The Difference Between Candidate Donald Trump and Candidate Bernie Sanders Explained briefly

The results of Tuesday’s primary has illustrated one of the most interesting things in the regular comparisons between the Bernie Sanders campaign of 2020 and the Donald Trump campaign of 2016.

Bernie Sanders had campaigned on Socialism

Donald Trump campaigned on Conservatism

There was a good chunk of the conservative base who hesitated to support Donald Trump (myself included) during the primary season because we weren’t sure that he actually meant what he said. At the time we didn’t know if we could believe him. (He’s sure made believers of us now).

On the other hand it turned out that there was a good chunk of the Democrat base who hesitated to support Bernie Sanders during the primary season for exactly the opposite reason.

They didn’t reject Sanders because the thought he was lying about supporting socialism, they rejected him because they thought he was telling the truth and wanted no part of it, at least not openly.

That’s the real irony here. Trump was mistrusted because voters weren’t sure who he was and what he believed but if Bernie loses the nomination it will be because voters were convinced he was exactly what he claimed to be.

Life is funny isn’t it?

Donald Trump & Discovering the Lost 3rd Book of Reagan

This Dusty scroll was discovered hidden in the Reagan Library and explains much that has happened over the last three years.


The LORD said to Samuel: “How long will you grieve for Mitt Romney and John McCain who I have rejected and Reagan, whom I have taken back to my bosom? Fill your horn with oil, and be on your way. I am sending you to the GOP field , for I have chosen a President from among their sons and daughters to take my American Children out of the wilderness.”


But Samuel replied: “How can I go? The Media will hear of it and destroy any who I anoint?” To this the LORD answered: “Take your dismal poll forecasts along and say, ‘I have come to choose a sacrificial lamb to offer to the Clintons.’


Invite the entire potential GOP field to see who might come, and I myself will tell you what to do; you are to anoint for me the one I point out to you.”


Samuel did as the LORD had commanded him. When he entered GOP headquarters the insiders of the deep state came trembling to meet him and inquired, “Is your visit peaceful, O political seer?”


He replied: “Yes! I have come to select a candidate to sacrifice to Hillary Clinton whom the media have anointed as our next president. So cleanse yourselves and join me today for the banquet.”


As they came, he looked at Jeb Bush and thought, “Surely the LORD’S anointed is here before him.”


But the LORD said to Samuel: “Do not judge from his appearance or from his lofty stature, or his fine political lineage or even his decent record as governor of Florida because I have rejected him. Not as man sees does God see, because man sees the appearance but the LORD looks into the heart.”


Then the party called Governor John Kasish of Ohio and presented him before Samuel, who said, “The Lord has not chosen him.”


Next the GOP presented Senators Marco Rubio & Rand Paul both worthy men, but Samuel said, “The LORD has not chosen these ones either.”


In the same way the GOP presented sons and daughters, Governor Walker, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee and more before Samuel, and even though some had found favor in the Lord’s eyes like Rick Santorum “He is my true servant but his time has past” and Ted Cruz “He is true but his time has not yet come” and Ben Carson “He is true but I shall task him to shall serve the people through the one I pick ” none of them was the one. So Samuel said to the GOP, “The LORD has not chosen any one of these.”


Then Samuel asked the GOP “Are these all the sons and daughters you have?” They replied, “There is still Donald Trump but he’s just a reality star we just keep him around for our candidates to beg for contributions. He’s in the tower.” Samuel said to the GOP elders, “Send for him; we will not begin the sacrificial banquet until he arrives here.”


The GOP sent for him and he entered the banquet hall descending from the tower down the escalator with his wife and family. He was an older man with odd orange hair but with strength and vigor of one who was much younger. He had never tasted wine or strong drink and he descended with a family full of youth, handsome to behold and a wife full of beauty and Devoted to the Lord and making a splendid appearance. The LORD said, “There-anoint him, for this is he!”


Then Samuel, with the horn of the votes of the people in hand , anointed him in the midst of his brothers and sisters; and from that day on, the spirit of the LORD rushed upon Donald and he was determined to lead his people out of the wilderness of Obama.


A few of his brothers immediately accepted the judgement of the voters and offered to serve, others who had worked hard on their own behalf to earn that favor after much soul searching did the same but many more in the elites particularly those who had been anointed before such as John McCain and Mitt Romney openly spoke against the will of the voters and predicted the doom of the party.


The spirit of the LORD had departed from Obama, and he was tormented by the thought of his legacy going away. So the servants of the Clintons said to him: “Please! Be not tormented by the scorn of the Lord


If your lordship will order it, we, your servants here in attendance will find a candidate among the sons of the GOP who shall be easier to beat than any other. Let our media descend upon him and prop him up so they can later bring him down and the whole country will embrace your legacy and you will feel better.”


So Obama then told his servants in the media, “Find me skilled lapdogs that they might play the tune to the people and find our sacrifice to Hillary and my legacy.”


A servant spoke up to say: “I have observed that one of the sons of the GOP is a skillful entertainer before the crowds The Donald of NY is a skillful reality TV man. He is also a stalwart donor who has given us cash when needed, besides being an able speaker, and handsome. Moreover, given his past the LORD won’t be with him.”


