On Saturday I noted the rather…interesting article at Rolling Stone concerning what the left should be “fighting” for. Everything from universal makework, a pay for simply existing and the end of private property and more.

Many of us on the right were simply amazed  as Twitchy’s title on this piece indicates

‘This cannot possibly be real’: Rolling Stone’s five economic reforms sure sound like Marxism

but Kevin Drum at the “respected” leftist site Washington Journal said:

All right, settle down, these proposals are hardly as far-out as they may sound at first glance.

he seems absolutely delighted at our reaction:

As Digby points out, the wingnuts are having a meltdown over Myerson’s article — that’s how you know it’s having an effect. Conservatives tend to be made seriously uncomfortable when someone on the left dispenses with the tired script pundits have been reading from for the last 30 years and throws out some ideas that threaten to unsettle the terms of the debate.

as does the Daily Kos & Hullabaloo:

It just goes to show that when the left pushes the Overton Window the wingnuts’ heads explode. And that’s a good thing. If the leaders of the Democratic Party could learn to keep their cool and behave with a little bit of confidence instead of wetting their pants any time some right wing kook stages a hissy fit over a perfectly normal proposal or mainstream comment, they might be able to use this for leverage.

Our friends on left are correct at our opinion of this idiocy but are totally wrong concerning our reaction or at least mine, I’m simply delighted to see it.  In fact I’m just as delighted to see this from the left as I am this:

Just to recall a basic fact: Intercourse/PIV is always rape, plain and simple.

PIV stand for “Penis in vagina” since the dawn of time humans have refereed to this action as “sex”.  Stacy McCain points out this is not an anomaly for the left

Why does this Rolling stone article, this expression of feminism and the left’s acceptance of the same as the start of talking points delight me?  Well it’s this. One of the problems in dealing with our leftist friends in general they are able to advance their goals by concealing what they actually think, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it.”

well it’s 2014, an election year and it’s time for us play the Akin game.

We need to make the left own these statements. We need to be associating every since democrat running for every single office in every single state with these statements. We need to be asking if they agree with these statements, if they would care to distance themselves to these statements and if they would care to distance themselves from the sites and the people who are advancing them.

We should point that these are the sites and the people who are supporting their re-election in 2014, sites that argue for their support and routinely denounce their GOP opponents.

I would be delighted to have Jeanne Shaheen asked if she thinks everyone deserves a common income, I’d just love for Mark Prior to answer if we should create makework jobs for everybody, Al Franken should be asked if he thinks all property should be in common, Kay Hagen should answer why her supporters believe everyone should own everything.

Now as we don’t own the media like the left we can’t get the same 24 hour coverage to drive this story. I don’t see Morning Joe & MSNBC let alone ABCCBSNBCCNNCNBCNYT bringing this up let alone questioning Democrat candidates about it

If you are a conservative guest on any show you local, state or national you need to bring this up and link Democrats in general and candidates in particular to it until and unless they denounce it.

After all as the media taught us from the days of Todd Akin how can anyone in the country rest until every Democrat answer these questions on camera?

Final Thought:  If you wonder why leftists like the Modern Language Association don’t like cameras and recording devices, this is it.

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Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio we bring in Rob Eno of Red Mass Group to talk about the Republican Convention, from Clint to Mitt and particularly the speech that impressed the two of us the most Artur Davis.

We will also be talking to Ohio based pollster Fritz Weaver about the poll he took in Missouri on Todd Akin and polls in general.

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Anyone who reads this blog knows I don’t have a lot of faith in polling unless I see the internals. So when I saw this story at life news:

Poll Claims Todd Akin Has Re-Taken Lead on Claire McCaskill

The lead shown was 3 points for Akin. While it was not an outrageous number it was 12 pts different that the last announced poll. So immediately was suspicious:

Fritz Wenzel analyzed the results of the survey and concluded that “Despite the firestorm of news in the Senate race over the past few weeks, most voters have already made up their mind in the race, the survey shows. The fact that 80% said they were firm in their choice certainly indicates that this is a race that will be decided more by ideology and turnout efforts by the campaigns and less by breaking news that flashes across the news pages and cable news channels.”

So I looked at the memo page but there were no internals listed.

