Futility league season 2, SD Jones League season 1 and all time great league season 3 standings 1/17/21

Here is the state of the table top baseball leagues I run. All leagues are 162 game seasons with one 3 game series scheduled per week

League one is the 2nd season of my Dynasty Baseball All Futility League (all teams lost 96 + games). Teams available for those interested are listed. If you click on the link for the various teams you get to their home page and can see their stats, leaders, injuries etc. Games are scheduled for Thursdays.

Teams AL Division AWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1970 Milwaukee Brewers3226.544—–No
1970 Chicago White Sox3027.5261No
2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays2433.4217Yes
2003 Detroit Tigers2238.36710 1/2No
Teams AL Division BWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1970 Kansas City Royals3423.596—–No
2012 Minnesota Twins3225.5612No
2008 Seattle Mariners3228.5223 1/2Yes
1973 Texas Rangers 2433.42110No
Teams AL Division C Wins Losses PCT GB Available
2009 Cleveland Indians 30 27 .526 —– No
1957 Washington Senators 30 27 .526 —- No
2019 Baltimore Orioles 26 31 .456 4 No
1967 Kansas City A’s 25 32 .439 5 No
Teams NL Division A Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1998 Montreal Expos 38 19 .667 —– No
2009 Washington Nationals 29 28 .509 9 Yes
2001 Pittsburgh Pirates  30 30 .500 9 1/2 Yes
 1998 Florida Marlins 27 30 .474 11 Yes
Teams NL Division B Wins Losses PCT GB Available
2015 Atlanta Braves 28 29 .491 —–  No
2017 San Francisco Giants 27 33 .450 2 1/2 No
2012 Houston Astros 25 32 .439 3 Yes
2000 Philadelphia Phillies 23 31 .426 3 1/2 Yes
Teams NL Division C Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1993 New York Mets 32 22 .593 —– No
1982 Cincinnati Reds 32 25 .561 1 1/2 No
1993 San Diego Padres 28 29 .491 5 1/2 Yes
1974 Chicago Cubs 28 29 .491 5 1/2 No

The SD Jones memorial .500 teams league is a league where all teams were no better than 2 games over .500 or no worse than 2 games under. Here are the current standings. Teams still available are listed. This is our initial season. Games are scheduled for Tuesdays.

Teams AL East Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1993 Boston 18 12 .600 —– No
1967 Washington 14 16 .467 4 Yes
1973 New York (A) 13 17 .433 5 Yes
1957 Baltimore 13 20 .394 6 1/2 Yes
Teams AL Central Wins Losses PCT GB Available
2010 Detroit 21 12 .636 —– Yes
1975 Cleveland 16 14 .533 3 1/2 No
1973 Minnesota 14 19 .424 7 No
1998 Chicago (A) 12 18 .400 7 1/2 No
Teams AL West Wins Losses PCT GB Available
2017 Kansas City 21 9 .700 —– Yes
2010 Oakland 19 14 .576 3 1/2 No
2005 Toronto 11 19 .367 10 Yes
2018 Los Angeles (A) 11 19 .367 10 Yes
Teams NL East Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1967 Pittsburgh 24 12 .667 —– No
2018 Washington 22 11 .667 1/2 No
1975 New York (N) 17 19 .472 7 Yes
1957 Philadelphia 14 16 .467 7 Yes
Teams NL Central Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1975 St. Louis 15 15 .500 —– Yes
 2000 Colorado 15 15 .500 —- Yes
1996 Cincinnati 13 17 .433 2 Yes
1973 Houston 12 18 .422 3 Yes
Teams NL West Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1975 San Francisco 24 9 .727 —– Yes
2007 Los Angeles (N) 14 16 .467 8 1/2 Yes
2012 Arizona  12 18 .400 10 1/2 Yes
1982 San Diego 10 20 .333 12 1/2 Yes

My 3rd league is our great teams league starting its 3rd season. Last season the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers repeated as world champs defeating the 2010 Texas Rangers 4 games to two. Can they three peat? And what team would YOU like to manage to try and stop them? We’ve just started so only a few games have been played so if you’re interested jump right in. Games are scheduled for Fridays.