Accordingly, Obama dispatched messengers to the media to prop up Trump above all others within the GOP flock.


Then the pundits took Trump and put his rallies on the air and interviewed him daily to raise him above the field.


Thus to Obama Trump had entered his service. The media was very fond of him, made him their rating-bearer,


and sent the GOP this message, “Allow Trump to remain in my service, for he meets with our approval as a sacrifice to Hillary.”


Whenever the spirit from God seized Hillary, The Donald would say something, and Hillary, Obama and the Democrats would be relieved and feel better, sure that he would be the sacrifice to cement her victory and the legacy of Obama for all time.

Remember the Nov 8th 2016 Stock Futures Story When the MSM Predicts A Recession for Election Day

The best thing about Wishing Someone Dead is you are Guaranteed that Eventually Your wish will come True

DaTechGuy Proverb

Every now and again I re-watch the election 2016 coverage from all the various networks, including the Canadian and British Networks.  It is very instructive.

Once they reached the stage of the night when they realized that Trump was going to win unless the Democrat fraud machine (which thought it had the night off because of the expected blowout) could manufacture enough votes to win in the states they hadn’t called yet (why do you think so many remained uncalled for so long?) every single network started pushing the Dow Futures.

Go to any channel, any network and you had liberals telling everyone that the election of Donald Trump was likely going to be an economic catastrophe and that the drop of the futures was just the beginning. In the New York Times the paper of record for the left Paul Krugman started his piece thus:

It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover?

Frankly, I find it hard to care much, even though this is my specialty. The disaster for America and the world has so many aspects that the economic ramifications are way down my list of things to fear.

Still, I guess people want an answer: If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.

Stock Market Close Nov 8th 2016: 18,332.74 Stock Market close Aug 20th 2019: 25962.44 That’s a gain of over 41%. Or to put it another way , if the Stock market dropped 1500 points between now and Nov 6th 2019 that would mean that the Down Jones still managed a 10% gain every year since the Day Donald Trump was elected.

In fact he didn’t just stop at the Stock Market here is his close

So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight. I suppose we could get lucky somehow. But on economics, as on everything else, a terrible thing has just happened.

Well in fairness to Mr. Krugman as the New York Post reports he wasn’t alone in this

Well it’s almost three years later, and another election is coming up and the same media that was heartbroken over President Trump’s win is out to beat him this time, so what is the mantra, RecessionRecession, Recession! In fact these guys aren’t just predicting it they’re wishing for it.

Now let’s face it wishing for a recession is like wishing for someone to die, or wishing for Tom Brady to no longer be the Patriots QB, sooner or later it will come.

But if you’re going to start worrying about a recession based on these same guys who were predicting economic doom in 2-16 I’m sorry I’m not going to jump on that bandwagon and if you feel tempted to do the same just rewatch this video of the smartest people in the world predicting the future three years ago.

So you’ll forgive me if I don’t jump on the pessimism bandwagon and suggest you refrain from doing the same, and if you need to be reminded why you shouldn’t watch this

Joe Scarborough should watch his own show before Playing the Epstein / Russia Card

Lately Joe Scarborough and I have not seen eye to eye on much, however both of us, along with the rest of the country apparently, think that the death of Jeffrey Epstein is a tad fishy to say the least.

However Joe has invoked the Russians thus trying to play a blame trump game., however I would like to call his attention to something from his own show from May 16th 2016

You can find the video here

at the 12 minute mark you can find an exchange that I’ve mentioned before, and remember this is in the context of how Donald Trump will answer accusations of impropriety with women pushed by the media Clinton allies. It Goes like this:

“Panelist Donny Deutsch guessed that Trump would have no problem counter-punching with the Epstein connection whenever he was hit for his own behavior with women, as he was last weekend in a piece in the New York Times.

“Here’s the tennis game,” Deutsch said. “Donald Trump kissed a woman in a bathing suit. Trump hits back: Tell me about the president’s relationship with a guy named Jeffrey Epstein. That’s your tennis match.” ”

Now watch the video again and you will note several things:

1. Everyone at the table knows what he is talking about

2. Nobody wants to talk about it

but here is the kicker.


I wonder why that might be? I submit and suggest that all those people who knew all about the Epstein story never once heard Trump’s name in connection to what was going on, after all if he had a connection to it they would not think he might play that card would they.

So when you hear the left suggest that Trump wanted Epstein gone because he had something to hide realize that they don’t believe it themselves and that there are likely quite a few of them who know that the suggestion is a lie made up out of the whole cloth.

Update: The MSNBC video no longer works so here it is from another source.

Ever hear of Teleconferencing Greta? Bison attacks? Disney’s Fault! The Bell Rings too Late, Finding who really believes. Evan MacMullen and a Ride on a Bus Under the Fedora

The AP reports noted teenage climate activist is putting her time her month is and crossing the Atlantic in a “high tech sailboat” rather than flying to cut her carbon emissions.