At that point I was ready to put up a post calling BS but I noticed the memo contained a contact number so I did what a reporter who wants a question answered is supposed to do I called.

Not only did I get the company but I got Mr. Weaver himself, he agreed to talk to me.

I asked him about the poll and the internals. He told me the split was as follows:

Republicans 34%
Democrats 33%
Independents 33%

Talk about a balanced poll. I’ve never seen a poll so exactly split. and this split is consistent with the actual partisan split in Missouri. I asked why the internals were not included he said the internals were given both to the client and to Politico (which had this story but didn’t put them out in their piece.)

Mr. Weaver answered all my questions and agreed to be on this week’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio on Saturday.

If this poll is accurate it confirms what I said on the 24th.

For all of the grief you have gotten none of the underlying issues that were a problem for McCaskill are still there. The economy, Obamacare, unemployment the lot.

There are a lot of people on the right who might be embarrassed by an Akin victory. Apparently to the voters of Missouri they would be much more embarrassed by a McCaskill win.

Exit question. If this is correct and Akin wins without the GOP what will the MSM say, what will McCaskill say and most importantly what will the media say?

Claire McCasKill runs away…from Obama

So now we have the Republican candidate who has been told in no uncertain terms that he won’t be getting one penny from the RNC and the Democrat sprinting away from the titular head of her party like Usain Bolt toward a Nike endorsement. Who is going to wind up financing this shindig seeing the way things are going?

Claire Claire Claire, you can run all the comercials you want but you can’t take back that Obamacare vote

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Todd Akin is unlikely to withdraw from the race in Missouri. I’m thinking if he isn’t out by the convention it pretty much is it.

So if you are Todd Akin’s campaign manager the problem is to win. You have the GOP unwilling to back you, the left using you as a poster boy for their cause and Claire McCasKill now the only person in the Democrat party that actually has a reason for optimism. The problem is message money and volunteers. Here is what I would do if I was running this campaign:

Plan A: Right to Life on steroids:

Since you can’t avoid the issue be THE man on abortion. Talk about the potential of each child and give examples of those who have achieved. Be the most anti-abortion candidate you can be, and challenge Claire McCaskill on it:

1. Challenge her, since Abortion is disproportionately pushed in the minority communities ask her why? Tie abortion to the whole picking winners and losers business.

2. As her about sex selective abortion, call it the real war on women and ask her if she believes in it or would support it?

3. Ask her about if she would support abortion based on sexual preference

4. Point to the difference in solutions Obama & McCaskill abortion abortion abortion and contrast that with solutions like Visitation House (or the equivalent in Missouri)

5. Challenge her to answer when live begins, point out Obama said it was above his pay grade, as her if it is above hers.

To the pregnant mother Obama & McCaskill say of your child: No you can’t get out of poverty, no you can’t get a good education, no you can’t grade in college and no you can’t make you can’t grow up be educated but I say Yes you can!

This plan serves two purposes, it makes the best of the Abortion issues and will also energize right to life people nationwide both in terms of the pocketbook and in terms of volunteers.

The tag line should be: “Barack Obama and Claire McCaskill are picking winners and losers on the economy, with Obamacare they are picking winners and losers on healthcare and with their radical pro-abortion agenda they are even picking winners and losers on life itself.”

Plan B: Pound McCaskill on the Economy & Obama

For all of the grief you have gotten none of the underlying issues that were a problem for McCaskill are still there. The economy, Obamacare, unemployment the lot. Push this message and deliver it in a way the media can’t separate their questions on abortion from your answer. To wit:

1. I’ve apologized my ill advised words, will Claire McCaskill apologize for her ill advised votes for Obama’s stimilus

2. I’ve renounced my statements, will Claire McCaskill renounce her vote on Obamacare?

3. I’ve agreed my words were based on bad information. When will Claire McCaskill agree her votes for Obama’s Economic programs were based on bad info.

At every turn contrast your poor words with her poor actions. And make sure it’s impossible to pull one line from the other.

Your tag line should be: “I’ve apologized to the people of Missouri for my words which hurt feelings, when will Claire McCaskill apologize to the people of Missouri for the votes that she cast that have hurt their pocketbooks?”

