Claire McCaskill caught in the MSM Mother Theresa Trap

20 years ago the Media found itself in a situation they didn’t want to be in. The had gone all in on the death and funeral of Princess Diana when the day before her funeral Mother Theresa of Calcutta died. This invariably produced coverage comparisons that didn’t make the MSM look good like this from Mike Barnicle at the globe:

Realistically, nobody expects the coverage of Mother Teresa’s passing to equal the volume accorded Princess Diana. After all, Mother Teresa does not have two handsome children to appear in solemn procession behind her casket. Will not have millions of bouquets tossed in the street outside her palatial home. Wore only one outfit. Touched the emotions of a largely invisible group and did so far from the light of glamour.

That cut the MSM to the quick and they were put on the spot as a network exec admitted

One network news executive who requested anonymity said, “Honestly, we wouldn’t be sending all of our anchors and covering Mother Teresa’s funeral so extensively if it weren’t for all the Diana coverage.

“We’d be strongly criticized if we didn’t cover Mother Teresa in a big way.”

And while he made up for it by giving Christopher Hitchens one more chance to hit her during the funeral,the late Peter Jennings didn’t like being in a box.

ABC’s Jennings said TV news is in a no-win situation: “Mother Teresa’s death has not led to the worldwide frenzy that led us to break into coverage (for Diana). Given the extent to which the media covered Princess Diana, we will invariably be criticized for our coverage of Mother Teresa. But Mother Teresa is a very important story, and I don’t think the two should be compared.”

And that Brings us to Claire McCaskill and Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle.

As I’ve already written McCaskill when it comes to electoral politics McCaskill is one of the smartest pols in the game. She knew that 2012 was iffy and made sure post Obamacare she faced a Republican of her own choosing (instead of the one Sarah Palin had backed) She was willing to go after Harry Reid in a public way when it would be noticed but wouldn’t make a difference in terms of the Senate and knowing that she was going to need Trump voters tweeted out

and having made the statement against violent protests at the inauguration she backed them up despite loud objections from the left figuring it was all good:

So she will rejoice in stories like this and posts like this and highlight them to distance herself from the violent protests because regardless of the face she presents to the twitter world the radicals in her state who turned a thug like Michael Brown into a gentle giant know that the reality is she has their back.

Well unfortunately for her, one of those lefties Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal choose this time to on facebook her hope that the President of the United States be assassinated.

Missouri lawmaker acknowledged Thursday that she posted and later deleted a comment on Facebook about hoping for President Donald Trump’s assassination, saying she was frustrated with the president’s response to the white supremacist rally and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

and in a state that Donald Trump won by almost 20 points and the GOP controls both houses of the legislature by wide margins local democrats Democrats wasted no time calling for her head:

Stephen Webber, the Missouri Democratic Party Chair, said in a statement, “State Senator Chappelle-Nadal’s comments are indefensible. All sides need to agree that there is no room for suggestions of political violence in America — and the Missouri Democratic Party will absolutely not tolerate calls for the assassination of the President. I believe she should resign.”

The Senate Democratic Causus is condemning the comment. Senate Democratic Leader Gina Walsh said, “I strongly condemn and disavow Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s horrible comments. Promoting, supporting or suggesting violence against anyone, especially our elected leaders, is never acceptable. There is too much rancor and hate in today’s political discourse, and Sen. Chappelle-Nadal should be ashamed of herself for adding her voice to this toxic environment. Sen. Chappelle-Nadal’s unacceptable behavior has no place in our caucus, the Capitol, or the Democratic Party. Let me be clear, her views in no way represent the constituents of the 14th District or the great State of Missouri.”

And with the combination of political violence in the news her own statements about getting past last week’s violence, and the electoral polling in Missouri going in the wrong direction tide of Claire McCaskill joined in as well:

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., and the chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party both called Thursday for the resignation of Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, for posting a Facebook comment stating: “I hope Trump is assassinated!”

“I condemn it,” McCaskill said in a brief emailed statement. “It’s outrageous. And she should resign.”

Now that’s a very clear statement with no ambiguity at all, but there is one thing I find odd and interesting about her condemnation of Maria Chappelle Nadal.  While you can find Senator McCaskill’s condemnation of State Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal words mentioned in just about every news story on the subject, you know where you won’t find it, at least as of 8 PM Eastern time last night?  Anywhere on her twitter feed.