Forgetting for a moment all the carbon that was produced in making the ships stores that she will spend days or weeks consuming on her trip, if she was really looking to cut the carbon for this conferencewhy not have the entire conference done by teleconference? That way nobody has to travel at all. Think of all the carbon that would save!

Alas Greta does not yet understand that such events, like climate change hysteria itself, exist for the perks not for the cause.

Another person has been injured by a charging Bison in a national park.

Officials at Theodore Roosevelt National Park say the 17-year-old girl from Colorado was on a trail Saturday and walked between two bull bison that had been fighting. One bison charged the teen who was struck in the back, gored in the thigh and tossed about six feet in the air

I blame Disney. Before they started portraying animals as cute harmless things people knew and understood that animals, particularly wild ones are dangerous but generation of Disney movies and the lack of real knowledge of animals in the wild means that fools are going to have to learn about reality the hard way.

Remember the lifestyle pushed by the show Sex in the City that convinced a generation of women that despite centuries of experience teaching otherwise women didn’t need families to be fulfilled. Well guess what the very wealthy 60 year old creator of the series says now:

Her best-selling book and the racy TV series it inspired taught a generation of women that they could ‘have it all’.
But Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell, 60, has admitted that she regrets choosing a career over having children as she is now ‘truly alone’.

She’s very rich and can console herself with her millions and botox but alas a lot of women who fell for that spiel and aren’t as wealthy as here aren’t going to be able to do the same.

One of the things I’ve been saying for the last decade is that as Christianity becomes more persecuted and more ostracized by the culture we are going to find out who really believes and who doesn’t. A prominent protestant pastor has now fallen away very publicly and Stacy McCain has some thoughts:

What happened to Josh Harris? Honestly, I don’t know. He quit the pulpit in 2015, and by 2017 was promoting himself as a consultant offering businesses “branding and content strategy.” He announced his separation from his wife in sensitive blue-pill language (they “will continue our life together as friends . . . to create a generous and supportive future for each other and for our three amazing children”). We don’t know what we don’t know, but we may speculate that his wife — who had fallen in love with him when he was a evangelical superstar — lost interest in her husband once he ceased to be a celebrity. The Mahaney scandal must have inflicted collateral damage on Josh’s reputation and status as a leader, and what is the church to such a Christian celebrity except a source of status, an adoring audience for his performances? Necessarily, the celebrity pastor’s wife becomes part of the performance, playing the role of Perfect Christian Wife, and what happens when the show is over? What happens when the pastor leaves the pulpit and there is no longer an audience for this performance?

PJ media describes this as a celebrity culture in evangelicalismwhich makes Christ the means to the end of celebrity and that never ends well.

We should pray for this man because for the rest of his life the left/media culture will celebrate him, fete him and give him all the celebrity that he was no longer getting from faith. I’m sure that they will honor support and laud him for the rest of his natural life…

…after that however, he’s on his own.

Newsbusters wrote about Evan McMullin on MSNBC opining on the dangers of a Trump re-election with Joy Reid a few days ago and I could not help but remember being on a bus in Denver with a group of conservative bloggers covering a school choice conference were a very sincere fellow spent his time on our trip back to the hotel from a school we were visiting trying to convince me that Donald Trump would be a disaster for conservatism and urging me to throw my support to McMullin.

Recently I got another raise at work. My pay counting employee contributions to a medical savings account has gone up over 52% in the 32 months since the day of the election of Donald Trump after having dropped 55% over the Obama years. If my wage continues to rise at this rate during a 2nd Trump terms I will be back at the wage I was making when Obama was elected (not adjusted for inflation) just before the 2022 midterms.

I wonder where by pay rate would be if enough people had taken the advice of that earnest conservative on that bus?

I double down and re-endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States! SEVERAL UPDATES

Mr. Grenville: There is a small matter of you misinforming her in regard to your intellectual aptitude it might better for Miss Romana (I) to be appraised as to the extent of your family’s property before she learned of the deception.

Reginald Basset: Of course she might not mind being manacled to a chap who was mentally negligible once she’s seen the size of his country estate!

Mr. Grenville: I have observed that this is often to be the case with young ladies sir.

Doctor Who the Auntie Matter 2012

I woke up Saturday morning to the breathless headline that Ladd Ehlinger’s predictions concerning opposition research concerning Donald Trump had come true as per this headline:  Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005.

I suspect the specific phrase that has made folks like Paul Ryan cut and run is this as quoted by Allahpundit:

“And when you’re a star they let you do it,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”

“Whatever you want,” says another voice, apparently Bush’s.

“Grab them by the p—y,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”

Stacy McCain has declared this game over

This election is over. Write “–30–” at the bottom and file it.

and Allahpundit says this:

If Clinton can’t win the election after this, she was never going to win the election, period.

And in any standard election year with any standard pol as the standard bearer of a party this would be true.

However there are two basic reasons why this isn’t necessarily true

  1. this is not a normal election year and Trump is not a normal candidate.
  2. His Opponent is Hillary Clinton.

Now I concede this is bad, not only in terms of what was said but what it implies.  I strongly disapprove of it as I suspect many others like me do.

