Hire DaTechguy to Speak or Report

Is the MSM unwilling to cover your event or conference? No problem you can hire Datechguy to do it instead.

If you wish to sponsor me to cover your individual events, campaign that’s great. My Motto is Have Fedora will travel so I am willing to hit go anywhere in the US & cover anything for up to a week on the following terms.

$1000 for one full week
$250 for one day
$45 an hour

These costs to not include travel, gas and meals. Lodging in a private home is acceptable and if instead of a rental if someone in your organization wishes to take me around that is fine too. I’m a fussy but cheap eater. I don’t need a $20 steak, KFC, Wendy’s a slice of good pizza or even Peanut butter will do. Provide me with Kentucky Derby Pie &/or Rootbeer Popsicles & get 10% off my rates. Present me with a Dr. Who Scarf from seasons 13-18 (I have a season 12 scarf) & get 20% off.

Be aware that I am a Conservative Catholic and think accordingly. That is my bias and it will show, but I promise to accurately quote & record without edit anyone I cover.

I will be happy to speak at your event at my day rate, plus transportation. If your event is within 2 hours driving I will do it for my hourly rate plus $90 to cover the drive.

Note: As of January 1st 2012 I will be a client of Cameo Productions and bookings should be arranged through them at 617-302-7393

Remember when hiring me I do my Saturday Syndicated show live and plan accordingly.