That might seem odd until you consider this story

Which was reported from Netroots nation

let’s keep in mind that Evans is a left-leaning candidate hoping to change Georgia from red to blue. But that’s not enough. It seems the issue is, at least in part, that Evans is white.

Evans, a Smyrna state legislator who is white, was drowned out by demonstrators supporting Stacey Abrams, an Atlanta lawmaker who is black. A phalanx of sign-wielding protesters formed a line in front of her as soon as she took the podium, while others chanted “support black women” and “trust black women.” What followed was several minutes of pleading – “ let’s talk through it,” Evans implored repeatedly – and an attempt to plow through the speech.

Like I said Claire McCaskill is a smart woman who knows that while she can’t win Missouri without Trump voters the last thing she needs is far left of the party that dominates social media coming down on her for daring to call for the resignation of a black woman Senator in her state.

That’s the type of thing that can produce a primary candidate of color who while not a big danger to win in a general election is likely to force her to make public statements that she really doesn’t want to make.

McCaskill may have had no choice but to condemn Senator Nadal but she’s no fool so she’ll do all she can to make sure her condemnation remains as local a story as possible.

That being the case let me repeat my advice of January to her potential opponents.

If I was running the RNC or a conservative pac I’d encourage donors to quietly start financing a radical leftists, possibly a black nationalist to primary her and point to this event as a reason to do so

Hell if it was my call I’d take a card out of McCaskill’s own deck and quietly finance a “Draft Maria Chappelle Nadal for US Senate” movement.  I suspect the end result would be quite efficacious for the GOP.

And remember any Democrat who does anything to prevent a black woman from running for that seat must be racist.

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Senator McCaskill attacks Sessions over Russian meeting by lying about her own Russian meetings

Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri has a flare for the dramatic. She’s risen on the Democratic power charts by calling out Republicans every chance she gets. It’s no surprise that she would call out Attorney General Jeff Sessions after it was revealed he met with the Russian Ambassador during campaign season last year.

That’s a pretty powerful condemnation of her former peer in light of the recent revelations. The problem is that it’s a complete and total lie. She DID have a call with a Russian Ambassador in the past.

Twitter has a long memory. Granted, it was a group call and mentioning the Russian Ambassador within the group technically means she didn’t speak with him directly, right? We also should take into account that she didn’t actually meet with the Ambassador. Phone calls are easy to forget, especially for a busy Senator.

Uh oh…

No group call this time. No call at all, in fact. She actually met with the Russian Ambassador.

Here’s the problem with leftist hypocrisy (all hypocrisy, for that matter, though it predominantly spews forth from leftists): The rhetoric can only sustain the narrative for as long as the truth remains hidden. Senator McCaskill inserted herself into a situation and thought she was throwing stones. Instead, she was throwing a boomerang that came back to hit her.

The problem here isn’t the dishonesty. It isn’t the hypocrisy. It’s that mainstream media won’t say a thing about McCaskill’s lie. They’ll cover for her just as they tried to cover for Hillary and just as they covered for President Obama for eight years. This is the reason I write about politics. The real hypocrisy comes from the storytellers more so than the subjects of their stories.

Answer: Because McCaskill realizes that she’s not going to face Todd Akin this time around

Question:  Why was Claire McCaskill practically alone among democrats in tweeting out this yesterday

generating angry responses like this from leftists like this

and this

and this

and this

and this

forcing her to send out responses like this

and this

in the face of angry leftists?

McCaskill knows that unlike Kellogg’s which has to market to an entire nation and thus has to worry if said tweeters might (like me) no longer be buying their products hers is a niche market within the state of Missouri against a party that likely won’t be foolish enough to let Democrats pick their nominee.

She was one of the few swing state senators to survive her vote for Obamacare she’s going to do her best to survive once again and she does this by playing the long game:

According to the US census Missouri has a black population of 11.7%. It has a hispanic population of 3.4% Additionally while Democrats have been winning the Governor’s mansion since Missouri have held the governor’s mansion since 2009 both the House and Senate in the state have gone Republican since 2003.

In other words Missouri has been trending red and while the media has been giving a lot of latitude to protesters in Ferguson, riots by left leaning mobs and attacks on police are not likely to cause the state to turn any bluer anytime soon.

So seeing the lay of the land and understanding that the next senate election she is facing is in a midterms she had to quickly establish her independence from the two most unpopular Democrats in the nation, Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

You might say: But DaTechGuy Barack Obama was very popular? My answer. Clever Claire McCaskill knows fake news when she sees it.