And that’s why I’ve chosen this moment, Catholic Blogger that I am, to double down and re-endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States!

Why would I do this?  Quite simple, I’m not going to let myself be played.  Let me explain.

To those who have endorsed Donald Trump, the idea that he is both boastful and vulgar has been a given, it has been factored into the equation concerning him.  Furthermore his public persona has been out there for decades and he has never pretended to be anything other than what he is.  I further suspect the voting public has already factored this into their image of Trump and it is unlikely that this revelation is going to move those who haven’t made up their minds one way or the other despite the shocked faces at CNN.

Furthermore the base reasons why many of us decided to endorse Trump have not changed:

…I know that there will be times that Donald Trump will disappointment me just as I expected Mitt Romney to disappoint me on social issues and John McCain to disappoint me on immigration and George W Bush who disappointed me on spending and the bank bailouts.

But while Trump will occasionally disappoint me (when he does I’ll call him on it) I am convinced he will neither persecute me nor strip me of my rights for holding my Conservative Catholic beliefs and acting on them.

I am very sorry to say I can not make that same statement about Hillary Clinton, and I’m even sorrier to see the day when I would say this about a presidential candidate.

Nothing on that tape changes these truths.  Clinton is going to persecute me, Trump is not.

Furthermore in terms of electability there is one thing that still favors Donald Trump,  Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is the worst candidate for any office that I have seen since Martha Coakley.  There is nothing at all likable about her.  She is disliked and distrusted by the public by huge numbers, including many of those who will eventually vote for her.

Moreover the factor that I mentioned in my Trump endorsement still remains the same

I think that the sight of women and gay men being beaten by leftists because they support the presumptive GOP nominee, having it happen in full sight of police ordered to do nothing AND SEEING THOSE OFFICERS CHOOSING TO LET THEM BE BEATEN means that they can not count on the authorities to obey their oaths of office if they think doing so might cost them their jobs.

Even worse than this is the obvious question it raises: If leftists are willing to resort to violence and boast about it before an election when it might hurt their ability to persuade the people to vote for them, how much more willing will they be to violently suppress their political foes when such behavior is rewarded with electoral victory by the people?

What will that tell a populace that has already been arming itself nonstop for the last 4-6 years?

And that not even counting the basic corruption, the wholesale theft, the selling of the office of the president of the united states and the enabling of both islamic terror and our enemies in Russia, Iran, North Korea and China that will take place and the subsequent nuclear arms race that will follow.

There is also the whole business of Trump’s words vs the Clinton’s actions, my post from August really applies well here: (new emphasis here)

Our friends in the press and in culture say we should judge Donald Trump unacceptable by his words. They don’t like what he’s said about the border, about Rosie O’Donnell, about Kahn, about Islamic Terror etc etc etc. By these words in their eyes Donald Trump is unacceptable as president of the united states

These same people however do not want us to Judge Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama by their deeds. From paying ransoms that finance terror to Iran for hostages (It’s not really ransom), for exposing classified data to the russians and lying directly about it repeatedly, Hillary Clinton actually left people to die in Benghazi, actually blamed a video for it, actually imprisoned the person who made said video.

Clinton’s actual policies turned victory in Iraq into defeat, Syria into a mess, created ISIS, destabilized Libya, enabled Russia in the Ukraine and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

And that’s not even going into using the Clinton foundation for payola or protecting Bill Clinton from the consequences of his actions when it comes to sexually abusing women.

That also gives a clue as to how Trump should deal with this business, but that for a follow up post.

Those two factors along American’s uncertainty in the Obama economy  mean that this tape notwithstanding this race isn’t over and anyone who thinks it is hasn’t been paying attention for the last year.

Closing thoughts:

  1. The irony of course is the truth of Trump’s statement. There is nothing that increases a person of the opposite sex’s tolerance for bad behavior, mediocre looks, advanced age or disgusting habits as wealth power and fame.  It’s the equivalent of beer goggles and has culturally acknowledged as a factor in woman’s selection of a mate since time immemorial.
  2. This release isn’t about convincing the general public that Trump is unacceptable.  If this was the American Culture that I grew up in then Stacy McCain would be absolutely correct, however it not.  Thanks to the ceaseless efforts of the left and the media we no longer have the culture that I grew up with that would have rejected Trump en masse over these remarks.  We have a coarser, more vulgar culture where right and wrong are flexible things and standards are not what they are.  One might even say that the left has enabled the conditions that will allow Trump to get past this with minor if any damage to his prospects.

No this is about convincing those who still have to values to allow the election of someone who not only is directly opposed to all you hold dear but will persecute you on every level.  This is about tricking you into letting go of your one chance to stop your own destruction.  They want you to lose your nerve. Furthermore they want the GOP to lose their nerve and the press will do all they can do enable it.

In other words they are counting on you to be suckers.

I’m still voting Trump and I’m still encouraging you to keep your nerve and do the same.

Update:  It’s clear that many in the GOP are cutting and running in public and urging Trump to pull out of the race, that is sheer idiocy is self evident for three reasons.

