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The Entire DaTechGuy on DaRadio Archive:

Show 88 the end.

Show 87 locked out

Show 86 Natural Discount again Joe Mangiacotti

Bonus Podcast

Show 85:  LIVE at The Natural Discount Shop w Mary Lotz

Bonus Podcast from Natural discount shop

Show 84: Mark Fisher

Show 83: Mike Slater

Market Basket Special

Show 82 William Hoge & Aaron Walker on Brett Kimberlin

Show 81 Da Magnificent Panel show Chip Jones, Dominic Nanni

Show 80 Live from La Bella Costa Ristorante

2nd Hour podcast special live from La Bella Costa part 1 part 2 and part 3

Show 79 Bill Jacobson on Obamacare and the War on Gaza

Show 78: Stupidity at Market Basket, Ukraine, Deval Patrick & Israel

Show 77 On Israel vs Gaza

Show 76: Live from the breakdown lane Matt O’Brien, Cajun’s Comments

Show 75 Live from Rita Maries’ New Bedford
Hour 1 , Hour 2 Magnificent Panel Mike Wade, Mike Hummell

Show 74: Hour 1 Hour 1, Magnificent Panel

Show 73 Hour 1 Ed Morrissey of Hotair, Hour 2 Da Magnificent Panel Mary Lotz of FRC, Joe Mangiacotti & Richard of Cajun’s comments

Show 72  Hour 1 Robert Stacy McCain  Hour 2:  Panel Matt of the Worcester Tea Party & Maxine Baptiste

Show 71 Hour 1 Make Garza, Hour 2 Chip Jones, Tom Wesley, Dominic Nanni

Show 70 Hour 1 Lisa Dipasquale, Hour 2 Tim Imholt, Mike Hummell

Show 69 LIVE from Casa Maria Convent Alabama, Gary Goldman Hour 1 on the Harvard Black Mass and Hour 2 Da Panel

Show 68 Hour 1 Hour 2

Show 67 Yid with lid hour 1 , Hour 2 People’s Cube, Tim Imholt, Dominic Nanni.

Show 66  J. D. Winteregg, and the Magnificent Panel (Maxine Baptiste, Lee Stranahan , Mark Fisher)

Show 65 Easter Show. MINH’s Art Heuffer, Hour 2 WQPH’s Mary Ann Harold

Show 64 Hour 1. Bill Kristol interview & Hillary Qualifications, Hour 2: Ray Hanna, Rob Eno, Mike Hummell & Joe Mangiacotti on Hillary & Brandeis.

Show 63 LIVE from the Nashoba Club Restaurant Ayer MA Hour 1 & Hour 2

Show 62 Hour 1 GOP Poison Poll and Dr. Melissa Clouthier Hour 2 Brad Wyatt & DaMagnificent Panel Tom Bowler (Libertarian Leanings), Maxine Baptiste.

Show 61: Hour 1 Ukraine & the Poison Poll, Hour 2 Tisei Scozzafever and Da Panel Joe Mangiacotti, Tim Imholt, Maxine Battiste & Dominic Nanni.

Show 60 Live from the Northeastern Republican Leadership Conference: Hour 1
and Hour 2.

Show 59 Live from CPAC Hour 1: Scottie Hughes, Rob Maness, , Hour 2 Smitty, Hogewash, Politichicks tV, and more.

Show 58 Lenten show Hour 1 Rod Murphy of Problem Pregnancy Hour 2 Peter Healey Mass Knight of Columbus Da Magnificent Panel Ed Morrissey of HotAir, Joe Mangiacotti & Pastor George Kelly.

Show 57 Hour 1 Fausta on Venezuela Hour 2 Me on the Arizona Religious Freedom Law & Da Magnificent Panel Right Wing Gamer, Dominic Nanni & Mike Wade.

Show 56 Hour 1 Stacy McCain on Communism, Hour 2 Magnificent Panel, Mike Hummell, Joe Mangiacotti, Dwayne Stovall, Paul Lemmen . on Wendy Davis & the Debt Ceiling

Show 55 Hour 1 AP Dillon on Common Core, Hour 2 Magnificent Panel, AP Lady Liberty 1885 Dillon, Joe Mangiacotti, Maxine Baptiste. on KY & Clinton, Paul & Election 2014.