So she will rejoice in stories like this and posts like thisand highlight them to distance herself from the violent protests because regardless of the face she presents to the twitter world the radicals in her state who turned a thug like Michael Brown into a gentle giant know that the reality is she has their back.

Lucky for us most Democrats aren’t as smart as her.

Closing thought, If I was running the RNC or a conservative pac I’d encourage donors to quietly start financing a radical leftists, possibly a black nationalist to primary her and point to this event as a reason to do so. However I suspect with a Romney now calling the shots that thought will never come to mind.

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Clever Claire McCaskill Creating the Meme

Yesterday I lead with a piece on the #ObamaChinaDeal & the #ObamaEPARegulations and strongly suggested that the GOP get right up in front of this, first by attaching Obama’s name to it, second by pinning it and by extension Obama to them.

The idea being if you want to establish a meme or a message to the voting public it  needs to be started early then you can refer to it over and over during the course of months and years and create a fixed point of conventional wisdom, in this case:  “Democrats running in 2016 will be continuing Obama’s job killing policies.”

This is conservatism 101, if you want to accomplish things you have to plan and prepare well  ahead.

And that brings us to Claire McCaskill “big” news:

McCaskill was the first Democratic senator to publicly announce her opposition to Reid.

McCaskill wouldn’t say if she was considering a run for governor, which many speculated was her motivation. She said her “only” concern is Ferguson, where racial tensions erupted this summer.

The second-term Missouri Democrat said before leadership elections Thursday that Reid, who has led his caucus since 2005, would not get her support.

From Doug Mataconis at outside the beltway,Noah Rothman at Hotair,  Peter Sullivan at The Hill and others considered this worth pixels writing stories about trouble in the Democrat caucus in the Senate even though Reid was again voted head of their caucus.

However Claire McCaskill move isn’t about Harry Reid and Election 2014, it’s about election 2018.

You read that right, not election 2016, election 2018

According to the US census Missouri has a black population of 11.7%.  It has a hispanic population of 3.4%  Additionally while Democrats have been winning the Governor’s mansion since  Missouri have held the governor’s mansion since 2009 both the House and Senate in the state have gone Republican since 2003.

In other words Missouri has been trending red and while the media has been giving a lot of latitude to protesters in Ferguson, riots by left leaning mobs and attacks on police are not likely to cause the state to turn any bluer anytime soon.

So seeing the lay of the land and understanding that the next senate election she is facing is in a midterms she had to quickly establish her independence from the two most unpopular Democrats in the nation, Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

While she has to thread carefully on Ferguson as she can’t afford to lose any of the black vote that the Democrat party is built on The Keystone Pipeline vote will give her an excellent change to contrast herself with the president, you can expect a lot more of that soon.

However being the very first major Democrat to publicly declare herself opposed to Harry Reid is the best of both worlds.  It made absolutely no different in his election while garnering headlines across cable news and the internet so that in four years (or two if she decides to go for the Governor’s seat when someone googles Harry Reid and Claire McCaskill those headlines will make the case for her “independence” from the Washington liberal Democrats that Missouri voters are rejecting en masse.

That is exactly how to do it.

I may not think of Senator McCaskill but If pushing quietly backing Todd Akin didn’t convince you that she is among the most [politically  savvy members of the Democrat Senate her performance yesterday should do it.

I wish the GOP had more senators as canny.

Update:  Maybe Hillary with Politico’s help is planning the same thing on offense vs Sen Warren.  More on that this weekend.





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Oh THOSE Akin poll internals

Anyone who reads this blog knows I don’t have a lot of faith in polling unless I see the internals. So when I saw this story at life news:

Poll Claims Todd Akin Has Re-Taken Lead on Claire McCaskill

The lead shown was 3 points for Akin. While it was not an outrageous number it was 12 pts different that the last announced poll. So immediately was suspicious:

Fritz Wenzel analyzed the results of the survey and concluded that “Despite the firestorm of news in the Senate race over the past few weeks, most voters have already made up their mind in the race, the survey shows. The fact that 80% said they were firm in their choice certainly indicates that this is a race that will be decided more by ideology and turnout efforts by the campaigns and less by breaking news that flashes across the news pages and cable news channels.”

So I looked at the memo page but there were no internals listed.

At that point I was ready to put up a post calling BS but I noticed the memo contained a contact number so I did what a reporter who wants a question answered is supposed to do I called.

