If Your Big Issue to Fight Racism is Kate Smith singing God Bless America…

…then we must conclude that actual racism in the United States of the sort that prevents people from living one’s life and bettering one’s position is practically non-existent.

Those who were freed from cruel slavery in the 1860’s subject to the violence of the Klan in the 1880’s, held back by Jim Crow in the 1890’s, fought for the right to fight in the 1940’s marched for the right to vote in the 1950 & 60’s could only dream of a world where the the big racial issue of the day is a statue of a lady dead for decades who raised millions to help the free world stop the Nazis because she once recorded a couple of songs you don’t like.

The dirty little secret is both by law and by culture race isn’t much of an issue these days and hasn’t been for a while, but when you make your living on fighting “racism” if you can’t find the real thing you have to create it to keep the donor dollars rolling in and if you’re very lucky you might create a backlash that will keep you and yours in funds for decades.

What’s the answer? Simple embrace the power of No! and then let these fools march proclaiming that a statue of Kate Smith is the source of all their trouble and take careful note of who plays along. If pols want to make fools of themselves make them do so in public.