Show 54 Hour 1: A Happy Anniversary, Hour 2 TX Sen Candidate Dwayne Stovall, Panel Stovall, John Weston, Dominic Nanni

Show 53   Hour 1 Bill Jacobson of Legal Insurrection on the ASA boycott, Hour 2 Da Magnificent Panel  Smitty from the Other McCain, Mike Hummell, Ladd Ehlinger

Show 52 Hour 1 Kirsten Hughes Ma GOP Chair, Hour 2 Da Magnificent Panel John Niewiecki, Dominic Nanni, and Mike Rogers of Granite Grok on Cuomo, Girls, IRS and unemployment.

Show 51 Hour 1 John Nolte Hour 2 Da Magnificent Panel Lee Stranahan, Mary Lotze Joe Mangiacotti & Maxine Baptiste on Christie & the IRS Scandal

Show 50: Hour 1, Fun with Global Warming & Gary Goldman and Hour 2 Da MagnificentPanel Chip Jones, Mike Hummell, Barbara Espinosa & Joe

Show 49:  Hour 1 Sara Marie Brenner, Hour 2:  Da Magnificent Panel Tom Wesley, Joe Mangiacotti, Ray Hanna

Show 48:  Christmas Show, Hour 1 Bishop Reilly, Hour two Da Magnificent Christmas Panel, Little Miss Attila, The Anchoress, Dominic Nanni, Rosemary Reynolds

Show 47:  Hour 1 Tim Donnelly, Sara Marie Brenner,  Hour 2 Sara Marie Brenner, Da Magnificent Panel:  Mary Lotze, Brad Marston Maxine Baptiste

Show 46:  Hour 1  Mandela & Lunenburg, Hour 2 Panel  Joe Mangiacotti, Janet Aldrich, Dominic Nanni , Juliette Akinyi Ochieng (Baldilocks)

Show 45: Hour 1: Tim Imholt Hour 2: Da Magnificent Panel Tim, Yid with Lid, Maxine Baptiste

Show 44:  Hour 1 Joe Scarborough… Hour 2 Da Magnificent Panel Fausta, Mike Hummell & Chip Jones,

Show 43 Hour 1 Defectors or Bipartisan Hour 2 Daniel Francisco, DaPanel Tom Wesley & The Lonely Conservative

Show 42 An Apology Hour 1, Hour 2

Show 41 Prof Janice Perry Hour 1, Hour 2

Show 40 Ed Morrissey Hour 1, Hour 2

Show 39  DaTechGuy Rides Alone Hour 1 & Hour 2

Show 38  Lee Stranahan on Pigford & Beirut.

Show 37: On the Shutdown and Stacy McCain on the Hunt Case.

Show 36 on Ted Cruz & Syria

Show 35 Sara Marie Brenner

Show 34 Live from the Nashoba Club Restaurant. Hour 1 John Weston, Author Jeff Trapani, Hour 2

Show 33: Hour 1 Syira, Hour 2 Syria & Kimberlin vs Bloggers.

Show 32:  Live from Jeffrey’s Antique Co-Op Lunenburg

Show 31: Stacy McCain

Show 30: Bill Eastland

Show 29: Chip Jones

Show 28: Ed Naile, The Roma Band, Pat Martin (Madonna della Cava

Show 27: Stacy McCain, John Larosa

Show 26 Mike Hummell, Director Ron Maxwell

Show 25 Kerry Picket, Lee Stranahan The Lonely Conservative

Show 24  Ray Hanna, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer

Show 23 1st Hour Mike Rogers Granite Grok
2nd Hour Valley Patriot

Show 22 Tony Katz

Show 21 Leften Wright

Show 20 Right Wing Granny Live at the Natural discount shop

Show 19 The Anchoress, Robert Stacy McCain

Show 18 Hour one on Kate Hunt (with Michael Graham) Hour 2 News of the week & Jihad on a London Street.

Syndicated Show 17 Mary Lotz, John Niewiecki

Syndicated Show 16: Dr. Paul Byrne

Syndicated Show 15: Dr. Tim Imholt

Syndicated Show 14: Dominic Nanni

Syndicated Show 13: Boston Bombing, Ray Hanna

Syndicated Show 12: Live from Honor Your Oath Rally, Granite Grok

Syndicated Show 11: Barbara Espinosa Rebecca & Lisa

Syndicated Show 10: Easter Show George Kelly & Lisa Graas

Syndicated Show 9: Women Against Sharia, Dave Weigel, Robert Stacy McCain

Syndicated Show 8 Live from CPAC 2013 with guests…The Kid of the Lid, Chip Jones, Smart Girl Politics, Congressman Steve Stockman TX 36, John Herr, Dan Bongino, Teri Christoph of Smart Girl Politics, Thomas LaDuke FTR Radio, Brad Marston & John LaRossa of Four Tier Strategies, Larry Sinclair (whew that’s a lot of em) Note click on CPAC 2013 to listen.