Teams AL EastWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1993 Toronto21.667—–Yes
1970 Baltimore00.0001/2Yes
1999 Boston00.0001/2No
1961 Yankess12.3331No
Teams AL CentralWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1954 Cleveland00.000—–Yes
1974 Oakland00.000—-Yes
2006 Detroit00.000—-Yes
2010 Texas00.000—-Yes
Teams AL OtherWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1924 Washington00.000—–No
1967 Minnesota00.000—–Yes
1977 Kansas City00.000—–Yes
2009 New York (A)00.000—–Yes
Teams NL EastWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1975 Cincinnati201.000—–Yes
1955 Brooklyn00.0001Yes
2019 Washington Nats00.-0001No
1998 Atlanta02.0002No
Teams NL CentralWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1957 Milwaukee00.000—–Yes
1971 Pittsburgh00.000—–Yes
1985 St. Louis00.000—–No
2003 Cubs00.000—–Yes
Teams NL OtherWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1977 Philadelphia00.000—–Yes
2001 Arizona00.000—–Yes
2007 Colorado00.000—–Yes
2016 Chicago (N)00.000—–No

If you are interested in taking over the management of any of these teams contact me in comments.

Doctor Who: Get Woker Go Broker

I recently found myself re-listening to some of the big finish Doctor Who episodes I bought over the years before the BBC told me and the rest of the people who have actually cared about the series and the character over the last half decade what they could do with their fandom.

Apparently this strategy has not been all that productive when it came to the new “festive” special:

Whereas the Christmas Special used to get ratings in the 12 million, 13 million range, the latest “Festive Special” got… 4.69 million.

The absolute lowest of the rebooted Doctor Who.

The irony being that according to my oldest who actually watched it the episode was one best of the Jodie Whitaker series, in that it was better than the absolute worst episodes (like Fear Her and Oxygen) of the revived series but not as good as what could be considered a standard vanilla episode like The Curse of the Black Spot or even Thin Ice.

Of course the problem for these guys is that while the BBC is a government agency and can be a gravy train it is not the government itself and thus can’t force people to watch and without viewer the portion of the train offered eventually shrink’s to the point where it’s bad for the reputation of those involved, to wit:

The Mirror cited a Doctor Who source as saying: “It’s all very hush-hush but it is known on set that Jodie is leaving and they are gearing up for a regeneration. Her departure is top secret but at some point over the coming months the arrival of the 14th Doctor will need to be filmed.”

Unfortunately while some might cite this as good news the bad new is that they are keeping her for a 3rd series so as not to pretend that the first female doctor was not the abysmal failure that it was. As bad as that news is the worst news is in the next paragraph:

The report added that Whittaker’s co-stars Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole will also leave the show to make way for a refreshed alien-fighting team. Mandip Gill will remain, while British comedian John Bishop is joining the cast. Showrunner Chris Chibnall will also remain with the BBC Studios-produced series, the Mirror added.

This means that the re-writing of the series as uber woke (rather than just quietly woke as it has been since it came back) and the throwing out of canon to indulge Chibnall’s fanboy fantasy will continue.

While the critics where orgasmic at the changes I suspect people developing projects might think twice about hiring an actress that has killed an almost 60 year cash cow for their purposes. I’d feel sorry for Whittaker who is a passable actress who has done some good work in the past if she didn’t rub the wokeness in at the start

The real question will be having already chased away the paying customers who will want to come in for the series death? With Chibnall still the boss and the BBC having given in the woke mob once it’s certain said woke mob will demand an equally as woke if not more woke choice. Of course if the BCC figures the series can’t be saved they will like choose a white straight male who can be blamed for the cancellation.

Given the degree of wisdom we’ve seen from actors of late I’m sure a suitable sucker can be found then again if there is one thing these parasites know it’s self preservation.

CIA’s X-Files Drop

With rioters crashing the Capitol just days into the new year, 2021 has got off to a rollicking start. So we probably should have predicted the release of the CIA’s “entire file” on UFOs. The Black Vault, a website devoted to the collection and publication of government records related to UFOs and paranormal phenomena run by John Greenewald, Jr., released the treasure trove of documents after twenty years of Freedom of Information Act requests filed with the CIA dating back to 1996 (when Greenewald was 15).

The records go back to the early 1950s, when officials grew concerned when “so many ‘flying saucers’” were being reported. An April 1976 memo, painted with redactions as it is, still reveals a moment where Assistant Deputy Director for Science & Technology is handed intelligence and, after a brief examination, says he would “personally look into the matter.” The description of the intelligence itself was redacted. Some report? Photographs? Can you request the retraction of redactions through the FOIA?

