Want to understand why Democrat/Media/Political left Defends ANTIFA? Watch this Stargirl Clip

Baldrick: My mother told me to stand up to homicidal maniacs

Black Adder the 3rd Duel and Duality 1987

One of the most pleasant surprises of this TV season has been the DC series Stargirl a well written comic book series about a character I had never heard of as she was introduced a full 10 years after I closed my comic store.

Over the past 10 weeks or so it’s become a Sunday ritual in the house that my wife gets home from work just before midnight, I get home 30 minutes later and we watch the newest episode which goes live at 11 PM EST each Sunday on the DC network together. It is well acted, well plotted and very well written, likely due to the fact the actual creator of the characters involved is the writer. Furthermore because of the DC multiverse concept (introduced way back in 1961 ) there is complete flexibility as to if a character lives or dies as was amply demonstrated in last week’s show the penultimate episode of this 1st season. (a spoiler from said episode 12 follows)

To set the stage, Injustice Society of America members Sportsmaster (Neil Hopkins) & his wife Tigress (Joy Osmanski) have just failed to killed Stargirl & her family as assigned. So the leader of the ISA Icicle (Neil Jackson) sends the Fiddler (Hinda Kahn) to assist them in a 2nd murder attempt with this result:

Now this scene struck me in several ways. First of all even in normal everyday circumstances it’s rather impolite to go into a couple’s home, insult their daughter and declare them unfit parents, but it’s downright suicidal to do so when:

  1. You know said people are psychopathic killers
  2. You, as the principal of the high school their daughter attends, know that said psychopathic killers have already killed three of your school’s football coaches for disciplining said daughter on the field.
  3. You know they kill for sheer pleasure.

That a highly intelligent professional cold blooded calculating murderer would not see the danger in this and instead presume that because they were all working toward the same master plan about to come to fruition they’d just take being scolded and insulted on a personal family level without complaint, surprised me completely.

I mean, it’s a comic show so you have to suspend disbelief to a degree but C’mon!

And THAT brings us to Antifa and the Democrats.

There seems to be some surprise online that the Democrats who turned up for Senator Cruz’s hearing on ANTIFA were unwilling to criticize them

despite testimony like this:

and this

Some are surprised, even shocked that Senators are defending people who are either burning down or attempting to burn down federal courthouses and attacking federal officers and police.

I’m not, this is a perfectly rational reaction on their part.

Public stances not withstanding they know they are dealing with homicidal maniacs, who have enlisted useful idiots to commit violence, they also know that said homicidal maniacs & their useful idiots have gone after political allies including the Mayors of Seattle, Portland and Oakland, even to their own homes in order to intimidate them and keep them in line in they deviate even one bit from their desired memes.

Given those facts it’s completely rational that Senators and Governors and Mayors would make it a point to not to say a bad word about the homicidal maniacs and useful idiots of ANTIFA. It makes even more sense when said Senators, Governors and Mayors have been using the same police and law enforcement whose job it would be to protect them from said homicidal maniacs and useful idiots, as punching bags for the last three months or more.

In fact it’s even more rational for MSM reporters to kowtow to the homicidal maniacs and useful idiots of antifa because unlike the Senators Governors and Mayors trying to defund and handcuff law enforcement, they do not have said police protection at their beck and call.

So while their actions might be despicable and dishonorable, they are entirely rational when dealing with such folks. You could ask Principal Bowen’s character from Stargirl about that but, alas she is no longer available for comment.

Note: The final episode of season 1 of Stargirl will be unlocked Sunday at 11 PM EST on the DC Universe livestream site and will be broadcast on air on the CW the following day. If you have an interest in the show this would be an excellent time to binge watch the 1st 12 episodes before the season finale. I suspect you’ll enjoy it.

Someone Read these guys the Constitution

One of the disadvantages of a “liberal” education, that is a education by political liberals rather than what was once called a classical liberal education is that people forget some rather basic stuff.

A good example of this comes in this story concerning a “wargame” of election 2020 that Twitchy mentioned:

Let’s forget about the point of the Democrats not accepting the results of the election and look at a point that seems to have been missed by those brilliant Democrat wargamers.

In a dispute over electors the House and Senate votes BY STATE.

That means that while there are 38 more democrats than Republicans in California, that adds up to ONE vote for democrats, Just like Texas’ 9 seat republican majority is worth only one vote.

Pelosi’s Majority means NOTHING

What does that mean? It means that if the Democrats manage to not only maintain their current majority manage to get the exact same makup as they have now (highly unlikely) if there is a vote on disputed electorial votes OR if the house has to pick a president then the count is:

Republicans 26 Democrats 23 Tied 1 (Pennsylvania)

And remember that presumes the GOP picks up no seats in close states. If the GOP picks up one seat in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Colorado suddenly they have republican majorities.