Plan C: Free Media & Debates

Since you are going to be low on money the thing to do is be everywhere on free media. You are an interview that a lot of people want and every single member of hte media is looking to trip you up. Go on ALL OF THEM. Use Plan B and make every question asked about Abortion answered by an attack on McCaskill. And challenge Claire McCaskill to debates EVERY SINGLE DAY. The last things she wants is a debate on her record. And if she ducks (and she will) play that up.

Your tag line should be: “Claire McCaskill urged me to stay in the race, yet she won’t show up for it.”

Plan D: Onward Huckabee/Christian/Profile soldiers

Plans a-c all involve campaigning, the other problem is manpower and money.

The GOP can’t and won’t give to you, but that doesn’t stop the grass roots. Here is are the people you should tap.

1. Cultivate Right to life Remind them that McCasKill’s vote is a vote to confirm justices who will support Abortion. They know the stakes and also know that the media can’t treat them much worse then they already do.

2. Huckabee: Mike Huckabee has been one of the few members of the GOP to publicly support the Akin campaign. Turn to him whole hog both publicly and privately. Point out that his evangelical pro-life base is your base. If he can bring you over the finish line it will be HIS win, not the GOP’s. That is going to have some appeal.

3. SuperPac: Since no GOP candidate associated with the party can give you time or money and none of the mainline superpacs will donate, you will need to form one of your own , a 501c(4) along the lines of Patriot Majority on the left.

I’m not personally a fan of non-disclosure but in this case it’s the only way to draw on the money out there. And there WILL be the money with the senate at stake.

The tag line is: “What will cost you more. A few dollars of your money or six years of Claire McCaskill in the senate.?”

Plan E: Obama’s economy + Clinton socially = Claire McCaskill

The DNC has decided to go whole hog against you in their convention. Well go whole hog on them back.

1. When they claim you are part of a war on women ask them, what is worse for womem? The words you’ve already apologized for or the policies Barack Obama & Claire McCaskill have pushed and promise to continue?

2. When they claim you treat rape lightly ask them what is worse, the words you’ve apologized for or the actions of Bill Clinton, their keynote speaker.

3. Point out that Claire McCaskill has said the following about Bill Clinton:

“I think he’s been a great leader but I don’t want my daughter near him.”

Call on both McCaskill and the DNC to dis-invite Bill Clinton from the Democrat convention and if they don’t play that up.

Your tagline should be: “Claire McCaskill & the DNC talk the ‘War on women’. The Real war on Women are the policies of Barack Obama and the actions of Bill Clinton”

Can these tactics win the day? I don’t know, but they are the best cards Akin has and if he doesn’t pull out of the race, they are the ones he should play.

Update: While even with my plan for Akin it would be a tough slog I feel much better about Mitt chances in the show me state, this poll not withstanding:

While Missouri is always a tough state for both parties in presidential elections, until recently Mitt Romney didn’t have much to worry about. Rasmussen’s series of polls gave him a significant-if-not-quite-comfortable six-point margin in the Show Me State … at least until Todd Akin shared his views on the legitimacy of rape claims from pregnant victims. In today’s Rasmussen poll, Romney now slightly trails Obama, 47/46:

Ed is exactly right, once the initial hit passes the race for the white house fundamentals will re-assert themselves.

Update 2:
Should have included this bit from Ed’s:

When the storm passes, as it will with the convention, the fundamentals of the candidates will once again take hold and push the race back to the pre-Akin status quo — a movement that would be enhanced by Akin’s departure, of course.

Update 3: Garbeled sentence fixed

This morning I warned the right about the Traps the Todd Akin situation poses for them.

What might not be so apparent today is that there are several traps for the left that might be even more profound and dangerous than any for the right.

1.  It’s the  Todd Akin stupid:

Right now the left is salivating at the prospect of Todd Akin as part of the conversation.  Akin might allow them an advantage for the next few days but when the campaign season begins in earnest after Labor Day it will be an old topic.  If the left decides to play all Akin all the time the reaction of the voters who are not yet paying attention will be:  “Who is Todd Akin and what does that have to do with me getting a job?”