Several reports focus on UFO sightings across the globe, from a 1957 sighting in Iran, a 1965 document concerning Antarctic Flying Saucers,” a heavily redacted account of 1976 sighting in Morocco, and a 1977 report about “’Unusual’ Natural Phenomena” in the Soviet Republic of Karelia, a province of the Soviet Union adjacent to Finland, where a “huge star suddenly [flared] up in the dark sky” and sent “shafts of light to the earth,” before moving over the city of Petrozavodsk like a “medusa” and then toward nearby Lake Onega. A 1985 report about another Soviet incident 120 miles from Minsk, in present day Belarus, also describes a “large star” seen by an airline crew mid-flight that again sent lights to the earth, amid many other details.

The release follows less than a year after the US. Navy officially acknowledged three incidents, one in 2004 and two in 2015, in which its pilots encountered “unidentified aerial phenomena” that seemed to defy the known laws of physics.

On Thursday of this week, the Navy claimed its top secret briefing slides relating to the 2004 incident, if released as requested by a separate FOIA filing by UFO researcher Christian Lambright, would “cause exceptionally grave damage” to U.S. national security.

None of the recently released evidence provides confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth, but the year is still young. If 2021 hopes to outdo 2020, a light show over Devil’s Tower would probably do it.

A Sad Tale

As I see what’s been going on since November in general over the last 10 days in particular I have to say this.

I’m only slightly disappointed in the Democrats, you have to remember that I didn’t expect better of then and I stated bluntly that the only reason why President Trump won in 2016 is the left didn’t think they needed to steal the election and the long delay in finally calling it that evening was all about seeing if they could steal sufficient votes to solve the problem, but not having time or the coordination and planning that was available by 2020 it just wasn’t doable.

I am however disappointed in everyone else, either through inaction or fear has gone along. I always presumed that Americans were adverse to having their rights and prerogative taken from them but apparently that died with the world war two generation.

They may not have been the greatest generation of Americans but apparently they were the last.

As a rule republics commit suicide, it may still be possible to resuscitate ours over the next four years but that will depend on how willing the people will be to let it die rather than do the heavy lifting required to keep it alive..

The Big Tech purge of Parler goes against everything the United States stands for

It has been understood since the very inception of the United States that freedom of speech is one of the most important ideals of this nation.  That ideal forms our very foundation.   It is beyond depressing that a significant percentage of the population of the United States no longer values freedom of speech.  It is beyond infuriating that a cabal of self appointed high tech overlords have been engaged in the systematic silencing of individuals who express ideas that conflict with the progressive orthodoxy.

The high tech fascism and censorship reached an appalling level when these corporate tyrants ganged up on the free speech social media platform Parler and forced it to close down, perhaps permanently.  Here is how the CEO of Parler described what took place.  The quote is from this Deadline article.

Parler CEO John Matze said today that his social media company has been dropped by virtually all of its business alliances after Amazon, Apple and Google ended their agreements with the social media service.

“Every vendor from text message services to email providers to our lawyers all ditched us too on the same day,” Matze said today on Fox News.

Matze conceded that the bans could put the company out of business while raising free speech issues, calling it “an assault on everybody.”

“They all work together to make sure at the same time we would lose access to not only our apps, but they’re actually shutting all of our servers off tonight, off the internet,” Matze said. “They made an attempt to not only kill the app, but to actually destroy the entire company. And it’s not just these three companies. Every vendor from text message services to email providers to our lawyers all ditched us too on the same day.”

Liberals on social media constantly point out that these tech companies are private companies therefore they have every right to engage in this despicable behavior.  That is true.  What liberals are implying is that we have no right to complain about this fascism and we must remain silent about it.  On that they are egregiously misguided.  I have every right to speak out against anything and everything I choose to because I have freedom of speech, and that includes private companies that are behaving like a bunch of fascists.  I have every right to speak out about this disgusting censorship and use my voice, and typing to suggest that everyone who is outraged by these direct attacks on freedom of speech to boycott any company that is involved.  Every individual has the tight to criticize, complain about, and rail against whatever they want to. I for one will never use Amazon, Google or Apple again.

I don’t know how many times someone on the political left has told me that what these high tech companies are doing is not censorship because only governments can engage in censorship.  That is utter bovine excrement   Censorship occurs whenever someone is silenced by someone else, no matter the circumstances.  Censorship is always wrong and always deserves condemnation.

Progressives, and many on the right who should know better, believes that there is such a class of speech known as hate speech and that it is not protected by the First Amendment.  The problem with the whole concept of hate speech is that no one can agree what is hate speech and what is not.  You absolutely do not want the government of high tech tyrants defining that constitutes what speech.  Far too often progressives deem something to be hate simply because it conflicts with their political beliefs and ideology. 