And one seat in Minnesota, Iowa, Nevada, Maine or NH deadlocks those states, two flips them.

And remember the GOP has the majority of states ALREADY.

Now I don’t doubt that Democrats and the media in such a scenario would go all in on flipping a few members but I don’t doubt that GOP supporters would do so as well.

So who do you think gets the presidency if it goes to the house, big hint, it sure is hell isn’t Joe Biden.

Report from Louisiana: I’m armed with a spray bottle and a rag.

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – Admittedly, I am more than a little obsessed with reading about coronavirus and learning everything I can about mitigating the spread in my classroom as I prepare to return to in-person classes soon. The medical and research community is learning so much about the virus, how it spreads, and how we treat it every single day. What we thought we knew in May or June is already out of date.

I’ve been increasingly alarmed about returning to the classroom as regular readers of my posts know. My classroom usually holds 27 kids, it has no ventilation, and the windows don’t open. There is one door. It is a small room, as classrooms go, and so 25 kids in there is a wall to wall, but we always push those limits. I am told this year, as long as Louisiana is in Phase 2, there will be no more than ten students in the room at a time.

Every teacher will be supplied with one spray bottle of HALT, a hospital grade cleaner and disinfectant, and one microfiber rag. We are to use this rag to clean desks between classes, for the entire week, then the rag will be washed.

Every teacher will be provided with a cloth mask, and disposable masks will be available to students who do not have a mask. Masks will be mandatory for all, but “flexibility is expected,” assumingly for students with asthma and other medical conditions.

And pretty much, that’s it.  Good luck.

I’m honestly not sure how long we will be in school; as schools across the country are beginning to open up it does not seem to be going well. In Indiana, there was an issue on Day One at Greenfield Central when an infected student came to school. Also in Indiana, Elwood Senior High School is closing for one week because a staff member was positive for Covid.

White House coronavirus task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx said on Sunday that “areas with high caseloads and active community spread should ‘distance learn at this moment so we can get this epidemic under control.’” In Louisiana, our community spread rate has been in the upper 90% consistently.

So, I’m kind of resigned at this point; I’ll go back into my classroom which will in no way resemble the normal classroom that everyone wants to return to. It will be distance learning in person. I won’t be able to consult one on one with kids who need help because I can’t get that close to them.  I won’t be able to walk through the room to monitor work or behavior. There can be no fun group projects or activities.

And then someone will get sick; I hope it’s not the teacher on the third floor who has been doing chemo. I hope it’s not the teacher who gets pneumonia every year and struggles with respiratory issues. I hope it’s not the teacher with an auto-immune disease on my floor. I hope it’s not any of the students. I hope it’s not me. I hope none of us bring it home to at-risk family members.

And you know, there are these people who say that teachers are griping and worrying for nothing, that we are lazy and just don’t want to go to work. They point out that retail workers and grocery workers, hospital workers and law enforcement, have been working all along. This is true. They have. And thank goodness for that.

But which of them works in a small, unventilated room enclosed with 10 to 25 people, for six hours a day, for 60 to 90 minutes at a time? Not to take away from what other groups are doing at all, but what we are about to ask of teachers is unprecedented.

So. Armed with my spray bottle, my mask, and my microfiber rag, I’m expected to do what Major League Baseball can’t even do: protect my charges from a pandemic. With all of their money, and all of their resources, MLB can’t protect their million dollar investments.

But me and my spray bottle will try.

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport and is the author of Cane River Bohemia: Cammie Henry and her Circle at Melrose Plantation. Follow her on Instagram @patbecker25 and Twitter @paustin110.

100 Word Fan Fiction Challenge, Too months too late

“A million in Gold Monsieur Maverick” pleaded LeBron desperately. “Surely a mere two days refuge is a small thing to ask for such a reward?”

Even at this stage in life Maverick eyes came to attention at the figure offered by the collaborator, desperate to escape the wrath of his countrymen as the Allies approached Paris. A million was a million & a Maverick a Maverick.

He could not help but be tempted, that is if he didn’t already have LeBron’s gold having substituted the Nazi’s pet prefect’s fortune of stolen bullion for gold plated base metal months ago.

100 Word Fan Fiction Challenge A lick of Paint

“Such poor copies und in wasser too.” The Gestapo man shook his head “An establishment like yours should do better Herr Maverick.”

The elderly gambler smiled “Herr Hess solders come for the gambling & the ladies, not portraits, besides if they were too good Marshall Goering might wisk them away for his collection!”

Hess refilled his glass laughing at the quip. Maverick nodded, displaying a poker face with sixty years of practice, betraying neither knowledge of the German’s mission nor that only a thin layer of watercolor separated Hess from completing his task to recover what Goering had rightfully stolen.