Syndicated Show 7 Pam Geller

Syndicated Show 6 Jake Tapper

Syndicated Show 5 Robert Stacy McCain (about time too!)

Syndicated Show 4: Bishop Reilly, Author Dave Carter & Editor Richard McEnroe

Syndicated Show 3 (in two parts) Hour 1 Lee Stranahan, Hour 2 Michael Graham

Syndicated Show 2 Chicks on the Right

Syndicated Show 1 1/26/13 Mandate Amendment Solicitation Cynthia Yockey, Smitty

Guest Show on Money Matters Network  Evan Sayet and James O’Keefe

Show 113  Mary Lotze & Evan Sayet

Show 112 Dr. Paul Byrne and Mike Mummell

Show 111: Guest Host the Right Wing Granny

Show 110 Larry Correia & Tom Lavin

WCRN Morning Show Guest hosting 12-27-12

Show 109 Christmas Show: Linda Binggeli, Bishop Reilly

Show 108 Americans For Prosperity, Mary Lotz

Show 107 Dan Backer, William Hoge, Robert Stacy McCain

Show 106 Carol Ann Brown

Show 105 Ray Hanna & Jennifer Pelland

Show 104 Ladd Ehlinger, Mary Lotz

Show 103 Election Post Mortum Tom Lavin & Callers

Show 102:  Pre-election & Question 2 with Gilbert Lavoie

Show 101: Jazz Shaw, The RightWing Gamer and Roadtrip

100th Anniversary show: Sissy Willis, Hank Stolz, Right Wing Granny Tom Lavin, Mike Wade, Rosemary Reynolds, Donna Colorio, Mike Rogers of Granite Grok

DaTechGuy Special Fear of A Black Republican Keven J Williams.

Show 99: Right Wing Granny, Dr. Andrew Smith PhD

DaTechGuy 1 Hour Friday Special 10-5-12 Stacy McCain

Show 98 Bishop EW Jackson, Rod Murphy

Show 97: Da Tech Guy Rides Alone

Show 96: Tom White Va Right

Show 95: Ladd Ehlinger

Show 94: Tim Imholt & Ride right through them

Show 93: Rob Eno & Fritz Weaver

Show 92: Jeff Semon, Sean Bielat, Robert Stacy McCain, Cherie Royayne

Show 91: Josh Trevino

Show 90: The Ryan Pick with Robert Stacy McCain and Ed Morrissey

Show 89: Fedoraphobia!

Show 88: Clayton Cramer, Rob Eno

Show 87: Dan Backer & Mary Lotze

Show 86: Dr. Eugene Walton Pam Geller

Show 85: Zilla of the Resistance & Valley of the Shadow

Show 84: Corey Lewandowski (Americans for Prosperity) Roxeanne DeLuca Cherie Royayne

Show 83: Rosa Korie & Barbara Espinsoa

Show 82: Donna Cahill, Jeff Semon

Show 81: Robert Stacy McCain and Ali Akbar (We found it!)

Show 80: Steve MacDonald & Ovide Lamontagne

Show 79: Phillip Hines, Jack Mitchell

WCRN Morning show Memorial day W Brian Herr

Show 78: Sean Bielat Robert Spencer

Show 77: Live from the Mall at Whitney Field

Show 76: Matthew Boyle & Sarah Rumpf

Show 75: Assisted Suicide Ballot Measure show. Dr. Mark Rollo, John Kelly, Nick Carbone

Show 74: Live from Blogcon Charlotte

Show 73: Jane Woodworth & Kevin Williamson

Show 72: Tom Bowler Libertarian Leanings

Show 71: Generation Opportunity & 1,000,000 hits

Show 70: Catholic Men’s Conference, Scott Brown, Brown event, Gail Huff, Steven Levy, Ryan Fatman, Richard Eutius, Peter Blute

Show 69: Susan Shelley

Show 68: Zack Freeman, Tom Wesley and Roxeanne DeLuca

Show 67: Brian K Hill, Jerry Wilson

Show 66. Bishop Reilly

Show 65: Sarah Rumpf Tom Wesley

Show 64: Live from CPAC 2012 with guests Nicedeb, Carol Greenberg, Alberto De La Cruz, Mary Chastain ,No Pareisan, Glenn Morton and so many others it boggles da mind!