Trump Still the One, Impeachment vs COVID, Dominion to the Rescue, Relief, Impeachment Votes for EVERYBODY, Save the Narrative and Can Dems Deliver Under the Fedora

Think for a second:

You are the Democrat/Media/Academia/DeepState/RedChina/BigTech complex. You have spent an entire week demonizing Donald Trump as a violent extremist to the point of impeaching him a 2nd time a week before he leaves office and after all of this you see this from Frank Luntz:

If after a week of all of this they haven’t moved the needle on President Trump with his base, I suspect oppressing his voters and driving them underground will not do the trick.

Then again when you can steal elections rather than win them, why worry about what the voters think?

I wonder how many Americans, particularly in shut down blue states who struggled without help waiting for a relief bill felt when democrats who couldn’t pass one for six months needed only a week to do impeachment again.

If Democrats took as much time trying to provide COVID relief for the country then they did pursuing impeachment then I suspect the country would be in a lot better shape.

I think the GOP congressmen who jumped on the impeachment bandwagon are going to have a hard time come election 2022.

Perhaps Liz Cheney can make sure Dominion machines are installed in all their districts .

I understand that articles of Impeachment will be filed against Joe Biden on Jan 21st.

While it’s just as productive as yesterday’s impeachment vote I don’t see how anyone on the left can complain.

There seems to be a lot of people moving very fast here trying to get people silenced and/or blacklisted before President Trump leaves the White House.

I’m presuming this is to keep any narrative other than their own from breaking out that might contract what they’ve been selling.

Why do I have the feeling that the Democrats are going to focus solely on attacking the GOP after the 21st because it’s a lot easer than actually governing or solving problems?

I’m betting that a lot of people, particularly those in Democrat cities still not rebuilt after the riots are not going to be all that impressed over the next four years.

Presume they are Lying and Lay Low

One of the bad things about being in quarantine (Both my wife and son tested positive this week, I tested negative) in addition to burning up my sick time less than a week after getting it back is that I’m home to see the news and all of the media has gone completely insane.

Is as if America never existed.

There is a lot I can say about it that deserves a longer post, but I just want to give two pieces of advice that I have taken to heart concerning reporting since the 6th.

The first is to work under the assumption that nothing you’re seeing in media is true and that any member of the press that you don’t know personally and trust implicitly is lying unless personally aware of a reason to think otherwise.

Given the reactions from members of the government it seems likely I will shortly be extending that position to them as well.

It took less than a week for these folks to go full fascist, if they are this bad with only 7 days before they have control of the House, Senate and White House that tells me they’re still scared and scared people are capable of anything.

The second piece of advice is to law low. Don’t get me wrong, talk on Gab, post on your blog and if you don’t mind tweet the truth out, but don’t put yourself out there in the streets or in any protest at least not yet.

Right now those working to give us to China are taking advantage of panic don’t give them a reason for it. If they want to stage a false flag operation make them do it from scratch.

It’s going to be a big jump from what they’ve done to coming for us, don’t let them make that jump with ease.

Consequences, The Deep State’s Miscalculation, Sudden Education, Taking an Interest, and economic reckoning

I don’t think you can do better in illustrating how little state and federal lawmakers and judges understood the cost allowing the steal of election 2020 than this tweet and exchange with Lindsey Graham.

Horse meet barn door

Every state and federal lawmaker who passed the buck can take a bow as the left/deepstate do their best to destroy the freedoms we’ve taken for granted for our lifetime. And believe me they haven’t gotten started yet.

One of the oddities at the conclusion of our first Civil War was that the south ad its people was ready to make Jefferson Davis, the scapegoat for all that happened to him. The treatment of him after his capture how so over the top that not only did it produce objections from people in the North who were all in when it came to the war but didn’t hold with barbarity but it instantly rehabilitated and the southern states and it’s people.

It strikes me that the instant censorship and the move to try to impeach President Trump with less that ten days to go has accomplished the same thing, spoiling their perfect frame.

Trump is going to emerge from this more powerful than ever and moreover it will be a power that will simmer underground in places they can’t see.

As I look at the left/tech/media going wild with censorship and just plain falsehoods and so many going along with it I’m reminded of a line from the movie High Noon when Marshall Kane goes to his old broken down mentor for help and advice because everyone is deserting him

Martin: It figures. It’s all happened too fast. People have to talk themselves into law and order before they do anything about it. Maybe because down deep don’t care, they just don’t care.

