Climate change alarmism is causing a lot of harm to children

Children today are being bombarded with a consent stream of dire warnings about climate change. The constant stream is causing children a great deal of anxiety, as documented by this Climate Change Dispatch article titled Only A Monster Would Afflict Children With ‘Eco-Anxiety’.

What kind of monster afflicts children with eco-anxiety by telling them they will be dead in 12 years? I’ll tell you who: the child abusers in the establishment media, the environmental movement, and the Democrat Party — that’s who.

What’s especially disturbing is that children are being taught the opposite of empathy. Empathy is the most important value an adult can impart to a child. But what these kids are being encouraged to become is nothing less than wild-eyed, religious fanatics where non-believers are fingered as the enemy, as heretics looking to destroy the world and kill everyone. And this is always the result of such things, of the moral certainty of a zealot mixed with intolerance.

This anxiety has become  so widespread it has even been noticed by the American Psychological Association, according to this article Climate Change Is Causing Us ‘Eco-Anxiety’

A growing number of people report feelings of loss, grief, worry and despair amid news that climate change is making natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires worse and more common, that polar ice is melting faster than we thought and that we only have 12 years to prevent the most catastrophic effects of climate change.

The American Psychological Association has come up with a term for these “resounding chronic psychological consequences” related to how we process the climate crisis: eco-anxiety.

Eco-Anxiety, which the APA describes as a “chronic fear of environmental doom,” isn’t listed anywhere in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the handbook for diagnosing mental illnesses

What makes the anxiety caused by fear over climate change even more despicable is the fact it is all based on a lie, a monstrous lie that has reached the level of indoctrination.  The American Thinker article Scaring the children on climate is cruel, cynical, and dangerous describes the far reaching nature of this indoctrination.

It is dangerous when teenagers who have been indoctrinated their entire lives are treated as if they have knowledge on climate change and fossil fuels.  They are just repeating talking points when trotted out on media outlets and before Congress as if they were experts.  They have been discouraged from doing research and critically thinking because they have been told the science is settled.  They know that anyone who says the climate is changing and has always changed naturally is de a climate change denier; to get good grades, they need to repeat what they are told.

It is more dangerous when almost all journalists and other Democrats repeat the same talking points instead of doing research and asking questions.  Instead of pointing out to the teenagers that temperatures, sea levels, storm activity, droughts and floods have always fluctuated naturally, and previous dire predictions have been 100% wrong, they just go along.

This New York Post article The climate strike is all about indoctrination, not science has much more to about the indoctrination.

Unfortunately for students, the movement is not about education but indoctrination. One of the final demands, “comprehensive climate change education,” is to be aimed at children ages 5 through 14 because “impressionability is high during that developmental stage.”

If the climate threat eventually leads to radical national action, it will only be because the concept is drilled into youngsters “from the beginning.” Of course, it’s unclear why such a long-term strategy is necessary, given that we have only “11 years” left to avert disaster.

Judging from the bizarre, extremist, sloppily composed manifesto, the students who have the city Education Department’s blessing to attend this event clearly won’t be learning much of anything truly “science-based.” The rest of us, however, are learning quite a lot about the climate change movement, and it’s not pretty.

The Breitbart article Watch: Climate Strike Activist Says Climate Change Activism and Socialism Are ‘Inseparable’ explains just why this hoax was originally perpetuated and why it is still being crammed down the throats of children in the United States and across the world.

The fight against climate change is intricately connected to the push for socialism, according to a climate change alarmist who flocked to the nation’s capital to participate in the global climate strike on Friday.

Thousands of activists participated in the Greta Thunberg-inspired global climate strike in Washington, DC — and around the world — on Friday. Participants in D.C. were heard shouting, “Hey hey, ho ho, climate change has got to go,” and, “Don’t eat cows; eat the rich.”

One activist told Breitbart News that he was there to not only fight against climate change but to actively “fight for socialism,” calling the two “inseparable.”

Dorian vs CNN & Global Warming: UPDATE

Katherine McClintock: [after walking out of her bedroom to find G.W. and Mrs. Warren at the bottom of the stairs] What’s going on here?
George Washington McLintock: [Intoxicated, with Mrs. Warren sitting on his lap] Now Katherine, are you going to believe what you see, or what I tell you?

McLintock! 1963

For all of those people without a life who intend to watch the CNN Global warming special I’d like to make an important point that you likely have not considered. It’s a point I’ve made before but as both Tip O’Neill and St. John knew, good arguments need to be repeated often to people.

As I write this post at 10 AM on Tuesday here via a Drudge link, is the cone of Hurricane Dorian:

You will note that there both an exact location, an exact speed and and an exact direction the storm is moving at the moment along with a projected path of the storm in that image.

Now here are the current computer models of the projected patch of the hurricane over the next few days.

Notice the various paths shown by the models and that even though they are using the most modern equipment out there and well funded the various projected paths over the next four days are quite different some of them hundreds of miles apart.

And also note that all of these models have the advantage of having exact data, that is each of these models have identical factual data on.

  1. When the storm first developed
  2. Where the storm first developed
  3. The previous path of the storm
  4. The strength of the storm on that path
  5. The speed of the storm during that path
  6. The previous speed of the storm
  7. The current location of the storm
  8. The current speed of the storm
  9. The current direction of the storm

So with this all this exact data these models can’t agree on where this storm is going to be, how strong it will be and how fast it will get there over the course of five days…

…and yet we have our elites asking us to change our entire way of life based on computer models of meteorological events not days out but decades out and we have people teaching our young to be so panicked about their continued existence existed based on these models that they don’t believe they will be alive to middle age.

You’d have to be a real fool to believe this stuff, I say go ahead and buy that mansion on the coast like Obama did. It’s not going to be underwater any more than his is.

Update:  It’s 2:22 AM and I’m about to hit the sack but before I do I’d like you to compare the track from above to this updated track.

In the space of under one day, 19 hours to be precise the projected path is different and the width of the cone is different as well.

Keep that in mind the next time one of these idiots tells you that if you fly the planet is doomed.