Quick round up

I’ve been very busy this morning working on a project and thanking all those who gave me a hand in the 72 hours from Thursday night through yesterday but there are a few stories that you guys need to see.

1. I quit

Via Glenn this post is something I hear an awful lot of from folks as I do my door to door.

The only thing I’m sure of is that what I saw today is a broken process and a sham. We all want a decent environment in which to live, but when various people at a public meeting — including federal officials and community members — talk about “environmental justice” and make it clear that their intent is to make it harder for businesses to operate, well, I can see why a businessman would decide to quit. I consider myself an environmentalist — because I want to live in a safe, secure, clean world — but what I saw isn’t reasonable concern for the environment as much as it’s an ideological agenda.

Environmentalism is simply a religion that the left approves of (sometimes I think left will approve of any religion as long as it doesn’t involve Christ).

2. Molly Who?

NYT jumps on the blame game trying to pin the murders in Norway on those in the US who fight against Jihad. I notice two things missing from their argument and the arguments of all those on the left rushing to link to it.

1. The Body count of those killed by Radical Islam this month (over 1100 casualties 436 of them killed). For some reason all of those talking about hate have no words of support or sympathy for those 1100, I’d love to know why. And more importantly that is just July, how is it that the June, May, April, March, February or January figures are not of the least interest to them?

2. How many people do the FBI have in hiding because they are in fear of their lives of those who oppose Jihad in the US? I can’t name one, but I can name one US Citizen, a lady named Molly Norris who even now is forced to live under an assumed name due to a Fatwa on her life. Strangely enough she is not worth a mention either.

The perfect visualization of this of all of this nonsense is at the Minority Report blog today.

3. STRAUSS-KAHN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Collins at the conservatory notes an interesting angle on the Straus-Kahn story that has fallen off the face of the earth lately:

Perhaps we Colonials simply misunderstand the subtle nuance of the concept of seduction, for we are unsophisticated blockheads. We are apt to imagine Rudolf Valentino, perhaps, when in fact the Figura of Seduction is a randy old buck naked French satyr head banging a third-world maid in a first-world hotel bathroom against her will before running off to have lunch with his daughter and flying home. That is apparently what passes for charming.

I’ve been busy and haven’t written anything new for the Conservatory in a few days but the conservatory is always worth your time.