China & an October Surprise

I’ve been thinking about the China seed story and something stuck me.

China has plenty of problem, a food crisis, an infection crisis, concentration camps and the three gorges dam on the brink all of these things cause internal problems.

Even worse their purchase of pols, reporters, businessmen, colleges, athletic teams and players internationally has been unable to stop their decline in influence externally thanks to the covid/wuhan/ccp virus which they generously gave to the world.

Communist dictatorships usually teeter over time. China as a communist state has now been around 71 years which is about as long as the Soviet state lasted (1917-1991 74 years) and now not only are they facing internal threats they are now facing the the single biggest external threat China’s Communist government has ever seen.

Donald Trump.

Not so much because Trump is working to overthrow them, hey he even concedes that China’s leaders have a right , even an obligation to put China 1st and doesn’t blame them when they do.

He’s a threat because he is a throwback to the days when American Presidents not only gave lip service to the evils of communism but declared them openly and took steps to counter them.

Furthermore not only has he been working diligently and quietly to dismantle their web of influence within the country from exposing connections to colleges to breaking up spy centers but he has the nasty habit of plainly speaking the truth about What China is and what they do. This has stiffened the spines of other countries and hurt China’s ability to influence the world.

That influence is going to be vital China is going to be able to deal with their internal issues without an implosion and if Donald Trump is reelected their ability to put up that international facade of stability & strength necessary for its survival might just disappear.

So what will China do when sometime in October that despite the ongoing attempt of the media to spin this election it becomes clear that Trump will be re-elected? How will they react when their worst nightmare comes true?

That is the $64,000,000 question ( adjusted for inflation) what will a desperate Communist China do? I don’t know, but I’ve decided they’re capable of anything.

That is why I will not be surprised if October of 2020 becomes one of the most dangerous months for America if not the world in this century.

Sarah Hoyt says we’re seeing the death rattle of the revolution not it’s birth and I suspect the final sentences of her piece will prove prophetic:

Stay aware Stay calm. Don’t get caught up in their play. This is their last push.

And if history is any guide, it will fail. The only question now is how high a butcher’s bill will we have to pay.

I suspect this October is when we will find out. (Hope I’m wrong).

We must refuse to be silenced by the PC mob

The state of free speech has never been as grave as it is now thanks to the left side of the political specteum.  I’m not saying that the political right has a perfect record when it comes to censorship, far from it.  It is just that censorship from progressives has become so widespread and so insidious.  This censorship comes in so many different forms such as all of this politically correct nonsense that has been going on for decades.  College campuses were once bastions of free speech, now they are black holes of censorship, especially when it comes to the ideas of the political right.  Censorship of conservatives on social media has reached epidemic proportions.

Those that are carrying out the censorship are not content with preventing those they disagree with from speaking, they are now attempting to destroy the livelihood of those they disagree with.  This has lead to the cancel culture which is so prevalent right now.

Verbal intimidation and even physical intimidation is now becoming a common component of the censorship.  This has led to an ever increasing number individuals censoring themselves.  This Cato national survey on the subject is very depressing.

A new Cato national survey finds that self‐​censorship is on the rise in the United States. Nearly two-thirds—62%—of Americans say the political climate these days prevents them from saying things they believe because others might find them offensive. 

The survey is indirect proof that those on the far left are most often guilty of censorship and intimidation.

Strong liberals stand out, however, as the only political group who feel they can express themselves. Nearly 6 in 10 (58%) of staunch liberals feel they can say what they believe. However, centrist liberals feel differently. A slim majority (52%) of liberals feel they have to self‐​censor, as do 64% of moderates, and 77% of conservatives. This demonstrates that political expression is an issue that divides the Democratic coalition between centrist Democrats and their left flank.

The survey is also proof that those of us on the right are also guilty of this sin and that we should strive to do better.

The survey found that many Americans think a person’s private political donations should impact their employment. Nearly a quarter (22%) of Americans would support firing a business executive who personally donates to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign. Even more, 31% support firing a business executive who donates to Donald Trump’s re‐​election campaign.

Support rises among political subgroups. Support increases to 50% of strong liberals who support firing executives who personally donate to Trump. And more than a third (36%) of strong conservatives support firing an executive for donating to Biden’s presidential campaign.

Thanks to the indoctrination that has been taking place on college campuses for decades, and has now spread to high schools and grade schools, young individuals are more likely to not value free speech.

Young Americans are also more likely than older Americans to support punishing people at work for personal donations to Trump. Forty‐​four percent (44%) of Americans under 30 support firing executives if they donate to Trump. This share declines to 22% among those over 55 years old.

This Breitbart article Stephen Miller: ‘Cancel Culture’ Seeks to Silence Majority offers proof that the Trump administration takes this issue seriously.