  1. No matter how much you dislike what Trump said on that tape, he won the primaries.  He was legally and legitimately chosen as the nominee of the GOP.  Unless he drops dead or has a stroke or something it would be an illegitimate act to replace him on the ticket, particularly with someone, however qualified, who did not draw a single vote in the primaries.
  2. No matter how much you dislike the Trump voters, if you are a GOP incumbent or candidate in any state or country but the most red, you will need their votes to win an election.  Going after Trump is not going to win you any liberal leaning voters and is going to cost you conservative ones, you would be much better off saying something like this

    “I am happy to accept Donald Trump’s apology to America’s women for his intemperate private remarks on that tape and in that same spirit I invite [insert opponent’s name here] to demand that Secretary Clinton apolgize to American people, to america’s women to the woman abused by her Husband and defamed by the Clintons and their surrogates for political gain.”

  3. Finally do you really think the Democrats are going to allow Trump to be replaced on the ballot at this stage?  There will be lawsuits in 50 states challenging any attempt to pull him and the Bob Torricelli precedent notwithstanding you aren’t going to see a judiciary upholding such a move.

Update 3:  For the 2nd time since deciding to support Trump after he clinched the GOP nomination a person I know and respect has asked to be pulled from my email list because of a post.  That’s their right of course and I’ll respect it but I suggest rejecting my opinion is not going to make reality any better for conservatives, particularly under a Clinton administration.

Update 4: I respect Jonah Goldberg whose point is valid:

Either way, this video is not an aberration. It is not a special circumstance. It’s him. There’s no pivot in him. There’s no “presidential” switch to flip. He’s Donald Trump all the way down.

However given the reality that either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States I ask Jonah this question:

If we concede that Donald Trump’s character is bad, Would it be better for the country to have a President of poor character who will be under intense scrutiny by the press, pols and law enforcement agencies (Trump) or to have a President of poor character who will be given a pass and or defended by the press, the pols and apparently the FBI regardless of what they say or do (Hillary).

I submit and suggest the answer is clearly the former.

Update 5: instalanche thanks Glenn. If you like this piece check out my interviews with attendees of a Trump rally in Bedford NH here, but I have to disagree with the word use of “Happy” it’s more like necessary.

Right now a lot of people are forgetting that for good or I’ll the only thing standing between us and the financial, military, security, cultural and constitutional rights disaster that a Hillary Clinton administration would be is Donald Trump.

People are in panic and when the line is breaking someone has to pick up the flag and shout “FORWARD”. And if it costs some me some readers then so be it.

Update 6: Hey look at all those democrats in that video lining up behind Bill Clinton to support him after impeachment on 12/19/1998. I wonder how many of them are now saying Trump is unfit for the presidency due to his words?

Update 7: How to Handle the tape at the Debate Tomorrow? Roy Bean the Clintons and Alinsky their surrogates
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Weiner a Blackmail risk? What about Bill Clinton?

During the Clinton impeachment hearings Democrat pols and the media that serves them knew what Bill Clinton was and what he had done, they had a choice:  They could back him up, despite the facts OR they could pressure him to resign and be replaced by Al Gore.

They choose the former.

DaTechGuy 1/15/2016

Yesterday the Muruna marriage between Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin finally became more costly than it was worth.

Rep. Anthony Weiner has been caught in a “sexting” scandal, and this proved to be the straw that finally broke the camel’s back:

Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, announced today that she is separating from her husband, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

I’m written plenty about this marriage in the past  but as I was watching Jake Tapper on Monday discussing this and the security implication of blackmail for the husband of a top aide of Hillary Clinton my head started spinning.

We are seriously talking about the security implication of Anthony Weiner due to his sexual peccadilloes when we are talking about letting Bill freaking Clinton back into the White House?

I know the MSM is still trying to pretend that this is no big deal but I have two words to say to such people:

Jeffrey Epstein

Or as Donnie Deutch put it back in may:

“Here’s the tennis game,” Deutsch said. “Donald Trump kissed a woman in a bathing suit. Trump hits back: Tell me about the president’s relationship with a guy named Jeffrey Epstein. That’s your tennis match.”

If I was Donald Trump I’d use the Weiner scandal as an excuse to bring up Jeffrey Epstein, of course the plan might be to wait till first debate to get a reaction out of Hillary and her media guards.

Closing thought: It will be interesting to see if that video still works tomorrow

Update:  Reversed two letters in Jeffrey, corrected

Donald Trump or Civil War, I Choose Trump

Robin Hood: You know, we Saxons aren’t gonna put up with these oppressions much longer.

The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938

For the second time in this election season the time has come to speak up.

I’ve really resisted endorsing Donald Trump for a long time.

I’ve been worried about his past record of liberalism (although given his primary business involved dealing with liberals in big cities such behavior might have been necessary for business reasons). I’ve been worried about his statements concerning planned parenthood & abortion (Although not only did Mitt Romney who I voted for flip on abortion, but Fr. Frank Pavone who I respect a lot has come out for Trump). I’ve been worried about his dealing with face cultures (Although with a long business recorded all over the world the idea that he doesn’t know how to diplomatically deal with difficult people is laughable) and finally I was disgusted by his attacks on Ted Cruz’s wife and his father, for which I have no answer in parentheses to provide as a counterpoint.