Show 63 Antony Davies, Professor of Economics at Duquesne University

Show 62: General Bull Moose, Mark Oxner, Jason Rink

Show 61: Ed Morrissey, Dan Riehl, Barbara Espinosa, Pundette

Show 60: DaTechGuy on NH

Show 59 Stacy McCain and Granite Grok

Show 58 Sunshine State Sarah and Robert Stacy McCain

Show 57 Christmas Show, Father Z and Mary Beth Harold

Show 56: Garrett Quinn

Show 55: Kevin Jackson.

Show 54: DaTechGuy Rides alone!

Show 53: Da 1st Anniversary show: Instapundit, Protein Wisdom, LIttle Miss Attila, Andrew Staroska, Robert Stacy McCain

Show 52: Live from Blogcon 11 Denver: Yid with Lid, Tony Katz, Tabitha Hale, Moe Lane

Show 51: Tom Bowler, William Jacobson, Right Wing Granny, Joy McCann, Dan Collins

Show 50: Jimmie Bise, Steve Eggleston, Gabe Malor and Bob Belvedere.

Show 49: Buddy Roemer

Show 48: DaTechGuy voter Derby

Show 47: Rep Steve DiNatale, Roxeanne DeLuca and Ladd Ehlinger

Show 46 Robert Stacy McCain, Smitty and Ali Akbar

Show 45 Jose Trasancos & Dan Riehl

Show 44 Lisa Graas

Show 43 Ann Barnhardt and Ladd Ehlinger.

Show 42 Stacy McCain and G. Troy Morton

Show 41 Live from Broadview Assisted living Center. Lisa Graas & Sherman Whitman UNAVAILABLE

Show 40 Cynthia Yockey, Sissy Willis and Little Miss Attila

Show 39 Pam Geller and Ray Hanna

Show 38 Robert Stacy McCain live in Iowa

Show 37 Jimmie Bise and Andrea Neale

Show 36 Yid with Lid and Marty Lamb

Show 35 Jeff Quinton, Christine Hanley

Show 34 DaTechGuy Alone with calls from Splack Pack, Ladd Ehlinger and Lam from Stop Shouting Blog

Show 33 Barbara Espinosa

Show 32 The Conservatory Crowd (Dan Collins & Joy McCann) and Ladd Ehlinger

Show 31 Doug Mataconis

Show 30 Stop Shouting blog

Show 29 Steven Crowder, Roxeanne DeLuca and Brian Henchey

Show 28 DaTechGuy rides alone!

Show 27 Little Miss Attila, Roxeanne DeLuca, Coach Dan Duddy & Tom Bowler

Show 26 Lee Stranahan

Show 25 Midnight Blue and Libertarian Leanings

Show 24 Kerry Picket, Brian Henchey, Bill O’Connell, Andrea Shea King

Show 23 John Nolte, Brian Henchey, and Bob Belvedere

Show 22 Da Business Show.

Show 21 Sister Toldjah, Steve Foley, Libertarian Leaning, the Right Wing Gamer and Brian Henchy.

Show 20 The Great Debate Stacy McCain vs Little Miss Attila, Chris Lackey RoxeAnne Deluca

Show 19 Anita Moncrief Andrea Shea King

Show 18 Susannah Fleetwood

Show 17 The Anchoress and Roxeanne DeLuca

(note show 16 was accidentally not saved our lost episode featured Neo Neocon Steve DiNatale and Libertarian Leanings)

Show 15 Jazz Shaw and Sissy Willis

Show 14 William Jacobson and the Panel

Show 13 Live from CPAC 2011

Show 12 Live from Republican Grassroots Conference Dan Collins Congresswoman Renne Elmers, Roxeanne DeLuca Justin Brooks

Show 11 Fishersville Mike, American Glob , Left Bank of the Charles

Show 10 Little Miss Attila

Show 9 Glenn Reynolds and RoxeAnne DeLuca

Show 8 Jan 8th 2011 Val Prieto RoxeAnne DeLuca and 2nd hour Giffords special with Robert Stacy McCain and Barbara Espinosa

Show 7 New Years Day 2011 Barbara Espinosa and DaScienceGuy

Show 6 Christmas Day 2010 The Curt Jester, Damian Thompson and James Marley

Show 5 Dec 18th 2010 Dan Riehl and the Right Wing Gamer

Show 4 Dec 11th 2010 Pam Geller and Bob Belvedere

Show 3 Dec 4th 2010 Sissy Willis and Roxeanne DeLuca

Show 2 Nov 27th 2010 The Lonely Conservative and DaScienceGuy

Show 1 Nov 20th 2010 Robert Stacy McCain and Roxeanne DeLuca