The Blog Transition Clock has now started. Here is what to expect during weeks of DaMove

As you might have noticed the fundraiser that I pined to the top of the blog yesterday is no longer there. That’s because our stated goal has been reached.

We managed about 40% when it 1st went up. Another 20% through a facebook link from Baldilocks. When I came home from work I saw that Glenn at Instapundit had linked (thanks much) and the rest came in and more. As it was for a specific goal and said goal is made naturally the post is no longer on top, anything extra that comes in will go to paying down debt til it’s gone. May I up front thank all who kicked in and note that you will all be getting individual notes of thanks likely this weekend when I’m off from my day job.

By the time you read this I will have called our new host/provider to be they have been informed by email that the goal is made and the work can begin.

Here is what will happen blogging wise during the move:

At things will continue here as they have for the past week. I will be writing at least a post a day here, using the “quickdraft” feature which allows only plain text, no graphics or links and no edits. Once the draft is saved I go into the Posts menu and either post or schedule them.

Any members of DaMagnificent Seven who wish to write plan text posts will be doing the same although I will likely be doing the scheduling of the actual posts via the dashboard.

While this is going on I will be writing regularly at the original wordpress blog at Http:// which is now our blog backup. This will allow us post normally with html links etc. Our paid writers have accounts at that site and may at their discretion post there if they aren’t posting here. Any members of DaMagnificent Seven who wish to take the transition time off may do so at their discretion.

Once we are fully at the new site the wordpress location will again be our backup site and additionally, if I can pull it off, become DaTechGuy’s home for retired bloggers.

The primary goal is to get everything moved so we can function normally again, but this is also a good time to clean up a few things that have slowed down the site considerably over the years. Furthermore if our new host has design suggestions that might improve the site visually I’m of course interested provided that said changes do not significantly delay the move.

I have no idea if the end results will grow readership, bring in more regular revenue and make this the top 100 conservative blog it once was, that would be fantastic result.

But for me, if when all is said and done if we remain a good site with fine writers providing insight, opinion and some original reporting that informs our regular readers who have supported us over the years. A site that still pays our writers and our bills with a little bit left over that will be fine with me.

Thank you for deciding we’re still worth it either by your funds or just by stopping by and making us a part of your day. We have no demand on the money you have worked for or the slice of your brief time on earth that you spend here other than your decision to give it to us.

That any of you have made the choice to do so is, to me, a great honor.