Not only did I get the company but I got Mr. Weaver himself, he agreed to talk to me.

I asked him about the poll and the internals. He told me the split was as follows:

Republicans 34%
Democrats 33%
Independents 33%

Talk about a balanced poll. I’ve never seen a poll so exactly split. and this split is consistent with the actual partisan split in Missouri. I asked why the internals were not included he said the internals were given both to the client and to Politico (which had this story but didn’t put them out in their piece.)

Mr. Weaver answered all my questions and agreed to be on this week’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio on Saturday.

If this poll is accurate it confirms what I said on the 24th.

For all of the grief you have gotten none of the underlying issues that were a problem for McCaskill are still there. The economy, Obamacare, unemployment the lot.

There are a lot of people on the right who might be embarrassed by an Akin victory. Apparently to the voters of Missouri they would be much more embarrassed by a McCaskill win.

Exit question. If this is correct and Akin wins without the GOP what will the MSM say, what will McCaskill say and most importantly what will the media say?

Claire McCasKill runs away…from Obama

So now we have the Republican candidate who has been told in no uncertain terms that he won’t be getting one penny from the RNC and the Democrat sprinting away from the titular head of her party like Usain Bolt toward a Nike endorsement. Who is going to wind up financing this shindig seeing the way things are going?

Claire Claire Claire, you can run all the comercials you want but you can’t take back that Obamacare vote

What would I do if I was Todd Akin’s campaign manager

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Todd Akin is unlikely to withdraw from the race in Missouri. I’m thinking if he isn’t out by the convention it pretty much is it.

So if you are Todd Akin’s campaign manager the problem is to win. You have the GOP unwilling to back you, the left using you as a poster boy for their cause and Claire McCasKill now the only person in the Democrat party that actually has a reason for optimism. The problem is message money and volunteers. Here is what I would do if I was running this campaign:

Plan A: Right to Life on steroids:

Since you can’t avoid the issue be THE man on abortion. Talk about the potential of each child and give examples of those who have achieved. Be the most anti-abortion candidate you can be, and challenge Claire McCaskill on it:

1. Challenge her, since Abortion is disproportionately pushed in the minority communities ask her why? Tie abortion to the whole picking winners and losers business.

2. As her about sex selective abortion, call it the real war on women and ask her if she believes in it or would support it?

3. Ask her about if she would support abortion based on sexual preference

4. Point to the difference in solutions Obama & McCaskill abortion abortion abortion and contrast that with solutions like Visitation House (or the equivalent in Missouri)

5. Challenge her to answer when live begins, point out Obama said it was above his pay grade, as her if it is above hers.

To the pregnant mother Obama & McCaskill say of your child: No you can’t get out of poverty, no you can’t get a good education, no you can’t grade in college and no you can’t make you can’t grow up be educated but I say Yes you can!

This plan serves two purposes, it makes the best of the Abortion issues and will also energize right to life people nationwide both in terms of the pocketbook and in terms of volunteers.

The tag line should be: “Barack Obama and Claire McCaskill are picking winners and losers on the economy, with Obamacare they are picking winners and losers on healthcare and with their radical pro-abortion agenda they are even picking winners and losers on life itself.”

Plan B: Pound McCaskill on the Economy & Obama

For all of the grief you have gotten none of the underlying issues that were a problem for McCaskill are still there. The economy, Obamacare, unemployment the lot. Push this message and deliver it in a way the media can’t separate their questions on abortion from your answer. To wit:

1. I’ve apologized my ill advised words, will Claire McCaskill apologize for her ill advised votes for Obama’s stimilus

2. I’ve renounced my statements, will Claire McCaskill renounce her vote on Obamacare?

3. I’ve agreed my words were based on bad information. When will Claire McCaskill agree her votes for Obama’s Economic programs were based on bad info.

At every turn contrast your poor words with her poor actions. And make sure it’s impossible to pull one line from the other.

Your tag line should be: “I’ve apologized to the people of Missouri for my words which hurt feelings, when will Claire McCaskill apologize to the people of Missouri for the votes that she cast that have hurt their pocketbooks?”

Plan C: Free Media & Debates

Since you are going to be low on money the thing to do is be everywhere on free media. You are an interview that a lot of people want and every single member of hte media is looking to trip you up. Go on ALL OF THEM. Use Plan B and make every question asked about Abortion answered by an attack on McCaskill. And challenge Claire McCaskill to debates EVERY SINGLE DAY. The last things she wants is a debate on her record. And if she ducks (and she will) play that up.

