What didn’t go well in Virginia

Not everything went well in the Virginia elections, and its important to point out what could be better.

Let’s look at fundraising, specifically for the House of Delegates. Now, the House of Delegates doesn’t get as much attention as the governor race, but all 100 delegates were up for election, and since they make the laws, having control is important. In close races, Republicans fell short on fundraising by a lot, and had they raised a bit more, might have swung a few more elections.

In District 10, Republicans lost by ~500 votes, but were outspent by over 1 million dollars

In District 21, Republicans lost by ~200 votes, but were outspent by $500,000 dollars

In District 93, Republicans lost by ~1,000 votes, but were outspent $333K to $62K

Clearly, this is a problem. Spending doesn’t always predict winning (see NJ) but it does enable more ads, more flyers, more rallies and more travel. Delegates don’t get big press coverage and struggle to get their name out there, and fundraising makes all the difference.

Let’s talk about apathy next. While there was a lot of energy, there are nearly as many curmudgeons that refused to vote, refused to donate, and refused to be poll watchers, but had plenty of time to whine and complain about politics. I’ll call these people the “Commenting Peasants,” because they won’t lift a finger to help the issues that they claim to care about, but many are all thumbs when making comments on Reddit or other social media sites. Republicans have a lot of these people. Close elections, especially delegate elections, come down to very few votes, and unless people start shaming these “Commenting Peasants” to stick their comments where the sun doesn’t shine and get their butts out to vote, Republicans will continue to lose close elections.

Early voting is here to stay, yet Republicans didn’t have a “drive to vote” group going. That was a huge mistake. The Campaign Sidekick app I had told me to ask people about who they would vote for, but I had no way of putting someone on a list to be driven to a voting station. Why on earth not?

Lastly, why on earth didn’t we hear more from Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares? In person, these people are excellent speakers, better in my opinion than Youngkin. I’ll say it now, Sears needs to be groomed to run for governor next time around. These two should have been featured in more ads and more speaking engagements.

That’s the bad as I see it. Nothing critical that cost Republicans, but plenty of areas where more attention could have picked up more votes and more delegate seats.

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The ground game in Virginia

Terry McAuliffe (who will now be referred to as McAwful) lost big in Virginia. Since I live in a swing city in Virginia, I saw very heavy campaigning on both sides the entire election, and the media have missed quite a few important points about why the election went so badly for McAwful.

First, the school board issue goes far beyond Loudon County. Loudon County has made news because a young girl was raped and the rape was covered up, but school board issues were brewing for some time. The Virginia Beach school board passed measures concerning transgender students and masking over the very vocal concerns of parents, and attempted to impose CRT under a different name as well. Chesapeake School district attempted to delay the mask mandate, but when Virginia’s health department saw that, they changed their rules to mandate masks, so Chesapeake and others had to comply.

That state government overreach really torqued people the wrong way. Up until then, Governor Northam had the appearance of a pretty middle of the road governor on COVID-19 response. He wasn’t a Ron Desantis, but he wasn’t murdering senior citizens like Michigan, California and New York. I could go to a Home Depot and purchase pretty much whatever I needed, while my parents in Michigan weren’t allowed to purchase anything but cleaning supplies. In fact, the military treated its service members far worse in terms of restrictions, so Governor Northam really avoided the heat for his COVID-19 response.

That’s why Terry McAwful was polling so well for so long. He was literally coasting to a win. That was compounded by Glenn Youngkin refusing the first debate with him because of a conflict of interest with the moderator, a known Democrat supporter. Most swing voters in Virginia were looking around, seeing their state not suck, and shrugging thinking it wasn’t all bad, up until the school boards were basically told to stuff it on the topics of masking, trans kids and CRT. That’s when the rumblings started.

Now, McAwful could have easily still won by simply punting on the issue of school boards. He could have said “I think we need to listen to parents but also listen to educators,” or some meaningless nonsense like that. Had he done that, it would have been difficult for Youngkin to paint him as an extremist because, again, Virginia hadn’t really been all that bad.

But McAwful opened his mouth and used his inside voice, making his now famous statement that parents shouldn’t be involved in their kids education. Right around the same time, Loudon County broke as a story, and kept breaking despite attempts to shuffle it off into a corner.

At this point, Youngkin did exactly what you’re supposed to do when an opponent falls on their sword: twist.

Compare that to previous debate performances by John McCain, now to be called McFakeRebel. Remember when McFakeRebel would try to stick something on Obama, who would just brush it off, and McFakeRebel had no followup? I remember that. I watched those debates saying “Seriously, grow a spinal cord and pounce!” Contrast that to Youngkin, who pounded McAwful every single chance he got on his statements. He did not let up one bit.