But the thing that has held me back beyond all others is unlike people like Scottie Nell Hughes or NH State Rep Al Baldasaro or Senator Jeff Sessions all of who I respect a lot I have no idea what his core beliefs are and don’t expect a private meeting anytime soon to assess them.

Thus voting for Trump becomes a leap of faith.

Of course there have been some significant pluses to Trump’s Campaign that should be acknowledged.

He has called Islamic Terror what it is at a time when the administration and the media are spinning, acknowledging what already exists is the first step in stopping it.

He has bluntly talked about the cost of illegal immigration at a time when stories like this are constantly ignored:

Did you hear about that mass shooting? No… not the one in Orlando. Not some Planned Parenthood clinic. Not even Bunny Friend Park. This one took place last week in the small town of Woodburn, Oregon. Three people were murdered in cold blood and fourth one was seriously injured. By the definitions established by the liberal media, this qualifies as a mass shooting. Yet I’m willing to bet that most of the country which gets its news from cable television doesn’t even know it happened. I wonder why?

The basic facts as we know them so far are that Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez shot and killed three people, ages 60, 30 and 26, as well as shooting and injuring a fourth person, age 27. It all took place on a farm. But as KXL news informs us, there’s something of note about the shooter which may be making the story a bit less interesting to the media. (Emphasis added)

The man accused of shooting and killing three people and injuring a fourth on a blueberry farm outside of Woodburn, has been deported from the U.S. six times since 2003. The U.S. Immigration and Customes Enforcement spokeswoman says in a written statement:

And of course he FIGHTS, nobody has hit the media or Clinton like Donald Trump has and his willingness to do so has been the difference between some stories being ignored or not.  For example if Donald Trump was not running would the MSM have talked about the Katie Steinle murder at all?

But all these things were not enough to push me over the line without a face to face meeting that didn’t consist of a question or two asked at a press conference.

However the last 10 days, several factors have, in my opinion forced this decision on me.

The Supreme Court:

Several cases at the Supreme court came up of significance, we saw a key abortion case go to the left thanks to Justice Anthony (now you know why the left fought so hard to dump Bork ) Kennedy, We saw the Obama executive order on immigration only fall by a 4-4 tie. Between these and other cases that were not taken letting decisions by liberal judges stand I have come to the conclusion that, given the fact that the Obama appointees are ideologues and that Hillary Clinton’s appointments would be more of the same, the only chance for the constitution to be enforced as written is to keep her out of the oval office.

The Justice Department and Loretta Lynch:

From Fast and Furious to  the Black Panthers in Philly to the IRS Scandal and Lois Lerner the Justice Department and both Loretta Lynch and her predecessor have ignored or pooh poohed violations of law, refused to enforce or defend existing law and ignored attempts to use the power of the federal government to attack their political opponents.

The meeting with Bill Clinton might be the actions that has brought this to the forefront but this type of thing has been going on for nearly eight years and there is absolutely no reason to believe that if the left is rewarded with another four to eight years this will not continue.

Hillary Clinton:

Between Benghazi and the email server and the foreign donation to the Clinton foundation it has become clear that Mrs. Clinton would 1.  Use the White House and the presidency as  her own private slush fund.  2. Continue to use the power of the presidency to attack the civil rights of conservatives, particularly believing Christians of all denominations and gun owners for political reasons.  3.  Continue to protect radical Islam as it continues to march forward not only in America but overseas.

And none of that even begins to touch on what Bill Clinton will be doing during the 4 to 8 years.

The Media:

If we had a media in the cut of a Jake Tapper a Carl Cameron or a Byron York then a lot of the worries I’ve talked about would be mitigated, but that is not what he have.

We have a media that has at every turn defended this administration, turned a blind eye to scandal, relentlessly misrepresented events and actions and acted as the political wing of the radical left, Democrats with Bylines is the word that’s been used.  The two final straws were the Orlando attack and the Bill Clinton Loretta Lynch meeting.

When the left and the Democrats tried to turn an Islamic Terror attack into a gun control event and blame Republicans and christians for these killings, did the media challenge them?  Did they point to the radicalization of the shooter, the Father’s radical pronouncements, the wife’s escape and more?  No they went along whole hog with this false narrative for the same reason they advanced a false narrative at Benghazi, because it is an election year and they feared the truth would hurt the Democrat party.

Not as deadly physically but just as deadly to the republic was their reaction to the Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton to talk about the Grandchildren Ms. Lynch doesn’t have.  With the notable exception of Mika Brzezinski the spin to defend the Clinton and to buy the “oh we just bumped into each other” BS was astounding.  And for the few on the left who did object, their object was based solely on optics that might affect the election.

I submit and suggest we will not have a media that challenges misdeeds in Washington until and unless the GOP is in the White House.


All of this points to the necessity of Trump but there is one other factor that I think is even more decisive.  It’s a subject I brought up a few years ago.