It is an effort at making people so afraid to speak their minds that a minority of radicals can effectively intimidate a majority of common-sense Americans, and that’s often how totalitarianism functions. If you can scare people at saying things they know to be true, and then you can even deprive them of the language to express themselves — not illegal aliens, but undocumented Americans, right? Not rioters and anarchists peaceful protesters …

When you take away people’s language, and then you punish them severely and excoriate them for saying things that we all know to be true, it’s possible for a minority of people to effectively bully the majority into acquiescence. That must be fought against above virtually any other objective we have right now.

The only way to win back our freedom to speak our minds whenever we want to is if we  refuse to be silenced.  We must speak out forcefully against politically correctness and this cancel culture, even from our side.

Some Election Math Police Edition

I’ve always known how to count

Tip O’Neill

I keep getting a lot of flack for predicting that Donald Trump will win re-election. Let me give you a little bit of thinking math.

As Byron Preston notes there are over 700,000 law enforcement agents in the US. That doesn’t count retired members.

The Democrats in general and Joe Biden in particular have thrown cops under the bus

These people have children, grandchildren and friends who know the risks they take every day.

These groups have made their preferences known, not only has the The National Association of Police Organizations endorsed Donald Trump but now police organizations, more than 100 of them, are refusing to supply officers to protect the shrunk down Democrat Convention

And you expect me to be spooked by MSM & University polls?

Boil the Chinese Seeds before you toss them

I was rather astonished, although I shouldn’t be, about this story:

Amateur gardeners beware: Officials in at least 27 states are warning the public about unsolicited seeds sent from China and appearing in mailboxes across the U.S., including in Texas.

The Texas Department of Agriculture says the seeds “could contain harmful invasive species or be otherwise unsafe” and urges Texans to not touch or plant the seeds.

And it’s not just in the US:

The New York Times reported that officials in Washington State, Virginia, Kentucky, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Florida, and Alabama have all put out warnings about the seeds. The Daily Mail also reported that “hundreds of British gardeners” have received seeds as well.

Some officials are also asking residents to avoid throwing the seeds away, lest they begin growing in landfills.

My advice is if you can’t get them to a lab to be analyzed I’d boil them before tossing them.

Closing thought: Presuming this is either an invasive species or something polluted to damage the soil or endanger lives, how is this not an act of war by China?

Quick Tuesday Thoughts Offensive Statues , Saxon & de Havilland missed Redsox & WNBA not Under The Fedora:

It makes perfect sense that Antifa & BLM are able to convince young college student to pull down statues of great men.

Every moment such statues stand it’s a reminder that they have no now nor are likely to every accomplish even a tiny percentage of the good such men have done. No wonder they’re offended by them

It’s actually the same reason why the MSM & Boomers kept classifying the WW 2 generation as “the greatest generation”. If they are the “greatest” then it’s not odd that the boomer and other fail to achieve what they did.

Actor John Saxon died this weekend. He was a guy who seemed to be everywhere, always did his job well, made the people around him better but never managed to get top billing on a big moves or show.

The John Saxons of the world keep it going

Speaking of actor’s dying Oliva de Havilland died this weekend at 104. She was the last great star of Hollywood still with us (Angelia Lansbury 9 years younger came later). Of the 16 movies I own on Amazon Prime she co-stars with Errol Flynn in four of them. With her finally dies the Golden Age of Hollywood.

I wonder how many of the obits running today and yesterday on her were initially and largely authored decades ago by writers now dead?

Well cancel culture can now come for her, if not for Gone With the Wind or her roll in speaking out against communism maybe for the fact that the 1st act she does in the 1st significant movie she appeared in (Captain Blood) involves her buying Errol Flynn’s character Peter Blood at a slave auction.

Apparently the 1st Baseball game which was the 1st broadcast of a Major Sports game since the COVID closer had, as might be expected rating through the roof.

To those who might claim this as proof that the kneeling to the anthem in empty stadiums and the BLM messages will not hurt their draw let me remind them that the 1st episode of Jodie Whitaker’s run on Doctor Who had high ratings too.

I wonder how than ended?

Meanwhile Sunday for the 1st time in my life I was driving a car at a time when the Redsox where playing a game and did NOT turn on the radio to listen.

Didn’t miss it and given the COVID 19 outbreak among the Marlins this might be the shortest season in history.

Oh and I had to laugh when I read this story of the WNBA teams walking off the court during the national anthem, which according to a correction took place before the anthem (like it matters).

Either way if there is any sports league that will not be hurt by this it’s this one. Given the predominance of the uber woke within their microscopic fan base it would likely help.

Even better for the WNBA they are so used to playing in empty arenas that their players’ games are unlikely to be affected not to mention that for the 1st and likely last time in their history their fan draw at games will be equal to the NBA.