If you don’t like the Casey Anthony verdict look in the mirror

I can’t pretend that I know much about this case, I didn’t follow it, I don’t know the background or the evidence, but I saw the verdict today while I was having lunch on a long hot day and everywhere I went and everywhere on the radio people were outraged.

Again I don’t know the truth of the matter but I do have a question for all those outraged people:

The last time you were summoned to Jury did you go or did you look for an excuse to duck it?

Just about everyone I know tends to try to duck jury duty; they always seem to find one excuse or another to leave the task to someone else.

I’ve often said we get the government we deserve, it is my firm belief we also get the justice system we deserve. If you don’t like the way the justice system works perhaps the next time you are asked to participate remember how you thought about this case and act accordingly.

Update: Had a bad day yesterday (a bit my fault) and hit the sack kinda meh. And woke to an Instalanche and a bunch of comments to moderate. Welcome on over. If you have an interest in the 4th of July in Fitchburg, click here. If you want to hear a cute story about a the greatest garden in town, click here. And keep and eye of Ca-36, might be some surprises there.

Update: Linked by my No One of Any Important who had the base Instalanche (well deserved too) and a great debate in comments on Jury Duty. I’ve always gone but now that I’m self-employed and a one man band, could I really afford financially to go anymore until I’m much bigger?