Your tag line should be: “Claire McCaskill urged me to stay in the race, yet she won’t show up for it.”

Plan D: Onward Huckabee/Christian/Profile soldiers

Plans a-c all involve campaigning, the other problem is manpower and money.

The GOP can’t and won’t give to you, but that doesn’t stop the grass roots. Here is are the people you should tap.

1. Cultivate Right to life Remind them that McCasKill’s vote is a vote to confirm justices who will support Abortion. They know the stakes and also know that the media can’t treat them much worse then they already do.

2. Huckabee: Mike Huckabee has been one of the few members of the GOP to publicly support the Akin campaign. Turn to him whole hog both publicly and privately. Point out that his evangelical pro-life base is your base. If he can bring you over the finish line it will be HIS win, not the GOP’s. That is going to have some appeal.

3. SuperPac: Since no GOP candidate associated with the party can give you time or money and none of the mainline superpacs will donate, you will need to form one of your own , a 501c(4) along the lines of Patriot Majority on the left.

I’m not personally a fan of non-disclosure but in this case it’s the only way to draw on the money out there. And there WILL be the money with the senate at stake.

The tag line is: “What will cost you more. A few dollars of your money or six years of Claire McCaskill in the senate.?”

Plan E: Obama’s economy + Clinton socially = Claire McCaskill

The DNC has decided to go whole hog against you in their convention. Well go whole hog on them back.

1. When they claim you are part of a war on women ask them, what is worse for womem? The words you’ve already apologized for or the policies Barack Obama & Claire McCaskill have pushed and promise to continue?

2. When they claim you treat rape lightly ask them what is worse, the words you’ve apologized for or the actions of Bill Clinton, their keynote speaker.

3. Point out that Claire McCaskill has said the following about Bill Clinton:

“I think he’s been a great leader but I don’t want my daughter near him.”

Call on both McCaskill and the DNC to dis-invite Bill Clinton from the Democrat convention and if they don’t play that up.

Your tagline should be: “Claire McCaskill & the DNC talk the ‘War on women’. The Real war on Women are the policies of Barack Obama and the actions of Bill Clinton”

Can these tactics win the day? I don’t know, but they are the best cards Akin has and if he doesn’t pull out of the race, they are the ones he should play.

Update: While even with my plan for Akin it would be a tough slog I feel much better about Mitt chances in the show me state, this poll not withstanding:

While Missouri is always a tough state for both parties in presidential elections, until recently Mitt Romney didn’t have much to worry about. Rasmussen’s series of polls gave him a significant-if-not-quite-comfortable six-point margin in the Show Me State … at least until Todd Akin shared his views on the legitimacy of rape claims from pregnant victims. In today’s Rasmussen poll, Romney now slightly trails Obama, 47/46:

Ed is exactly right, once the initial hit passes the race for the white house fundamentals will re-assert themselves.

Update 2:
Should have included this bit from Ed’s:

When the storm passes, as it will with the convention, the fundamentals of the candidates will once again take hold and push the race back to the pre-Akin status quo — a movement that would be enhanced by Akin’s departure, of course.

Update 3: Garbeled sentence fixed

Pro-Rape Claire McCaskill says that going on vacation is more traumatic than sexual assault

Congressmen Todd Akin, when asked a “gotcha” question about rape and abortion, stated that women who are raped are less likely to get pregnant than their peers who had voluntary intercourse.  This medically accurate fact generated this response from Sen. Claire McCaskill, who will face Akin in the general election:

“As a woman & former prosecutor who handled 100s of rape cases, I’m stunned by Rep Akin’s comments about victims this AM.”

She later released a statement condemning her rival as “ignorant about the emotional and physical trauma brought on by rape.”

“The ideas that Todd Akin has expressed about the serious crime of rape and the impact on its victims are offensive,” she continued.

Well, my woman-hating Ms. McCaskill, let’s examine the facts, shall we?   Stress, long hours at work, and jet lag – even from going on vacation! – can delay ovulation and seriously undermine a woman’s ability to get pregnant. But in pro-rape Claire’s world, sexual assault doesn’t change a woman’s risk of pregnancy because she thinks that rape is less traumatic than flying to Europe.