American culture traditionally is like an old Popeye cartoon. It takes hit after hit after hit until finally it exclaims:

I think the breaking point is near, I think there are a lot of people in this country who are deciding that the Government is openly hostile to them.  I think that the sight of women and gay men being beaten by leftists because they support the presumptive GOP nominee, having it happen in full sight of police ordered to do nothing AND SEEING THOSE OFFICERS CHOOSING TO LET THEM BE BEATEN means that they can not count on the authorities to obey their oaths of office if they think doing so might cost them their jobs.

Even worse than this is the obvious question it raises: If leftists are willing to resort to violence and boast about it before an election when it might hurt their ability to persuade the people to vote for them, how much more willing will they be to violently suppress their political foes when such behavior is rewarded with electoral victory by the people?

What will that tell a populace that has already been arming itself nonstop for the last 4-6 years?

Three years ago I quoted the blog Camp of the Saints in speaking about the results of ignoring the use of the IRS to suppress conservatives.


people are going to start concluding this:

The government of The United States is not legitimate.

Act accordingly.

That’s all he can stands, he can’t stands no more!

If enough people start thinking that in our well armed society, bad things happen. I really don’t think the left sees this danger or if they do perhaps they have decided that an armed paramilitary IRS etc is the way to solve it.

Things have already gotten worse, we’ve already had bloodshed in the west and we’re reached the point where the Clintons are even bothering to hide it anymore (please don’t insult my intelligence in suggesting that Bill Clinton is stupid enough to think his meeting with Lynch would get out, he knew it would) I submit and suggest he wanted to send the message that this is the way it is and there’s nothing you can do it.

I think if these people are elected before the end of a second term enough Americans will decide if they are not going to lose their rights without a fight and there will be bloodshed on a scale we haven’t seen in over 150 years.

And even if it doesn’t come to that, if somehow the Clintons are wise enough to show restraint enough to keep this from happening, the paralysis at home will embolden Al Qaeda, ISIS the Russians, the North Koreans the Iranians and the Chinese. I think we are going to see nuclear proliferation on a global scale because nations will decide a paralyzed US that believes its own citizens are it’s primary enemy can’t or won’t protect them, I think is very possible Israel will be put in the position where they will have to choose between a nuclear first strike or their destruction.

I suspect I and a lot of the faithful will have to spend a lot of the next 8 years praying, fasting and begging God to help both our country and the world avoid this horrible fate but while spiritual steps to prevent these catastrophes are good and proper temporal steps must also be taken.

And the single best temporal step will be the election of Donald Trump and the breaking of the power of those Americans who have decided their fellow citizens are the enemy.

Again I don’t take this step lightly, I know that there will be times that Donald Trump will disappointment me just as I expected Mitt Romney to disappoint me on social issues and John McCain to disappoint me on immigration and George W Bush who disappointed me on spending and the bank bailouts.

But while Trump will occasionally disappoint me (when he does I’ll call him on it) I am convinced he will neither persecute me nor strip me of my rights for holding my Conservative Catholic beliefs and acting on them.

I am very sorry to say I can not make that same statement about Hillary Clinton, and I’m even sorrier to see the day when I would say this about a presidential candidate.

I suspect a lot of people on the right see the very same thing that I do coming and don’t want to admit it either out of fear or in the vain hope that pretending these things are not happening will keep them from happening.

That is no way to deal with an unpleasant reality, the only way to do so is to admit it and act upon it and the time to act and speak is now before the GOP convention not after.

Therefore I am voting for Donald J Trump for president, and I encourage you, whatever your misgivings to do the same, because if we reward the behavior of the left and their press enablers for their actions during the Obama years, the Hillary years will make the previous eight seem like a walk in the park.


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Tip O’Neill Explains why the GOP Establishment fears Donald Trump

Leonard: Okay, fine. Live with cats. Be like my Aunt Nancy. She had dozens of them. And do you know what happened after she died? They ate her.

Sheldon:You don’t have to sell me on cats, Leonard. I’m already a fan.

The Big Bang Theory: The Zazzy Substitution 2010

There has been some fun in watching the GOP establishment in sheer Trump induced panic to the point where they supposedly think that Mitt Romney is going to ride in and play savior.  That insanity has been the bright side to my disappointment that Trump voters don’t know or remember that my man Ted Cruz has been fighting for all the big causes that Trump has been espousing.

However  there is one part about all this nonsense and panic that might not make sense to someone paying attention.  Why is the GOP so dead set against Donald Trump?  After all he is a dealmaker and it’s highly likely that he will make plenty of deals that favor the party big wigs to get the votes in congress that he wants and who says that the big money donors who finance the various candidates will not see a deal or two thrown their way?

What you have to remember is the difference between how an activist sees the GOP and how the party Establishment does.

To an activist the GOP exists as a vehicle to advance a certain set of principles that matter to them as the best thing to the country for the sake of generations to come.

To a member of the establishment the GOP exists as a vehicle to a comfortable job / office in government and/or party, a source of profitable influence in same, an even more comfortable living post government and entré to all of these things for family friends and children.

To the big money donor it’s an investment in his interests to either guarantee a favor or to ensure a hearing.