This seems to be the way people are taking the sudden and instant loss of freedom. They’ve never lived without it and they never learned it was worth fighting for so they don’t know what it means to lose it.

In ten days everyone going to get an education.

With all that’s happening this story isn’t getting the play it should:

The yield on 10-year Treasury debt rose to 1.1% by Friday from 0.91% to end Monday. With the Democrats winning control of the Senate, the likelihood has increased that Congress will approve spending at least a few hundred billion more dollars to prop up the economy. That means better growth and slightly higher inflation could emerge. Bond yields reflect those expectations.

The idea that Democrat policies are going to produce growth is laughable but the fact that interest rates are going up means trouble. The only reason the spending that’s been going on since Clinton’s days hasn’t destroyed us has been that interest rates have been basically zero meaning that we pretty much were dealing with trillions of dollars of 0% loads. Once rising interest rates are combined with free money it become weimar pretty fast

I’m not surprised that the general public doesn’t understand this but you’d think Barron’s would.

One more economic thought on this subject. One of the things about the Trump Boom was tax revenues were pouring in so well that it allowed states like NY & MA and even Ca to cover the costs and consequences of their policies.

The Biden bust is coming and that will no longer be the case. The reckoning will not be pretty.

Bad violence

Twitter suspended the account of the U.S. President on Friday, citing a supposed “risk of further incitement of violence,” though it failed to actually identify any such prior incitement. No surprise there – Trump’s failures on Wednesday were legion, but they in no way amounted to “incitement,” which makes citing any incitement exceedingly difficult.

Not that Twitter’s actually concerned about the violence – they only object to what inspired the violence: Congress’s approval of the election of Joe Biden. When the Left was trying to burn down police stations and federal courthouses, Twitter genuflected to Black Lives Matter. And Twitter’s only too happy to oblige the communist thugs torturing the Uighurs of western China. But, then, that is their violence.  Leftist violence.

But even taking Twitter at its word, its decision doesn’t hold up. University of Wisconsin law professor and blogger Ann Althouse lists what she calls the seven “most violent statements.” None of them can be construed as encouraging violence or criminal acts, which is what the law actually requires. As UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh puts it, citing the 1969 Supreme Court case Brandenburg v. Ohio, which set the legal standard, “even ‘advocacy of the use of force or of law violation’ can’t be punished unless it ‘is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.’ Saying things that foreseeably move some audience members to act illegally isn’t enough.”

So the millennial hall monitors that run Twitter suspended the account of the U.S. President on Friday and then lied about why. They also suspended Gen. Michael Flynn and attorney Sidney Powell, who committed the sin of sharing conspiracy theories involving QAnon.

Oh, and then Google Play kicked Twitter alternative Parler off its platform.

And Apple is threatening to do the same.

And YouTube suspended Steve Bannon’s account.

And Simon and Schuster cancelled its publication of Senator Josh Hawley’s book.

Meanwhile, it takes an uproar to get Twitter to decide a tweet by communist China’s U.S. embassy promoting genocide violated its terms. It’s good to be Red in Twitterville.

As the Left loves to point out whenever conservatives point out the disparate way Twitter treats them compared to, say, genocidal monsters, Twitter and the other tech giants are privately owned companies, and so not subject to constitutional limits on free speech. Funny they don’t seem to recognize such rights when it comes to mandating private companies, say, pay for employee abortions – but when it comes to shutting conservatives up, the Left is only too happy to oblige. Their devotion to open discourse is, uh, falling into question.

But here the Left plays with fire, as it tends to do. After all, Twitter uses the internet, which was, as everyone knows, created by the U.S. government. Lawyers are crafty types; shouldn’t take long for an enterprising advocate to come up with some theory, arguing that the internet is a public utility, and discriminating against some is discriminating against all, or some line of bull of similar aroma.

Even Alexander Graham Bell didn’t go kicking racists like Woodrow Wilson off his telephone lines.

Though now that I think of it, that might not have been such a bad idea…

Never Forget that Courage is the Exception Not the Rule In Human Nature.

Sam:Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something.

Frodo: What are we holding onto, Sam?

Sam: That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for.

The Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers 2002

McCoy: Spock, I’ve found that evil usually triumphs unless good is very, very careful.

Star Trek, the Omega Glory 1968

While I believe challenging the electoral college results was necessary and getting these folks on record was important I had no illusions that a sudden conversion of honor or courage would break out among our representative any more than it had among our judges or state representatives. As a Christian I believe all things are possible with God and it was certainly impossible if nothing was done so I figured go for it. It’s the same reason why I occasionally buy a lottery ticket. I would have accept a Little Christmas miracle if it happened but I wasn’t banking on it.