Youngkin’s ad campaign was non-existent until the last three weeks, but when it came, man it came hard. You couldn’t drive in Hampton Roads without seeing big, bold, red “Vote for Youngkin” signs. At least one industrial business flew a giant Youngkin flag that was quite visible from the High Rise Bridge. Even better, my kids saw a plane dragging a “Youngking for Governor” banner every time it was bright and sunny outside.

Youngkin was all over social media, especially on YouTube, which is number 1 in terms of social media use. Facebook is beginning to decline, and Snapchat and Instagram are increasing, so its safe to say that should change in the future, but overall, it was a good move on Youngkin’s part.

The last thing that Youngkin did well was let your opponent be your anti-hero. On abortion, Youngkin was quiet, but after Northam basically said it was ok to dump live babies in a bucket and decide whether to kill them later…do you really think Youngkin could be any worse than that? Or on gun control, while Youngkin didn’t get the NRA’s endorsement, nobody believed that he would be worse than McAwful. Youngkin didn’t bother campaigning on those things because nobody in their right mind had doubts about how he compared to McAwful.

Youngkin’s campaign was knocking on doors, putting up signs, holding rallies and in general getting out there. I’ll discuss things that went poorly in a different post, but Youngkin’s ground game was far above what you normally see. I remember the days of annoying Obama kids that wouldn’t leave me alone in my home. I hated them, but I had to admit that they were out there working the ground game, which is a big reason behind him winning. Youngkin had the same enthusiasm going. No amount of support from Biden, Harris or Obama will make up for people knocking on their neighbors doors.

Thankfully, Virginia will have a House of Delegates and Executive branch next year that just might end our stupid pandemic and get us back to normal.

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The Democrats lost big in Virginia because they let their Marxist masks slip off

The margin for victory was so great for the Republican gubernatorial candidate, Glenn Youngkin, that it was impossible for the Democrats to steal the election.  I am absolutely sure that if the margin of victory for Youngkin would have been narrower, the Democrats would have executed one of their all too familiar election steals, and the Republicans would have done nothing about it

The statewide elections in Virginia proved to be a clean sweep for the Republicans.  Check out this Breitbart article for more details.

Youngkin was running alongside former Del. Winsome Sears, a Jamaican immigrant and military veteran running for lieutenant governor, and Del. Jason Miyares, a Cuban American angling to unseat incumbent Attorney General Mark Herring (D). Both of the Virginia Republicans had also been declared winners by Decision Desk HQ as of the time of this writing.

Despite the victories of Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares in Virginia, the mainstream media is, of course, blaming the Republican wins in that state on racism.  Check out this Newsbusters article: (emphasis is from the original article)

Minutes after polls closed in Virginia on Tuesday, MSNBC’s election night co-hosts made it clear that they were pessimistic about their chances as they instead continued to lie about gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, his voters, and Republicans writ large by calling them “dangerous” human beings “to our national security” and racists “in fleece” peddling “lies” about critical race theory (CRT).

ReidOut host Joy Reid was, not surprisingly, the worst. Five minutes after polls closed, Reid peddled the lie that Youngkin ran a racist campaign to ban Toni Morrison from schools and held out hope for Democrat Terry McAuliffe on the basis of Black voters who were scared that Youngkin “would purge” books about W.E.B. DuBois and Martin Luther King Jr. from schools.

The Democrat candidate for governor, Terry McAuliffe, has no one to blame for his crushing defeat other than himself.  He made a statement that was completely at odds with everything the United States stands for,  It was a statement that only holds true in Marxist, and other totalitarian, nations.  Here is a video of that so infamous statement:

McAuliffe doesn’t want parents to have a say in their child’s education – YouTube

Ever since the Democrats successfully stole the 2020 presidential election from President Donald Trump, they have become so emboldened that they are now saying the silent parts out loud.  Up until the steal the Democrats were careful to not give too loud a voice to their Marxist beliefs.  That sentiments expressed by McAuliffe is deeply rooted in Marxist and other totalitarian philosophies, where children are viewed as property of the state.  That is completely the polar opposite of the way things have always been here in the United States, where parents have always been the ultimate decisions makers for their children.    MaAuliffe lost the election primarily because his statement, most understandably, provoked a stupendous wave of outrage amongst the parents of Virginia.  The parents of Virginia, along with the parents of most other states, were already outraged by so many other things Democrats have been doing to school children for the past several years.  This tweet by Tom Cotton perfectly captures the parental outrage that led to Youngkin’s victory.

Parental rights and outrage over progressive indoctrination is very much a winning issue for the Republicans because they are on the right side of these most fundamental issues.  If they run with them during the midterm elections and the 2024 presidential election, they should have a much easier path to victory.