The Pence Trap that Trump has set for the MSM

Employment Counsellor: …your report here says that you are an extremely dull person. You see, our experts describe you as an appallingly dull fellow, unimaginative, timid, lacking in initiative, spineless, easily dominated, no sense of humour, tedious company and irrepressibly drab and awful. And whereas in most professions these would be considerable drawbacks, in chartered accountancy they are a positive boon.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus 1969

There are a lot of considerations to be made when picking a vice president, does the candidate bring a state or a constituency? Can the candidate do the heavy lifting of attack? Would that candidate make a good president and does it placate a group that might not like the top of the ticket.

Donald Trump’s selection of Mike Pence fits some of those bills, He is strong on social issues and on faith (although he did fold like a cheap blanket on religious liberty) issues that Trump is weak on with. He has experience on both the state and federal level which is a plus, but the most interesting thing about Mike Pence that I think makes him a wise pick is this.

He’s dull.

Dull, dull my GOD he’s dull. You couldn’t have found a more white bread candidate if you went to a wonder bread bakery.

Now under normal circumstance such a characteristic would be a liability but for several reasons it’s a positive plus.

There is a 0% chance that a fellow like Pence is going to overshadow the Trump

There is only a tiny chance that Pence is going to make a critical mistake to hurt the ticket.

Pence can deal with the traditional fundraising wing of the party in a way that Trump can’t.

All of these attributes are good but there is one thing that he has already managed to do that bodes well.

He drives the left absolutely nuts!

Because Pence is a social conservative and an unapologetic Christian in an age where the media and the left culture believe abortion, gay marriage, transgenderism etc are sacraments he is the type of man who they absolutely loathe and this prompts attacks of incredible silliness.  Such as this from John Podesta:

“Pence is the most extreme pick in a generation and was one of the earliest advocates for the Tea Party.

Now the left calling a republican “extreme” is about as rare as me turning down a piece of Kentucky Derby Pie and in most election years they would get away with it, no trouble.

But can you, after a year of Donald Trump’s candidacy and after the um colorful adjectives thrown at him by the press the reaction of the general public to that same press pointing to Mike “Whitebread” Pence and shouting “extremist!”

Every single time they go after him I can see Trump on stage saying something like:  Have you heard the media talking about my VP pick?  They’re calling him an “extremist” I mean seriously, have you looked at this guy?

They’d be laughed out of the room.

Our friends in the media are already dealing with serious credibility issues that Mr. Trump has managed to highlight.  The attacks on Pence that the media  are sure to bring won’t help matters for them.