ABC & This Week With George Stephanopoulos owe their viewers an Apology

Earlier today on This Week with George Stephanopoulos the host interviewed Peter Schweizer author of the upcoming book Clinton Cash concerning the author Peter Schweizer

The interrogation of Mr. Schweizer by George Stephanopoulos brought back memories to an old news junkie like me of another Sunday morning twenty years ago when that same George Stephanopoulos appeared on This week in the days when it was This With David Brinkley to attack Gary Aldrich the author of another book Unlimited Access An FBI Agent inside the Clinton White House on which Mr. Stephanopoulos called the book: “A campaign of character assassination.” while defenders of the administration attempted to link Mr. Aldrich’s publicist to the GOP.

The difference of course was at the time Mr. Stephanopoulos employed by the Clinton white house as a senior advisor who was specifically dispatched to go on the attack, while today Mr. Stephanopoulos is employed by ABC news, but apparently his job hasn’t changed, only who pays him.

We are constantly told that media bias is overblown that media like Fox News can’t be trusted, that authors with any connections to conservatives are biased.

Yet today ABC’s broadcast the above interview never noting to viewers that Mr. Stephanopoulos was an Senior Advisor to the Clinton White House nor did Mr. Stephanopoulos (like MSNBC before him) note that the Sunlight foundation that he so emphatically quoted is funded by liberal billionaire George Soros. (To the tune of over a million bucks since 2008)

Now the stockholders of ABC and the people in charge of programing have a perfect right to put whoever they want in charge of their Sunday show and if they want to have a former Clinton Senior advisor to the honors that’s up to them.

But if they wish to keep of the pretense of offering objective journalism as opposed to Democrat political advocacy then journalistic ethics would have required them to have a different person conduct the interview with Mr. Schweizer or at the minimum have Mr. Stephanopoulos disclose his connections to the Clinton White House either before or after the interview.

I therefore call upon ABC News to offer a public apology for their failure to make said disclose to their viewers.  Furthermore I call upon Mr. Stephanopoulos to open next Sunday’s show with said apology and a full disclosure to his past as a Senior advisor to the Clinton White House so that any viewers who are not familiar with his past are so informed.

Liberal Advocacy or Journalism ABC, pick one.



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