Guest Post Terms and Conditions

We accept paid guest posts at DaTechGuy Blog under the following conditions:

NOTE these rates are for all new customers as of July 5th 2018.

If you are a new customer A $25 non-refundable depot must me made at the time of your request for a guest post this deposit will count as $50 toward the price of your first post and if forfeited if your first post is not submitted within 30 days of said deposit.

The rates for guest posts are

$75 for the first post in a month

$60 for the 2nd

$50 for the 3rd

$25 for all subsequent posts in a month

All posts must be approved by me.  No posts will be allowed that support Same Sex Marriage, Jihad, Abortion, Transgenderism or link to porn or dating or suger daddy sites.

Posts will go up on our sponsored guest post account and will have the author listed as “various” but you may put your byline in said post.

Payment will be expected within 24 hours of receipt of invoice and confirmation of post unless other arrangement are made.