  • Webster Ramon
  • White Bill
  • Whitfield Fred
  • Wicker Floyd
  • Williams Jim
  • Woods Ron


  • Allen Lloyd
  • Arlin Steve
  • Baldschun Jack
  • Baney Dick
  • Barber Steve (Taken Chicago W Sox early waivers wk 1 1st pick)
  • Belinsky Bo
  • Bell Gary
  • Bertaina Frank
  • Boozer John
  • Boyd Gary
  • Brandon Bucky
  • Buchart Larry
  • Carlos Cisco
  • Champion Bill
  • Clark Rickey
  • Corkins Mike
  • Crider Jerry
  • Culver George
  • Dukes Tom
  • Ellis Sammy
  • Everitt Leon
  • Farrell Turk
  • Fisher Jack
  • Fitzmorris Al
  • Foster Alan
  • Fuentes Miguel
  • Garman Mike
  • Geishert Vern
  • Guinn Skip
  • Hamilton Jack
  • Jackson Al
  • James Jeff
  • Jaster Larry
  • Jones Steve
  • Kealey Steve
  • Kline Ron
  • Koonce Cal
  • Kroll Gary
  • Lamb Ray
  • Law Ron
  • Lazar Danny
  • Lersch Barry
  • McBean Al
  • Miles Jim
  • Morehead Dave
  • Morris John
  • Nottebart Don
  • Nye Rich
  • O’Riley Don
  • Palmer Lowell
  • Pascual Camilo
  • Pina Horacio
  • Priddy Bob
  • Purdin John
  • Raffo Al
  • Ramos Pedro
  • Rath Fred
  • Raymond Claude
  • Ribant Dennis
  • Robertson Rich
  • Roggenburk Garry
  • Ross Gary (Taken Pittsburgh early waivers round 3)
  • Sembera Carroll
  • Severinsen Al (Picked White Sox Early Wavers round 3 pick 1)
  • Shaw Don
  • Shea Steve
  • Short Chris
  • Sisk Tommie
  • Spama Joe
  • Sprague Ed
  • Talbot Fred (Taken NY Mets early waivers round 3)
  • Taylor Gary
  • Wagner Gary
  • Washburn Greg
  • Wsahbum Greg
  • Watkins Bob
  • Wynne Billy
  • Zachary Chris

CNN Channels Yes Prime Minister

Prime Minister Jim Hacker: If there were a conflict of interests which side is the civil service really on?

Private Secretary Bernard Wooley: The winning side Prime Minister.

Yes Prime Minister: A Real Partnership 1986

At Twitchy they had a story on CNN actually giving Terry McAuliffe some solid questions and even ridiculing his obsession with Donald Trump

This tells you one important thing.

It tells me that CNN thinks that McAuliffe is likely not going to be able to sell himself to Virginia votes and that CNN sees no percentage in propping him up.

Now in fairness McAuliffe doesn’t have to sell himself to the voters in a Democrat leaning state he simply has to sell himself to the people who count the votes and the judges who protect him, but when you’ve lost CNN…

First Round Pick Update 1969 League

The season has started in the 1969 draft league and other than the opening series between the Dodgers and Giants all team have played at least one series, some have finished two and I was curious how the 1st round draft picks of each team have done so far.

9 Position players and 7 pitchers were taken in the 1st round

Here are their current stats

Rico PetrocelliNYY62424114.
Willie McCoveyLAD619361172.316.500.368.868
Harmon KillebrewCle515983752.533,6501.1331,783
Carl YazstremskiMont382221.250.400.250.650
Pete RoseSea625510121522.400.444.7201,164
Frank HowardWash6197105961.526.6671.3161.982
Curt FloodStL5194511411.263.333.421.754
Joe MorganMin515113.

Clearly Rose and Howard and Killebrew are ruling the roost at this point but so far Joe Morgan is not living up to his potential.

As for the Pitchers…

Jim PalmerSF0
Andy MessersmithBalt22111.5001512884513.2141.134.80
Phil NiekroCSox22102.000162054137.3031.442.25
Steve CarltonNYM117641114.2071.001.29
Jerry KoosmanOak1101.0005666134.2861.8010.80
Ferguson JenkinsAtl1101.000595335.3912,405.40
Gaylord PerryPit115733114.3181.605.40

Amazingly the pitchers taken in the 1st round are a combined 1-5 in seven starts. Only Niekro and Carlton have ERA’s that are respectable and three pitchers (Niekro, Perry and Jenkins) are all allowing batters to hit over .300 against them. Presumably over the course of the season these numbers will improve.

Now there were 16 players on the various rosters before the 1st round of the draft. Each team was allowed to keep one player from their franchise before the draft. Ten Batter and six pitchers were kept. So how have they done?

Bobby BondsSF311 22 1 12 21.182.308 .455.763
Rusty StaubMont393321.333.455.333.788
Boog PowellBalt62547 143.280,379.280.659
Tommy HarperSea62366133411.261.346.381.737
Reggie JacksonOak6191521 157.263.440.474.914
Hank AaronAtl31022 1333.200.357.250.607
Ed BrinkmanWash6241 81 15121.333.360.500.860
Roberto ClementePit31013141.300.500.300.800
Rod CarewTwins621351332.

It’s worth noting that Even though Eddie Brinkman is clearly doing best with Harper and Jackson as honorable mentions he was primarily drafted for his defense. Here are his stats at SS

PlayerTeamPosGGSInnTotal chancesPOAEDPFPCTRange Factor
Ed BrinkmanWashSS6653371423051.0006,28

Not too shabby at all.

As for the six pitchers

Fritz PetersonNYY111101.0009311125.1000.561.00
Don SuttonLA
Sam McDowellCle22111.50014 2/31955 214.3221.433.07
Tommy JohnCSox11101.0005822142.3642.403.60
Tom SeaverNYM111101.00093 74.2571.780.00
Bob GibsonStL22111.5001710551314.1690.762.65

This is the opposite of the 1st round picks with almost every starter with a win under his belt a combined 5-2.