Opinions Sought Pro & Con on Shoulder Surgery vs Rehab

And now for a very topical post, at least for me.

As you may or may not know I took a very bad fall at work just before thanksgiving and broke my shoulder. I have been out since that day healing.

After a CAT scan last week I’m informed that in addition to the base fracture a significant amount of the socket is also damaged. I’ve been referred to a 2nd specialist who I will be seeing after the new year to decide on what to do about it and if the best solution is a surgical or a non-surgical path.

While of course until I actually see the Doctor to get his assessment an intelligent decision or opinion can’t be reached it occurs to me that there may be plenty of readers who have had a similar situation who have made the choice I am going to have to face and have been living with the results of said choice.

Naturally both surgery and therapy have their own risk/reward factors on both a long term and a short term scale. A better grasp of said risks/rewards of either decision will be valuable in making the right choice for me & mine.

So I’m asking for your input. If you’ve faced this situation I’d be interested in the pros and cons you’ve experienced with the choice you’ve made. I would be most grateful to any reader willing to volunteer such information. Simply leave it in comments.