2…The “You didn’t build it” syndrome:

One of the reasons why Barack Obama fell into the “You didn’t build it” trap was the reaction of his base to Elizabeth Warren’s remarks.  The Todd Akin narrative plays very will with their base & the media.  This will create a large temptation for them to go to this card with a sympathetic press when they have no good answer on topics more relevant to the voters

3.  I’ll see your Akin and raise you a Joe Biden:

Todd Akin has apologized profusely for his gaffes and the GOP has loudly condemned him for it urging him to leave the race.  If they choose to try to tie the entire GOP to a single congressman running for senate the GOP has a ready counter.  Joe Biden’s gaffes have become so legendary that we are seeing tweets like this:

Every single time the left says the words “Todd Akin” you have an opening to come back with Joe Biden and Biden is at the top of a national ticket.

4.  Dueling conventions Todd Akin vs Bill Clinton:

Of all the things that are risky for the left pushing the Todd Akin story at the GOP convention is the most dangerous.

The entire “War on Women” already has risks for the left, but if they choose to use Akin as a club to beat the right with during the GOP convention the party has a ready answer.  Bill Clinton.

For all the nostalgia of the Clinton years.  President Clinton is firmly established in the mind of the country as a womanizer, a boss who used his power to get sex from a subordinate.  And he is the Keynote Speaker for the Democrat Convention!

The late night jokes simply write themselves and that’s was without the Akin mess.  Can you imagine the look on the face of the first Democrat operative who suggests the GOP is soft on rape and is answered with a sentence containing the words “Juanita Broaddrick”?

The left is in a position to avoid these traps if they are clever. Unfortunately for them, it’s in their nature to overplay this hand. They just have to hope the right doesn’t counter them properly.

Update: Democrats step in it, Hotair links to CNN report Dems add 9 women speakers to the program over Akin, each should be asked what they think about Bill Clinton giving the Keynote

Yesterday (although I did my best) you couldn’t miss the Todd Akin story, high low and in between. It dominated twitter, it was highly played on talk radio it was everywhere as people speculated what Rep Akin would do.

While Claire McCaskill is celebrating (I think slightly prematurely) I think there were several traps that the Akin case creates and both left and right may be primed to fall into them.

For the right: We have already seen a couple of these trap evident, and they have actually fallen for some of them.

1. Speak softly and carry a big stick…:

If you want this guy out of the race you don’t plan so many cards publicly, you play them privately. The worst thing you can do is scream and shout out loud and fail.

1a…Particularly if you’re the boss:

Mitt Romney’s statements in the morning was a good idea they were strong but not a demand.  It was the right public tone.  I’m not so sure about second statement near the deadline.  Like a president who doesn’t go to a conference until the deal is already made I think urging Akin to leave at the last minute when you didn’t know he was going looked weak.

Perhaps they considered this a “Sister Souljah” moment for him if so they might have fallen into trap #2.

2.  You can’t appease the MSM:

Both Dana Loesch & I talked about being uncomfortable with reversing a primary over a gaffe but as a whole the GOP has condemned Todd Akin’s remarks and asked him to leave, from Mitt Romney and Scott Brown Reince Priebus and the entire Missouri delegation urged him to go.  Commentators from Ann Coulter to Charles Krauthammer asked him to leave.  Sean Hannity practically begged him to go…

… yet today on Morning Joe and the MSM it’s as if none of this happened.  As far as they are concerned the GOP is labeled by Todd Akin.  All GOP members are stuck to him like Brer rabbit to the  tar baby and the media is saying that everywhere.

Now one would not be surprised by the Democrat party pouncing on this.  That’s their job and it beats talking Obama’s record, but the MSM’s decision to grab this and hold on like a dog to a bone should make it clear to the GOP a point they should already know.  No matter what you say, no matter what you do, it will never be enough for the MSM or the left.  Trying to appease the MSM is a fool’s errand and attempt to do so are useless and counter productive.


3.  Don’t Panic in large friendly letters:

Of all the things I saw yesterday the thing that annoyed me most was the sheer unadulterated panic by some on the right over this whole business.

All of the weaknesses that existed for the Democrats three days ago still exist, all the weaknesses for Claire McCaskill still exist.  All of the advantages that we hold we still hold and if you look at voters like Cheryl you will see this race spells disaster all over for the left.  