What really surprised me however over the last 48 hours was the number of people actually who expected the congress to show enough courage to stop the steal of the election when the various state legislatures, the various state and federal courts and the supreme court all punted. They didn’t think it was a million to one shot, they thought it might actually happen.

I’ve been thinking about why this might be the case and it hit me that the blame here isn’t so much with the various sites that have pushed the case or those who have used it as a fundraising ploy, but it’s instead because of a basic fact that has to some degree been hidden thanks to popular culture for quite a while.

You see in the Novels, Movies and TV we have seen all our lifetime people showing courage, striving for right and defying all odds to deliver for right and justice. Indiana Jones always picks the right grail. Wonder Woman always shows up to keep Batman from being fried. The Incredibles always stop the robot. NCIS gets their man or their terrorist. Rick manages to avoid arrest for shooting Major Strasser, Sgt. Rutledge saves his company and the true criminal is exposed in his trial, Peter Blood avoids execution and escapes to the Spanish Main.

In all these heroic tales the hero wins despite every bit of odds against him. but there’s a reason for that and it’s not as Mythbusters suggest due to technological oddities.

Why Imperial Stormtroopers Miss So Much. “Adam Savage of MythBusters fame decided to try and figure out just how fast the… whatever it is coming out of the blasters actually moves. Using the height Harrison Ford and the width of a door as visual references, Savage performs some arithmetic to come up with a shockingly slow speed: 130 miles per hour over 40 feet. For comparison, your average bullet comes out of the barrel moving at around 1,700 miles per hour. Stormtroopers may be better served by ditching the blasters for a good semi-auto.”

While this is fun the real reason why the storm troopers miss is because if they hit then the movie ends at the start. People want to pay money to see heroes in action. Nobody wants to pay money to see the bad guys win. The good guy wins because it’s written that way.

That’s one important consideration but there is another cultural phenomenon that is almost as old as recorded history, that we celebrate Heroes. There have been heroic epics as long as there have been heroes and those epic are so deep and so ingrained in our cultural standing that some of them have endured with us almost from the start of recorded time.

Why, it’s actually simple, because actual heroism is rare.

It takes a lot for people to risk the one life they have, or to risk the comfort they have and to lay it all on the line for a principle. We rightly revere our founding fathers not just because they came up with one of the most incredible forms of government ever in existence, but because they put everything on the line to do so and amazingly won.

This is in fact also why for 100 years after the Confederate leaders and Heroes where celebrated as American Heroes. They put everything on the line for their cause, a bad one and frankly a disgraceful one (if you don’t believe me read Confederate VP Alexander Stephens Crossroads Speech where he attacks the founding fathers for being in error by opposing slavery) but one they thought good.

When they lost they lost everything but still insisted that it had been a cause worth losing everything for. Even those who fought against them recognized this courage and respected it which is why they allowed those who shot at them and tried to kill them to be honored without objection because courage is a virtue so great that it is admired in any who hold it. In fact as late as the 1980’s a leftist like Ken Burns could make a documentary about the civil war without demonizing these folks without critique.

Of course

I doubt he would make that film today.

The truth is indifference and / or cowardice is the norm as is repression and censorship and slavery. The freedoms granted by our constitution and the freedom and prosperity that the United States has enjoyed since its founding are the exception rather than the rule in the history of man.

In fact they’re so expectational that for hundreds of years people have flocked here to make their lives. It’s, in my opinion, the greatest max movement of population in human history that was not driven by a war or famine or a natural disaster. It was driven by the chance for people to have to reach their maximum potential for themselves and their children and to do it without fear.

That very act is an act of courage, but the biggest enemy of courage is not cowardice, but comfort. It is very hard for a comfortable person to jump into the fight when by doing nothing they can live like a king. In fact Donald Trump showed that kind of courage by being serious about running for president. As long as he was considered a joke spoiler the elites were willing to laugh but once he became an actual threat to their power, then they endeavored to destroy him.

This is understood by those who are threatened by courage, in fact that’s why the press hailed Mitt Romney’s speech in the senate as if it was an act of courage when in fact it is the easiest thing in the word for a person to go along with the powers that be and support them, So when courage has to be suppressed it’s necessary to have something masquerade in its place.

People dream of being heroes, kids play at being heroes nobody dreams of being a coward.

Alas the lack of real courage that was shown at all stages of this farce comes with a price. All Americas will be paying it for a very long time.