The medicine backs this up.  From the article, women who are raped have a 5% risk of getting pregnant; this is lower, by a statistically significant margin, than the 8% chance of getting pregnant with unprotected sex. In fact, you’re about 40% less likely to get pregnant when raped than when having voluntary sex.  If that all-nighter at work delays ovulation, the total physical and physiological trauma of forced intercourse will wreck havoc on a woman’s body.  Akin is 100% correct on the medicine, and entirely correct in his understanding of just how serious rape is.  McCaskill is the one making light of it.

But medically-ignorant, “rape is less traumatic than jet lag” Claire McCaskill would like to ignore that fact for political gain. We have words for women like that, which are spelled mostly like the word for your parent’s sister, but not.

Update: (DaTechGuy) The vultures are circling around Mr. Akin but the wound was self inflicted. There is talk about removing him from the ticket and apparently the drop dead date is within 24 hours. Regardless of the fallout I’m VERY uncomfortable with the idea that you can replace a candidate who won a primary based on a gaffe or mistake. After all the voters made their choice. On the other hand after Torricelli what’s good for the good is good for the gander but it’s a horrible precedent.

Demoralized at hell: “I’m waxing my legs that week” edition

Any guy who has been turned down for a date knows the social convention of coming up with some kind of excuse for not going out (instead of the much kinder “I’m just not interested”).

Claire McCaskill is the latest Democrat to decide that she will be waxing her legs that week.

She was among the first senators to endorse him over presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton in 2008, doing so just five days after Hillary’s big win in New Hampshire. That was a major vote of confidence in him coming from a key swing-state senator and prominent woman pol; Team Clinton “aggressively sought” her endorsement at the time but McCaskill stuck with Hopenchange. As recently as last October, notes National Journal, she was defiant in standing by her buddy O:

If she thought appearing with Obama would win her votes she would be there. If you don’t believe me will you believe the man in charge of electing democrats?

The man responsible for getting Democrats elected to the Congress this fall has a message for his party’s candidates: Stay away from the Democratic National Convention in September.

Listen, you can show me whatever poll you want, you can have any talking head you want pushing whatever message you want in the media but ACTION speak louder than words, and the Actions of the party says one thing to democrats.

Run away from your party!

Run away from this president!

So the GOP reaction should be this:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

If we don’t take advantage of this, it’s our own fault

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Latest for the Examiner: The left could take lessons in civility from the Tea Party

My latest for the Examiner: The left could take lessons in civility from the Tea Party deals with two recent events. The Mayoral Forum hosted by the Twin City Tea party:

All in all it was an important but totally unremarkable bit of civic activity. Nothing you might not see in any city in the nation.…except it was, if Vice President Joe Biden and representative Andre Carson (D-IN) are to be believed hosted by a group of Terrorists who would love to see black Americans “hanging from a tree”.

and I contrast it with today’s events in Missouri first reported at Cry Liberty:

Meanwhile a “Kitchen Table Talk held today at Oak Bend branch of the St. Louis Public library and hosted by Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) ended quite differently. Not only were no questions answered but the event had to be closed down and police called when a Tea party member was assaulted and a 2nd injured by two men in the crowd for taking pictures of a public event in a public building hosted by a public figure.

It seems the Tea Party is going to have to take some lessons in how to be violent terrorists from the left or vice versa.

Talk about talking points

The only words that Joe Scarborough & Co seemed to know were “Joe Barton” during their interview with Eric Cantor.

Why Cantor didn’t say to Joe: “I know that the democratic talking points are to try to make the election about Joe Barton rather than Barack Obama, and if that’s the Democrats plan to keep power and win elections then they have very little respect for the intelligence of the American people.”

It’s moment like this why I wonder why I watch the show.

Now that Claire McCaskill is now I wonder if she is going to be grilled or pressed Will they ask about the “Betray Us” vote? The closest thing to a tough question was why are we in Afghanistan from Barnicle.

If this is how even Morning Joe is going to play the game, then I might have to change my opinion on if the GOP should bother going on the show. Why bother when the alternate media is out there?

Let’s have some fun with Morning Joe

Claire McCaskill is about to go on, I’ll live blog it and see how much they feed her Arizona.

As you know I’m not a drinker but I’ll break out the 21 year old scotch and take a shot every time they mention Ken Gladney or the violence by opponents of the anti-immigration law.

I will likely be cold sober…

Update: The quote the Washington Post poll on the Bank bill, no word on the Arizona polls yet, still sober.

7:46 a.m. All pro Obama Bank bill all the time so far…

7:47 a.m. Will anyone ask her if the bill has been read by anyone?