Hmmm History repeats itself Democrats attempting to intimidate a Southern Black Activist & family

Lets see Democrat operatives deciding they don’t like what a Black political activist is doing.

So they attempt to intimidate and threaten the activist’s family in order to make him stop

Now I’m not as old as some people but I seem to remember that Democrats attempting to intimidate and threaten blacks was once a very common thing in this country. And there is precedent for bombings of Blacks who refuse to kowtow to demands of such Democrats and lo and behold the people behind this are apparently associated with guess who , the Speedway Bomber!

Ace is calling for a day of silence the Camp of the Saints is on board as is the Daily Gator

I disagree, I think it would be much more interesting to contact the NAACP and the congressional black caucus and ask what their reaction is to such attempts to intimidate a Southern Black Activist and his family in order to shut him up.

And if they don’t want to answer I think it would be interesting check with every outlet of the MSM and see if they can explain why?

Now it could be that our enlightened media and the congressional Black Caucus has decided that if a Black Activist is associated with the GOP it is acceptable to have people associated with a known bomber attempt to intimidate him but I’d like to think that is not the case.

Let’s find out just how far these folks are willing to back these guys up.

And lets not forget Ali used to work for Scott Brown, I think a sitting US Senator might be interested in this story, and if he condemns it, will democrats?

Update: American Power also comments.

Update: Instalanche, and it’s a great question, where is the NAACP? Where is the Wall to wall coverage in the MSM? Where is the congressional Black Caucus? Where is President Obama saying that if he had a son he would look like Ali? When will Eric Holder begin his investigation or is he waiting till Kimberlin & associates ask Ali & his family to show an ID to vote?

BTW, I’ve met Ali’s mother, she is a charming and intelligent woman. I suspect any attempt to intimidate her is going to fail spectacularly.