Mueller Madness: What about the Concord Management and Consulting Trial?

Now that the Mueller report has been released and the left is plastering the list of all the indictments that Mueller handed down everyone has seemingly forgotten about something.

Namely the Concord Management and Consulting Trial.

Not the indictment, which is on every MSM list of how successful Mueller was, but the actual court case that is still in progress.

This case is noteworthy because instead of the defendants staying out of the reach of federal prosecutors, as everyone especially Mueller, expected, they actually turned up in court, pleaded not guilty and created the incredible spectacle of the Mueller’s team trying to delay the case on the grounds that the people they and indicted were not properly served.

The prosecution team sought the delay on the grounds that it’s unclear whether Concord Management formally accepted the court summons related to the case. Mueller’s prosecutors also revealed that they tried to deliver the summonses for Concord and IRA through the Russian government, without success.

“The [U.S.] government has attempted service of the summonses by delivering copies of them to the Office of the Prosecutor General of Russia, to be delivered to the defendants,” prosecutors wrote. “That office, however, declined to accept the summonses. The government has submitted service requests to the Russian government pursuant to a mutual legal assistance treaty. To the government’s knowledge, no further steps have been taken within Russia to effectuate service.”

Yes you read that right, the prosecutors of Mueller’s team went to court to say that they didn’t properly serve the defendants so they shouldn’t go to trial yet.

I’ve heard of defendants dodging service to avoid court but I’ve never heard of a prosecutor trying to dodge a court case that way.

The case is still active as are the motions for discovery by the defense.

…lawyers for Concord Management unexpectedly came forward in April. Politico says “the move appeared to be a bid to force Mueller’s team to turn over relevant evidence to the Russian firm and perhaps even to bait prosecutors into an embarrassing dismissal in order to avoid disclosing sensitive information.” So far, Concord’s lawyers have asked for “a slew of discovery requests demanding nonpublic details” about Mueller’s special investigation.

If the evidence is as weak as the indictment then the last thing Mueller wants to do is show that like the emperor in the fairy tale, he has no clothes 

So what happens now that the report is submitting and Mueller and co are closing down? Here is my prediction:

The Mueller team will continue its delaying tactics in the Concord management case as long as the presiding judge will permit. Finally when they can stall no further they will quietly drop the case rather than comply with discovery.

By then all of the media outlets who today are listing these indictments as proof of the success and relevance of the Mueller probe will consider this “old news” be burred on page A16 in the bottom corner of newspapers and granted no more than a single line of coverage by the “journalists” at CNN/MSNBC/ABC/NBC/PBS/CBS if it is even covered at all.

Update: As a matter of fact there is a development in the trial that I missed from LAST WEEK:

Though prosecutor Jonathan Kravis said the protective order is necessary for national security, U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich voiced sympathy for how the order has hampered Concord’s ability to prepare for trial.

“It’s hard for me, in the abstract without any better understanding of what these documents are, to weigh competing interests,” said U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich, who was appointed to the bench by President Donald Trump.

Prosecutor Jonathan Kravis said during a roughly hour-long hearing that the government marked as “sensitive” 3.2 million of the 4 million documents produced for discovery in the case.

That’s 80% of the documents marked as sensitive and it seems they have been playing games as what the defense is allowed to see:

My bet is still that if the discovery rulings go against Mueller’s team, the case gets dropped but here is a good question:

How is it that none of us have heard about the progress of this case in the news? Why is nobody reporting on it?

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