The left has two huge problems their record and their morale.  Nothing at all can be done about the record but panic on the right can only embolden the left’s volunteers and more importantly their money people.

Campaigns are long things and day to day and week to week you are going to have these things happen (Remember when etch-a-sketch was going to sink Mitt Romney?). 

If the GOP faithful let themselves get played over this they only have themselves to blame.

The GOP can’t undo Trap #1.  Mistake #1 has already been made,  Mistake #2 is a continuing problems for the right but mistake #3 can be avoided and the GOP faithful would be well advised to take it.

As for the left well that’s my next post… 


I have written more than once that the MSM/Left uses polls not to inform, but to influence elections. Today Ed Morrissey looks at polling in Missouri on Senate Candidate Todd Akin and notices something…interesting

There’s another problem with this poll for Akin, one we don’t usually see from PPP emphasis mine— they significantly oversampled Republicans. The D/R/I on this survey is R+9 at 30/39/32, but even the GOP-sweep 2010 election had exit polls for Missouri showing an R+3 advantage, 34/37/28. I’m not sure I’d trust that one-point margin lead in this poll.

Now that’s really different, why would PPP suddenly choose this moment to oversample republicans?

Could it be that they are desperate to make sure that Todd Akin stays in the race?

I suspect that if he chooses to remain, the next sample will be less lopsided and more accurate.

If you wanted evidence that certain public polls are a tool to produce a desired result rather than inform, here it is.

Update: Legal insurrection is thinking the same thing without noting the split:

Maybe Akin could win Missouri, but this was just a flash poll so it’s hard to read too much into it.

If I were a cynic, I might suggest that PPP — a Democratic pollster – did the flash poll knowing it was too soon for the effect of the controversy to make its way into the electorate in the hope of keeping Akin’s hope alive before he makes his decision overnight whether to step aside.


(Note this doesn’t change my opinion that win or lose it’s a bad precedent to overturn an election and replace a legitimate primary winner based on a gaffe. It will be used in the future any time one side or the other sees an electoral problem ahead, much easier than working hard to change minds.)

Update: Rush makes my point on the poll sample and feeling uncomfortable telling Akin to go.

Congressmen Todd Akin, when asked a “gotcha” question about rape and abortion, stated that women who are raped are less likely to get pregnant than their peers who had voluntary intercourse.  This medically accurate fact generated this response from Sen. Claire McCaskill, who will face Akin in the general election:

“As a woman & former prosecutor who handled 100s of rape cases, I’m stunned by Rep Akin’s comments about victims this AM.”

She later released a statement condemning her rival as “ignorant about the emotional and physical trauma brought on by rape.”

“The ideas that Todd Akin has expressed about the serious crime of rape and the impact on its victims are offensive,” she continued.

Well, my woman-hating Ms. McCaskill, let’s examine the facts, shall we?   Stress, long hours at work, and jet lag – even from going on vacation! – can delay ovulation and seriously undermine a woman’s ability to get pregnant. But in pro-rape Claire’s world, sexual assault doesn’t change a woman’s risk of pregnancy because she thinks that rape is less traumatic than flying to Europe.

The medicine backs this up.  From the CNN.com article, women who are raped have a 5% risk of getting pregnant; this is lower, by a statistically significant margin, than the 8% chance of getting pregnant with unprotected sex. In fact, you’re about 40% less likely to get pregnant when raped than when having voluntary sex.  If that all-nighter at work delays ovulation, the total physical and physiological trauma of forced intercourse will wreck havoc on a woman’s body.  Akin is 100% correct on the medicine, and entirely correct in his understanding of just how serious rape is.  McCaskill is the one making light of it.

But medically-ignorant, “rape is less traumatic than jet lag” Claire McCaskill would like to ignore that fact for political gain. We have words for women like that, which are spelled mostly like the word for your parent’s sister, but not.

Update: (DaTechGuy) The vultures are circling around Mr. Akin but the wound was self inflicted. There is talk about removing him from the ticket and apparently the drop dead date is within 24 hours. Regardless of the fallout I’m VERY uncomfortable with the idea that you can replace a candidate who won a primary based on a gaffe or mistake. After all the voters made their choice. On the other hand after Torricelli what’s good for the good is good for the gander but it’s a horrible precedent.