William Hoge: Team Kimberlin’s Worst Nightmare

We dispense with oral argument because the facts and legal conditions are adequately presented in the materials before this court and argument would not aid the decisional process. US court of Appeals For the 4th District handing Bret Kimberlin another defeat yesterday. I swung over to Hogewash today and along with the news of the … Continue reading William Hoge: Team Kimberlin’s Worst Nightmare

Liberals, Tax Returns, Fitzmas & Easy Marks

Roger Cobb: Terry? I guess it wasn't meant to be between us. I'll always regret that. But I want you to know that, wherever it is you're going, I hope you'll be very happy. Terry Hoskins:: I will. I've got a wonderful house, beautiful horses and all the money in the world why shouldn't I … Continue reading Liberals, Tax Returns, Fitzmas & Easy Marks

Popehat & Vinny vs Brett Kimberlin

Today Popehat once again put out a long and detailed post demolishing Brett Kimberlin, his tactics, his RICO suit, etc in some detail, a peek: Brett Kimberlin doesn't mention those careful qualifications in his complaint because they contradict his narrative and because Brett Kimberlin, a convicted perjurer, is a dishonest person. I don't know who … Continue reading Popehat & Vinny vs Brett Kimberlin

I’m Not Paranoid ….

...why are all those bloggers conspiring against me: Convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday that names as defendants syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin, Red State editor Erick Erickson, talk radio host Glenn Beck, investigative journalist James O’Keefe and others, claiming they are part of a “criminal racketeering enterprise” under federal R.I.C.O. statutes. Stacy … Continue reading I’m Not Paranoid ….

Kimberlin & the Streisand effect

Dr. Evil:   One Million Dollars Austin Powers Man of Mystery  1997 So when you are requested to pay up or be molested, You will find it better policy to say: -- "We never pay any-one Dane-geld, No matter how trifling the cost; For the end of that game is oppression and shame, And the … Continue reading Kimberlin & the Streisand effect

Evil, Cowardice & the Expectations Game.

There is a divide in this country that once didn't exist a divide that is being illustrated very strongly in action both getting lots of press and being ignored" ************************* During the shutdown we've seen what US Park Rangers will tolerate. They'll tolerate strong-arming tourists and locking them in hotels, they'll eject WW 2 vets … Continue reading Evil, Cowardice & the Expectations Game.

Risking the Wrath of a Kimberlin/Miley Cyrus Lawsuit

It's been suggested that the Brett Kimberlin suit against bloggers is about silencing people or at least making them think twice concerning writing about him. Being a person of limited means totally dependent on my readers for my personal income that thought does weigh on my mind. After all yesterday Patterico reported this concerning Brett … Continue reading Risking the Wrath of a Kimberlin/Miley Cyrus Lawsuit

Discovery Should be loads of Fun

What do you when threats, even threats in the company of convicted bombers fail to silence your political opponents? You sue! Convicted felon Brett Kimberlin has filed a Maryland lawsuit naming bloggers Aaron Walker, W. J. J. Hoge, Robert Stacy McCain, National Bloggers Club President Ali A. Akbar and the anonymous blogger “Kimberlin Unmasked” as … Continue reading Discovery Should be loads of Fun

Stacy McCain Remembers

Sheldon Cooper: I know what I said. I know what you said. I know what my mother said on March 5, 1992. The Big Bang Theory The Staircase Implementation 2010 when Stacy smells a story he is a combination of Lt Data who remembers and files every detail for later use and a starving dog … Continue reading Stacy McCain Remembers

Not Quite as Newsworthy

Vincent Gambini: Your Honor, may I have permission to treat Ms. Vito as a hostile witness? Mona Lisa Vito: You think I'm hostile now, wait 'til you see me tonight. Judge Chamberlain Haller: Do you two know each other? Vincent Gambini: Yeah, she's my fiancée. Judge Chamberlain Haller: Well, that would certainly explain the hostility. … Continue reading Not Quite as Newsworthy

Ginger Gorman, Mark Newton & Peter Truong vs Monica Hesse & Brett Kimberlin

One of the pet peeves of my friend Robert Stacy McCain is sloppy journalism. Having been a reporter for decades long before anyone knew what a blog was he knows how journalism is done, and has done it on the local and national level. Now this month he has taken on two different journalists that … Continue reading Ginger Gorman, Mark Newton & Peter Truong vs Monica Hesse & Brett Kimberlin

What Blogbash means

Kirk:  Gentlemen, I have no great love for you, your planet, your culture. Despite that, Mr. Spock and I are going to go out there and quite probably die in an attempt to show you that there are some things worth dying for. Star Trek Errand of Mercy 1967 I want to say one more … Continue reading What Blogbash means

When Did the Professional Left Sell their Souls?

Sonny: Where're you going? Michael: To the City. Sonny: Yeah? Well, send somebody with him. Michael: No, I'm just gonna go see Pop. Sonny: I don't care, send some bodyguards with him. Clemenza: He'll be all right. Sollozzo knows he's a civilian. The Godfather 1972 Well it looks like last week a rather bright line … Continue reading When Did the Professional Left Sell their Souls?

Kimberlim, Islam, Blogbash? Bring it on!

"I love it, God help me I love it so" Patton 1970 Smitty: So many times every day you stop and give thanks, but mostly I don't catch on what you're thanking the Lord for. I mean, there's nothing special. Parson: I give thanks for the time and for the place. Smitty: The time and … Continue reading Kimberlim, Islam, Blogbash? Bring it on!

….or Maybe the Marine Barracks in Beirut

In my last post I suggested the Kimberlin crowd was trying to create another Molly Norris perhaps instead they have another key event they want to copy The venue received a call from a man yesterday. Guess what his name is? “Neal.” He called to gather information about Blog Bash, knowing that all of us … Continue reading ….or Maybe the Marine Barracks in Beirut