For the activist it’s what the office can do for their cause, to the establishment it’s what the office can do for you and other members of the club and for the donor that put them all there.

And that’s why the party wants to stop  Trump if they can because they envision a scene much like Tip O’Neill described on page 183 of his autobiography when he and a group of Massachusetts congressmen went to see President Johnson to pitch a friend from Boston in the General Service Administration for the head spot of that agency when it opened up in 1964.

As Tip explains things didn’t go as planned:

When we arrived at the White House, Johnson came in to the room and said, “Boys, I know what you’re here for.  You want this Kennedy man to get the GSA job, this guy who looks down his nose at me like I’m shit.  Well, you can tell him that he’s not going anywhere.  He’s damn lucky to be where he is.  Every time I see that elongated son of a bitch with his PT-109 tie pin, flaunting it in my face, I almost go through the roof.”

“Wait a minute—” somebody broke in.

“No, I will NOT wait a minute,” the president replied.  “No Kennedy man is going to get that job.  I’m giving it to a Johnson man.  Now let’s go in and have a drink.”

When people think of jobs in a president’s administration they think of secretary of state, Attorney General or chief of staff, but the reality is there are thousands of positions that carry prestige, pay well and guarantee a well paying position in the private sector later on that an administration fills not just at the start of their term but all during it.  (another argument for Glenn Reynolds revolving door surtax)

What happens if those positions go not to a party man, but to a Trump man?  What happens when the head of an agency like the GSA doesn’t owe his position to a party or to a donor but owes it to the Donald™ and it time to make a ruling that affects the party or could affect a chance in a big donor’s fortunes?  Even worse for the GOP what happens when Donald Trump remembers who treated him fairly and with respect and who did not?  There are few men in the this history of the world that can hold a candle to Lyndon Baines Johnson in terms of ego and remembering a slight but I suspect Donald Trump is one of them.

I can see that scene from the LBJ years being repeated over and over again as a President Trump remembers who granted him a favor when he needed it (Like Chris Christie) and who did not.

Cue Captain Picard:

I suspect a variant of this conversation is happening right now with a lot of Republican Establishment types being given the choice between joining the establishment “destroy trump at all costs” forces, waiting till after Florida to make up their mind or jumping on the bandwagon before Super Tuesday, although I suspect the language being used by the Trump people is not as diplomatic as the Captain Picard’s

For myself I’m a Cruz man. I urge all voters to support Ted and will keep doing so as long as he’s in this race.

But if I’m ever in a position where my choice is Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president, I won’t have to think twice and if nothing else the man who gets my vote will know it was given honest.


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The MSM “I’m not Defending Bill Clinton” caucus

I had to laugh when I saw this piece at the Hill where John Podesta was so worried about this answer to a Town Hall question by Bernie Sanders:

“But I hope he’s not thinking about going there, because, again, I think what Trump has done to go in the gutter is reprehensible,” the Clinton campaign chairman added.

Sanders fielded a question late Friday at a town hall in Iowa about Bill Clinton’s affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

“Hillary Clinton is not Bill Clinton. What Bill Clinton did, I think we can all acknowledge was totally, totally, totally disgraceful and unacceptable. But I am running against Hillary Clinton. I am not running against Bill Clinton,” Sanders told the questioner, according to The Washington Post.

Podesta’s warnings to Sanders are laughable as he has as much chance of costing Bernie his seat in VT as I have of being named Secretary of Time Travel in a Ted Cruz administration but more importantly it combined with these little Riffs on Morning Joe crystallizes the problem for a certain group of Democrats and media folks of a particular age.

During the Clinton impeachment hearings Democrat pols and the media that serves them knew what Bill Clinton was and what he had done, they had a choice:  They could back him up, despite the facts OR they could pressure him to resign and be replaced by Al Gore.

They choose the former.

Perhaps because the rest of their caucus couldn’t stand the scrutiny (think Ted Kennedy).  Perhaps because they thought it would lead to a GOP victory a la 1976 or perhaps they decided they didn’t want to risk emboldening a GOP that had only just won the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years.

But whatever the reason they not only stuck with Bill Clinton  defending him en masse but for 15 years afterwards proceeded to pretend that nothing had happened acting as if, at worst Bill Clinton was the victim of a partisan witch hunt.

Thanks to Donald Trump and Bill Cosby that position is no longer tenable so plan B has become to acknowledge that what Bill Clinton did was wrong (How many times can Harold Ford say “I’m not defending” ) while maintaining that bringing it up in the context of Hillary is beyond the pale.

In other words: talking about what Bill Clinton did to women is,  in his and people like Donna Brazile’s eyes,  far worse than what he actually did to women.

This reaction is of course completely understandable because if one does not have this reaction it begs the question that nobody in the MSM wants to ask or be asked:

If what Bill Clinton did to women was “disgraceful” and “unacceptable” then why did the media elites and Democrat pols not only defend him at the time but spend that last 15 years treating the ex president as if he had never done a wrong thing?

I submit and suggest that people from Podesta, to Andrea Mitchell to Harold Ford and many others all know the answer to that question, which is why they can’t bear to have it asked.